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GOSH Cosmetics Natural Blush in Melon

GOSH Cosmetics Natural Blush in Melon Review
GOSH Cosmetics Natural Blush in Melon

GOSH Cosmetics Natural Blush - Melon

This is a first for me, as today, I have started wearing blusher. Previously I was much more of a brozner girl as the pinky tones of blusher made me look way too young. And when I still don't pass for 18 some days, this wasn't good. I am blaming beauty blogging, but I've seen so many pretty looks and faces with blusher that I just wanted in, and to see what I was missing out on.

I decided that pink was out. I need more a peach tone, so enter GOSH Cosmetics Natural Blush, which was handily on offer in Superdrug for £4.99, plus the word natural is something I need being a blush virgin. I opted for Melon, not a name that really attracts me to makeup, nor does it actually have the colouring of a melon? Or have I been buying the wrong melons all my life? Regardless, I love the peachy and warmer tones in this.

This blush really does live up to its name, and it is rather natural. It is still pigmented, and very easy to blend out, but this is definitely one of the softer colours I tried in the entire Superdrug makeup isle. One other great thing about this blush is that it is a matte finish, something else I adore in any makeup product. The colour of this does also remind me of MAC's Sheertone Shimmer Blush in peaches.

If you're a blush virgin like myself, or after a natural blush I would very much recommend this little black (if not a tad boring) pot. It is a good starter blush, and perfect for me to have a play around while I build up my blush confidence. But I feel I may just get addicted and be adding more to blusher collection very soon.

GOSH Cosmetics Natural Blush £4.99

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