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Bare Minerals 15th Anniversary Mineral Veil Finishing Powder

Bare Minerals 15th Anniversary Mineral Veil Finishing Powder ReviewBare Minerals 15th Anniversary Mineral Veil Finishing Powder
Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder

I hate to think I missing out on a new makeup gadget, well it could change my life, right? Especially when it is limited edition. And although I haven't use BareMinerals in years, I couldn't wait to get my hands on their new limited edition 15th Anniversary Mineral Veil Finishing Powder, as I was very much aware that Mineral Veil is an absolute classic in the powder world. 

This is a circular compact with integrated brush, that you twist around to let out a bit of the powder. Surprisingly it doesn't let out too much of the powder and the whole compact manages to stay completely clean. Even for very clumsy person like myself, I haven't once made a powdery mess.

The great thing about this powder, and why I was so attracted to it, is that it is translucent, which means that it is suitable for any skin tone, as I really hate the cakey powder look. It is so light and just perfect for setting makeup without looking overdone and it instantly absorbs excess oil on my T-Zone area. In fact, it is completely invisible and you can't really even feel it on the skin. I am head over heels for this circular compact and it has made a very comfortable addition into my handbag. 

Have you or will you be trying Bare Minerals 15th Anniversary Mineral Veil Finishing Powder?

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Space.NK Wish List

Nars WishList

I made the fatal shopping error in the week, walking into Space.NK. Why on earth I thought I could walk into that shop and not leave practically in tears I'll never know. So being a good girl (and having lack of funds) I decided to put together the items that caught my eye to keep my a tiny bit further from completely bankrupting myself...

Nars Eyeshadow in Tropic | This is a total lust item, I would never be brave enough to ever wear it. And being blonde I would look like Barbie. But when I swatched it I fell head over heels in love. It is just so pretty. 

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage | Secret Camouflage has been on my lust list for a while now, even more so recently as my skin is behaving like a teens. The creaminess of this sold me on the spot.

Bumble and Bumble Creme De Coco Conditioner | Bumble and Bumble is a brand I'm actually not fussed on. They smell nice, but that is about it. Plus the expense puts me off. But I did get the chance to try this in a little sachet and it smell sold me, and of course I wouldn't mind the shampoo, I do like to match.

Kiehl's Creme De Cops Whipped Body Butter | If I had actually purchased the Creme De Cops, it would go down as the easiest sale in history ever. All the sales assistant had to say was 'The Victoria's Secret models use this pre-show' and I practically had my purse on the counter.

Nars Brow Gel | I do not need anymore eyebrow products. That doesn't stop me wanting (and buying...) them of course, and being Nars I just have to try this.

Have you tried any items on my Space.NK Wish List?

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Essie Spring Collection Nail Polish - Truth or Flare

Essie Spring Collection Nail Polish - Truth or Flare

Essie Nail Polish - Truth or Flare

Essie Spring Collection Truth or Flare

Can you tell I am enjoying painting my nail wheel? I've always loved Essie, for me they are perfect as they are not as expensive as Nails Inc or Butter London, but I feel more expensive wearing them then lets say, Rimmel. No offence Rimmel. So naturally I was drawn to Essie's new spring range, of six different colours, and Truth or Flare caught my eye, with its stunning bluey/grey colour.

I didn't actually own a blue polish before. Crazy right? I used to associate blue nails with dead you do, so I steered clear. Luckily I have gotten over my fear and now I am in love with blue nail polishes. Truth or Flare appealed to me as I love the grey tones, and it feels grown up, not like I've painted my nails with a kids paint pot. Plus it is so glossy without the topcoat. As you can see on the wheel, one coat barely does much, two is perfect and three is even better, if you can be bothered. I am just eyeing up now which on in the spring collection to go for next...

Essie Nail Polish - £7.99

Will you be trying Essie Spring Collection Nail Polishes?

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Weekly Wax: Yankee Candle Orange Splash

Yankee Candle Orange Splash Review

Yankee Candle Orange Splash

, far from expanding my candle brand inner snob as I have another Yankee Candle. But wait for this, it is new. Brand new. I've not even seen this in the shops yet, and of course I've checked and felt very smug when I saw nothing even close to the Yankee Candle Orange Splash scent I have today from the ScentedCandleShop. All new summer scents out named 'Fruit-a-licious', and if you saw my Instagram yesterday, you would of seen I have three from the range. Extra smug yes.

But I'll be honest, and if you've ever read any of my Weekly Wax posts you will know I never go for fruity scents, I basically like my room to smell like a Christmas bakery. Fruit scents to me, often smell like toilet naturally I was a bit wary of Orange Splash. But oh boy, was I wrong. The minute I opened this bright orange candle I was greeted by such a gorgeous scent, orangey of course. But this doesn't smell artificial at all, which is often the reason I associate fruit with toilets, but much more of actual orange scent that makes my room feel and smell very summery. 

If you like your fruit or orange scents, you'll love this. And even if you don't, you do need to try this. It has pleasantly surprised me. 

Yankee Candle Jar - Orange Splash £7.99

Will you be trying Yankee Candle Orange Splash?

*PR Sample/Gift

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MAC Satin Finish Lipstick in Myth

MAC Satin Finish Lipstick in Myth Review & Swatches

MAC Satin Finish Lipstick in Myth Swatch

MAC Satin Finish Lipstick in Myth

Oh boy does this lipstick take me back. I first brought this as my first ever lipstick. Back in the day were my bright colour fear extended to all colour, and I pretty much just wanted nothing on my lips, but of course I still wanted to wear lipstick. 

Still to this day I do adore nude lips, but I think we all know how hard it to get quite right, and not the dreaded 'foundation lips', which we have all done. Don't lie. Myth is a light neutral nude shade with a satin finish, the same as my beloved Snob Lipstick, and it is very pigmented. It does look darker swatched than it does on, but that is obviously why I purchased it in my quest for no lipstick lipstick. 

Being a satin finish, it is in-between matte and gloss, but technically neither. If you have ever tried one of MAC's Satin Finishes  you'll understand. If not, sorry you'll have to stick with my in-betweeny  (bad) description. Also I do find just tapping this lipstick on rather than smearing it looks much better, less harsh and less likely to end up looking like you've bitten a foundation sponge. 

MAC Satin Finish Lipstick Myth £15

Have you tried MACs Myth Lipstick?

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GOSH Cosmetics Natural Blush in Melon

GOSH Cosmetics Natural Blush in Melon Review
GOSH Cosmetics Natural Blush in Melon

GOSH Cosmetics Natural Blush - Melon

This is a first for me, as today, I have started wearing blusher. Previously I was much more of a brozner girl as the pinky tones of blusher made me look way too young. And when I still don't pass for 18 some days, this wasn't good. I am blaming beauty blogging, but I've seen so many pretty looks and faces with blusher that I just wanted in, and to see what I was missing out on.

I decided that pink was out. I need more a peach tone, so enter GOSH Cosmetics Natural Blush, which was handily on offer in Superdrug for £4.99, plus the word natural is something I need being a blush virgin. I opted for Melon, not a name that really attracts me to makeup, nor does it actually have the colouring of a melon? Or have I been buying the wrong melons all my life? Regardless, I love the peachy and warmer tones in this.

This blush really does live up to its name, and it is rather natural. It is still pigmented, and very easy to blend out, but this is definitely one of the softer colours I tried in the entire Superdrug makeup isle. One other great thing about this blush is that it is a matte finish, something else I adore in any makeup product. The colour of this does also remind me of MAC's Sheertone Shimmer Blush in peaches.

If you're a blush virgin like myself, or after a natural blush I would very much recommend this little black (if not a tad boring) pot. It is a good starter blush, and perfect for me to have a play around while I build up my blush confidence. But I feel I may just get addicted and be adding more to blusher collection very soon.

GOSH Cosmetics Natural Blush £4.99

Have you tried GOSH Cosmetics Natural Blushes?

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My Top 5 Red Nail Varnishes

Models Own Sardonyx, Nails inc Hampstead Heath, Nails inc Big Apple Red, Seventeen/17 High Gloss & Chanel Rouge Noir

Models Own Sardonyx, Nails inc Hampstead Heath, Nails inc Big Apple Red, Seventeen/17 High Gloss & Chanel Rouge Noir

Models Own Sardonyx, Nails inc Hampstead Heath, Nails inc Big Apple Red, Seventeen/17 High Gloss & Chanel Rouge Noir
L-R Models Own Sardonyx, Nails inc Hampstead Heath, Nails inc Big Apple Red, Seventeen/17 High Gloss & Chanel Rouge Noir

Everyone recently seems to be raving about pastel nails, so what do I do? Paint them redRed nails have always been my fail safe colour choice, well ever since the french manicure started to look a bit dated, I just love the classic look of a red nail. So here are my top 5 picks for red nail polish. All painted with two coats, as one just was not enough for any of these polishes.

Models Own Sardonyx | This red is part of Models Own Velvet Goth collection. The reason I love this polish? Its matte but with sparkle, literally my two favourite things in one bottle.

Nails inc Hampstead Heath | I truly believe this is my favourite red, ever. Not bad for something I got free with Glamour Magazine. This is deep classic blood red that has been used non stop, as you can see by the state of the bottle.

Nails inc Big Apple Red | Another magazine freebie, I'm not tight I promise, but this red couldn't be missed off my list. A brighter, almost coral red in comparison to Hampstead Heath, this is very much a colour I will be wearing during the summer.

Seventeen/17 High Gloss | This is a golden oldie. As it is apparent by the bottle, as 17 have now changed to Seventeen, this red is very smiler to the fast finish polishes Seventeen now do. As you can see this is very similar to Nails inc Big Apple red if ever so slightly darker, but I had this polish before Big Apple Red (and actually paid for it!), and this has been worn so many times over the years. 

Chanel Rouge Noir | What is a nail polish list without Chanel? Nothing. I adore this red after I received it in my Bloggers Secret Santa, and I have worn it non stop throughout the winter, so I am a little sad that I will be replacing this with its brighter cousins over the upcoming summer.

Have you tried any of my Top 5 Red Nail Varnishes?

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Reverse Hair Washing?

Reverse Hair Washing

Firstly I never seem to jump on any hype going around the beauty world, and secondly, this seems to of started from a article on the Daily Mail website, somewhere I don't really want to credit. Its okay though, I'll swallow my pride as it seems we have been washing our hair all wrong and the secret to glossy thick hair is out with Reverse Hair Washing.

Conditioning your hair BEFORE you shampoo seems like a perfectly acceptable thing to do if you’re, still drunk or/and still half asleep, but in recent weeks it has become the latest haircare trend. The main reason I actually tried this is because it is meant to be great for thin and fine hair, like mine. Reverse washing is exactly as it sounds, first apply conditioner just like you normally would, rinse, and then shampoo as normal. 

And the science the behind this? Your hair still gets conditioned, but the shampoo leaves your hair extra clean and removes the residue left behind by the conditioner, making it lighter, easier to manage and gives you more volume. I was dubious this odd method of hair washing would make my hair more greasy but I went ahead, regardless about how unnatural it felt doing it.

But a weird thing happened, several people have commented on my hair saying it looked both great AND shiny. As a dyed blonde, I haven’t been told I have shiny hair for about 5 years. And what was even stranger was my hair felt lighter on my head, I caught myself flicking my hair like I was starring in my own hair commercial on more than one occasion. Even better, I have found myself less reliant on dry shampoo as my hair has become less greasy, so it is safe to say I am very much sticking to my backwards hair washing. 

Have you tried Reverse Hair Washing? 

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Weekly Wax: Primark Coconut and Vanilla Creme Candle

Primark Coconut and Vanilla Creme Candle Review
Primark Coconut and Vanilla Creme Candle

I don't always shop in discount/cheap shops, I promise. But the lure of Primark is always too much, and a candle for £2? It would go against every candle addict instinct I have to ignore this. Plus coconut and vanilla are two of my favourites scents, so naturally this made me very excited.

As you can see, I've already burnt it quite a bit, and considering the low price of this candle, it has burnt down well and I have had quite a few hours burn time. Its only now its gone a tad wonky, but nothing stop me burning it. I don't think I am quite harbouring a fire hazard, yet.

Okay, so onto the important factor of scent, or lack of should I say. This is a weird one, it smells in the packaging, it smells standing there not burning. I light it? It stops smelling. This is like anti candle, and so disappointing as I wanted to fall in love with this and stock up saving my bank account from my shocking Yankee Candle addiction, but I just can't. Sorry Primark, but this is very much just a lump of wax.

Primark Coconut and Vanilla Creme Candle - £2

Have you tried the Primark Candles?

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Weekly Wax: Yankee Candle Simply Home Bermuda Beach

Yankee Candle Simply Home Bermuda Beach Review

Yankee Candle Simply Home Bermuda Beach

 I have ventured back into Asda for their Yankee Candle Simply Home range. Any excuse to make a Asda trip. And yes I have gone for a scent that is not vanilla or coconut. I am really getting adventurous these days. I opted for Bermuda Beach, despite the off putting name, and for anyone who knows their Yankee Candles this is basically Pink Sands with a different name. Bermuda Beach is just a tad sweeter smelling, more than likely as it is cheaper however. I normally steer clear of anything non vanilla as they instantly remind me of toilet cleaners. Nice.

This candle has got all the same notes as Pink Sands, florals and spices and vanilla (yeah vanilla slipped in there) and that water tropicalness. This isn't as fresh smelling as I thought it would be, and it almost has a melon undertone, not what any beach I've ever been to smells like... And of course, this doesn't beat anything vanilla or coconut in my eyes, but it does come close, and beach smells that smell sweet and not like a beach are a pretty good second best.

Yankee Candle Simply Home Bermuda Beach £1

Have you tried Yankee Candle Simply Home Bermuda Beach?

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My Top 5 Ultimate Mascaras

My top 5 ultimate mascaras

Now you don't have to be a genius to figure out I am a mascara-o-holic. Blog name gives it away for starters. And I have complied a top 5 high street mascaras before, and now today its the turn of the high end, and expensive mascaras. But hey, if I can't do a mascara recommendation lists, whatever the price, then I have no talent left in enjoy!

Lancôme's Hypnose Drama | Lancôme's Hypnose range is pretty legendary; and for good reason. Hypnose Drama is amazing. Volume, length and separation that isn't clumpy. Worth every single penny and easily the best in the range. 

Benefit They're Real | Most people seem to love this too, of course there are a few odd people who disagree and seem to prefer Maybelline...each to their own! This mascara delivers serious volume and non clumpy length. One little downfall with this is it's not as black in colour as some others on the list. 

YSL Shocking | Never did I think that I would ever find a mascara that would beat Lancôme. However, I think Shocking by YSL does. Admittedly a wetter formula that is harder to work with at first, but once it dries out a tad; this sticks to it's names and makes my lashes seriously shocking.

Clinique High Lengths | I think this mascara was the turning point for Clinique, especially if you hadn't tried the brand before as everyone seem to fall in love with High Lengths, and it's easy to see why. Even for a girl like me who never opts of lengthening mascara, I need my volume, this mascara is very surprising and still offers volume while making my lashes practically touch my brows, despite it's Jiminy Cricket brush.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous | Another shocker mascara here. Always blacklisting Estée Lauder as a 'older' brand, I know I know, Sumputuous was the first Estée Lauder product I tried ever. And wow, what a introduction into the brand, as instantly I fell in love with the volume (can you see the theme with mascaras?) and how dramatic my lashes looked. I've not actually got round to repurchasing this since, but I really do recommend this Estée Lauder hidden gem. 

Have you tried any of my ultimate mascaras?

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Weekly Wax: Our Own Candle Company Banana Nut Bread

Our Own Candle Company Banana Nut Bread Review
Our Own Candle Company Banana Nut Bread

Before I start this post, just stop and look at the scent I picked up for this weeks Weekly Wax post, Banana Nut Bread. Cake. I have a cake candle. I don't think life can get much better right now.

Not once in my Weekly Wax series have I found a candle that even comes close to Yankee Candles. But oh my, I have now. I picked this Our Own Candle Company up when passing Chickidee, I was meant to be paying the car park but brought a candle instead. Yep, I have my priories sorted. But when you see the scents that they do you'll understand why I just could not resist. Our Own Candle Company is a US company and focus on the mantra of 'no wasted wax, a great scent, clean burning, and lasts a for a long time.' Like Yankee Candles, they from the US, so bravo Americains for  apparently making the best candles, and these ones are also slightly cheaper, and with other scents such as Caramel Pecan and Snickerdoodle?

I picked up the Mini Mason Jar, which is cute enough in itself, and I was blown away by the smell. It sounds stupid, but it doesn't smell like banana, which would be gross anyway. More of a sugar sweet smell with a hint of hazelnut, just like you have set foot in a bakery - not Greggs. The whole range of the Our Own Candle Company seems to be based on US desserts, and I literally can not express my love for this range without coming across as a total candle pyscho.

The one tiny downside to this is the strange plastic thing inside the jar. I am guessing it is to hold the wick, but do you think I should remove this? I thought plastic and fire is a big no no? Someone please help me on that before I burn down my bedroom. Well, the scent is so good I'll run the risk...

Our Own Candle Company Banana Nut Bread £3.99

Have you tried the Our Own Candle Company candles before?

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Bicester Village Designer Outlet Haul...Clinique & MAC included...

Bicester Village Haul

 Bicester Village Designer Outlet Haul

 Bicester Village Designer Outlet The Cosmetics Company

Bicester Village Designer Outlet The Cosmetics Company  MAC

So forget the nice weather and being close to London as being a perk of living in the South of England. For me a massive perk of where I live is being close(ish) to Bicester Village Designer Outlet. And I payed a visit at the weekend, and did some serious credit card damage, before you say it, no this is not all my shopping. I wouldn't be able to afford the petrol home if that was the case. This is what my mum and me picked up.

Before I go onto the makeup purchases, I also got some Jack Wills PJS & a tee, a Loccitane Candle (for a present) and *gulp* a Micheal Kors handbag. In my defence, I brought myself a Mulberry bag for my 21st and haven't brought a new bag since, yes really, so I think I deserve a new one. I also managed to influence my mum to get one.

But naturally one of my favourite shops is The Cosmetic Company, with yes, discounted makeup. Eek, hello MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Bumble & Bumble, Estee Lauder & Smashbox, so practically a Estee Lauder brand shop. I picked up a few skincare bits from Clinique, and two new mineralise eyshadows from MAC - down to £10 from £17. And all being well, these will get there own little review. But these have relighted my love for MAC eyeshadows, and it is a good job I like them as its baked beans for dinner this week. Bicester officially broke me. 

Have you ever been to Bicester Village or  The Cosmetic Company?

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