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The Blush Addict Tag

The Blush Addict Tag

Not often will I do tags, especially for a makeup item I barely wear. But considering I've only just done a post on my new favourite blush, how could I skip past The Blush Addict Tag that the gorgeous Ella from Every Little Thing 07 tagged me in? I just couldn't. And I do apologise now, it seems I only mention around 2 items in this. Blush variety? Not in this post...

1. What colour blush suits you the most?
Erm, none? Okay that is a bit hasty, but blushes are the one makeup item I have the most issue with. None really suit me, but I like them so oh well. I normally opt for deeper warmer shade like, or Nars Unlawful.

2. Pressed/Cream/Loose Blush?
Loose. Without a doubt. Anyone who can apply creams with ease deserves a blusher medel.

3. Favourite Shimmery Blush?
Well anyone who knows me will know shimmer is something I avoid like the plague, my face can't handle that much. Yet Nars Unlawful has my perfect shimmer amount. Aka, not much.

4. Favourite Matte Blush?
Bit more of my forte, and MAC always have this area spot on for me. Coppertone to be exact.

5. Favourite Cream Blush?
Err, none.

6. Favourite Drugstore Blush?
The recent purchase of the Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes steal this title for me. Notable mentions should be any of the Sleek ones, and the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour palette in Golden Sugar. £6? A total steal from Makeup Revolution.

7. Favourite High End Blush?
Definitely Nars. Cliche? Perhaps. But Nars just don't fail and were in fact the first blushes to convince me away from just bronzer.

8. Favourite Bright Blush?
Well, none on me but I have been eyeing up the Nars Dual-Intensity Blush in Adoration and it looks stunning.

9.Biggest Blush Disappointment/Regret?
I don't have any blush disappointments. Considering I have only ever brought around 2 blushes in my entire life and after much much research this would be very hard. Saying that, on shoots I have had the joy of baby pinks applied to my cheeks, and its safe to say that makeup artist got the death stare.

10. Best Blush Packaging?
Chanel. Chanel packaging wins at everything, lets be honest.

11. What's On Your Blush Wishlist?
More Chanel, because that will always be my answer. With the Jardin De Chanel from their Spring 2015 collection purely for that pretty rose embossment.

12. Number 1 Holy Grail Blush?
I might of already mentioned this in this post, but Nars Unlawful.

Okay, so there were like 3 products mentioned, and don't worry I have noticed how shallow I am in regards to packaging. I tag Jessie from All Things Beautiful, Jess from Blonde of Carbs and Kirsty from Effortlessly Excessive. And anyone who wants to do this of course, as there isn't yet a blusher law. But you do have to send me the links....

What is your favourite blusher?

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