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5 Tips to Grow Back Over Plucked Brows

5 Tips to Grow Back Over Plucked Brows
Grown Back Eyebrows

Oh yes over plucked brows. We have all done it once in our lives, it normally happens in our teens when we first find out what tweezers do. Once your in the plucking trap it is very hard to get back out of. I have recently grown out mine as they were so over plucked, yet I couldn't bring myself to go through the pain of actually growing them, but I am so glad I did. People really underestimate the power of a eyebrow! I am by no means a eyebrow expert,  nor as I saying these tips will work 100%, but they are just simply a few tips that I did to help transform mine!

Exfoliate | A great way to encourage any hair growth is to exfoliate. Eyebrows are easy to exfoliate, just use a old soft toothbrush, and do make sure it is old - brows and toothpaste do not go well! Be gentle too, you want them to grow back, not rub them off.

Try a brow Razor | If you are having a hard time getting the tiny hairs to grow, try shaving the area (gradually) with a brow razor, there are plenty on Amazon/Ebay. This can stimulate growth and even make them grow in a little quicker, but do be careful - or you will end up with worse brows that before.

Grow them gradually | If you are having not problems with the hair coming back in, but rather letting go of your tweezers and letting them grow back in is hard for you, let them grow in rows. What I mean by this is, let them get a little fuller by letting a row grow in lower than you usually would but still tweezing below that row. When that row is nicely filled, let it go lower. This tip is more for if you have too thin eyebrows and aren’t sure where to start in reshaping them.

Brow and Lash Serums | If your eyebrows are being stubborn and won’t grow back in on their own, you can always try a serum to help them along the way. I haven't used serums I will add, but some makeup artists at work have highly recommended them... with Elizabeth Arden and Rapid Brow seeming to be the post popular.

Fill them | Okay, I know filling in your brows isn’t really going to help them to grow. But you might be surprised how much better your eyebrows look after you have take some time to fill them in. Seriously, go do it. Do it now.

Do you have any more tips to grow back over plucked brows?

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My bloggers Secret Santa featuring Chanel and Maltesers!

Maltesers & Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Polish
Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Polish
Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Polish Swatch

 When I was asked to join in a Secret Santa, of course I jumped at the chance. One downside of my job means I have never taken part in a Secret Santa before. This secret santa was very kindly organised by Gemma and Laura - who have done a fantastic job, not sure I could organise such a big group of people with such ease. So thank you ladies.

One slight problem however, and something I need to learn. I am 23 years old, that means I have had 22 Christmases (if that is a word) so therefore quite a few presents in my time. So what did I do? I unwrapped my Secret Santa so quickly like a child that I forgot to take a photo...very sorry to the lovely person who sent me my gift, it was wrapped up beautifully in red paper, complete with a bow.

Well, must excitement was very much justified, as you can see my two lovely presents that I received was the one and only tube of Maltesers, which as you might of guessed from my blog name are my absolute favourites. And I have a habit of inhaling eating these way too quick so I am impressed I managed to get a photo of these.

My second gift could not of been anymore perfect for me, its only a Chanel nail polish. Not only that, in my complete favourite nail colour ever - a gorgeous deep red called Rouge Noir. Just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this polish is....amazing. This colour does exactly what is says on the tin and delivers a gorgeous colour that just goes with any outfit. Plus being Chanel, the quality is fantastic and only needs two coats to look like they have been professionally done. One thing I love about Chanel polishes is their staying power - I have reached the end of the week with only one small chip. 

I literally can't express how much I adore my presents, they are just perfect and I wouldn't or couldn't pick anything better from myself. So THANK YOU. I just love them. Oh and if you were my secret santa - make yourself known! I want to thank you properly!

Did you do a Secret Santa? What did you receive, or give?

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10 essentials every makeup bag should have

10 essentials every makeup bag should have

Merry Christmas, and happy Boxing Day lovelies! Did everyone have a lovely day? So with New Year just around the corner, it is the time for New Years resolutions. I don't think I have ever made one though...I think I just know I will forget it within a day so don't entirely see the point! However, I have come to realise that I actually own a makeup bag that takes over my handbag and it just is not getting any smaller. So I have decided to scale it down as best as I can...well to 10 item that in my are absolute essentials...

Concealer | Eye bags and spots make this a must.
Blush | Even though I do have my bronzer, sometimes I simply like the choice.
Eyeliner | Although I don't wear this daily, eyeliner is perfect for that day to night look - quickly.
Hair ties and brush | (They can count as one as I tie my hair bands around my brush...) Pretty much the same reason as above, my hair post work often looks shocking, so up in a bun, or whatever it will do, often happens.
Nude Lipstick | Again, mainly just to give my face a bit of attention when it is needed, without too much effort on my part. Much easier than a red lipstick when trying to apply it on the tube.
Eyebrow Fixer | By fixer I mean a pencil with a comb, I like my eyebrows tidy, which they never are.
Bronzer - Or I guess blush if thats what you prefer, however I need a instant colour boost quite often.
Mascara - Well going by my blog name I am a mascara addict, I check I have my mascara before my purse most days. Yep as that will really top up my Oyster card...
Mirror - I pack the largest one I have, oh the shame. Well I need to see wear my makeup is going on right?
Makeup Remover Wipes - Yes slightly contractionary considering this is a makeup applying post but bare with me; after a shoot wear my makeup looks like Marilyn Manson and I have to get home without scaring people, they are a must.

And finally, which does make this number 11 but I just couldn't leave it out..

Nail File | Not that I recommend this if your going through any form of Airport security, but without sounding to typical, breaking a nail is such a pain and very annoying when it keeps catching on things! 

What are your makeup bag essentials?

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The Ted Baker Golden Girl Duo

NOTD: Ted Baker Golden Girl Duo
NOTD: Ted Baker Golden Girl Duo
NOTD: Ted Baker Golden Girl Duo
NOTD: Ted Baker Golden Girl Duo
I have gone for a more glamorous look with a brand I have never tried, Ted Baker's Nail Polish Duo. Oh yes I have worn their clothes many times, and I am a big fan, but I have never really thought much about their polishes when they released them this Christmas. I guess I was a tad judgemental and presumed they would be a bit rubbish. Bad I know.

They do three sets, Cherry Bomb, Blue Moon and my choice of the glamorous Golden Girl, and being duos I have found gives you a choice of looks, as you can wear each polish alone or together. Golden Girl contains two gold colours, Golden Girl, a shimmery liquid sand-like gold colour, and Totally Twinkie, a gold glitter top coat. What really surprised me next was the formula, they are much thicker than I expected and they feel high quality - not cheap like you might expect from a Christmas gift set. Two coats of Golden Girl is plenty, and topped with Totally Twinkle (on my ring finger, I think!) it creates such a gorgeous look. The drying time is pretty standard for polishes, couple of minutes and I'm off, plus they have lasted well too.

I really love these polishes, and I am very glad my view was changed! Being gold and not too in your face, I will be wearing this into the New Year too, so even more justifying the purchase! All three sets are actually all gorgeous, and may even make a good last minute present as they do come in such adorable packaging.

Ted Baker Golden Girl Duo £8.50 from Boots

Have you tried any of the Ted Baker Nail Polish Duos?

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Christmas Morning Makeup

Christmas Morning MakeUp
Benefit Dallas Bronzer
YSL Shocking Mascara5
MUA Power Pout Lip Crayon

Hey beauties. I think Christmas morning is one of those mornings/days that divides the makeup world, you either go all out as maybe you have a big family Christmas planned, including relatives you maybe haven't seen since last Christmas (and there is often a reason for that one!) and you want to look your best.

On the other hand, you may of had enough of heavy makeup thanks to Christmas parties, and want to look au natural. For me, I opt for more of natural look, purely for the fact I will not be leaving my PJ's, let alone my house, and having a small Christmas just means I can not be bothered! I will be wearing some makeup as I do feel a bit trampish without so I have just done a quick run through of what I will be doing.

Firstly I know I will want my makeup to be quick, then I can help my mum with the Christmas Lunch, not undo my presents or anything *cough*.  So with my foundation I want a dewy finish, so dewy for me means my MUA Undress Your Skin Foundation will be used, plus being quick and easy to apply this is ideal. Depending on my eye bag situation, I might add some concealer under my eyes, along with some bronzer on my cheekbones, more than likely with Benefit Dallas. Sorry I just do not pull of the rosy cheek look, pink tones just look a tad hideous on my face for some reason.

Next filling in my eyebrows with my beloved Illamasqua Brow Cake, plus this job has become much easier since I grew my eyebrows. Not sure that is the correct term but hopefully you'll get my drift...

Onto eyes, I know I will be lazy and just use mascara so I am sure I'll pull my YSL Shocking Mascara out for the occasion, and as this is such a lovely dark formula I never need to apply any eyeliner. Winner.  Lastly, for a bit of colour I'll be using my MUA Power Pout Lip Crayon in Crazy in Love. Hopefully I won't get distracted beforehand and actually get that far!

A very basic look yes, but who wants to be doing a full face on makeup when you really not have too? No thank you!

What will be your Christmas Morning Makeup routine? 

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NOTD: Essie Cocktails and Coco

Essie Cocktails and Coco
Essie Cocktails and Coco1
Essie Cocktails and Coco Swatch

Another Essie polish, plus I have come to realise they now sell Essie in Boots and Superdrug!? They never used too, did they? Or was that just my branch? Anyway,  I have gone back from reds to nudes with my latest addition, Cocktails and Coco. This is such a gorgeous nude beige, with a slight hint of a iridescence finish. This is very subtle though, and I doubt you would notice it unless you really stared at my nails.

Again with Essie, I find the formula quite thin considering they are considered a higher end brand, and one coat was barely noticeable and it did look like I just applied a top coat. The minute I added the second coat it just so much thicker, and actually left a really nice finish. The staying power has been pretty good too,  and I have got a few chip free days from Essie.

Essie Cocktails and Coco - £10.95

Have you tried Essie Cocktails and Coco?

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Freederm Treatment Gel Review

Freederm Treatment Gel Review

Now I will start with saying that my skin is generally very well behaved, thank God or work would be pretty difficult, but apart from being dry it has always behaved itself. I was very lucky to never of suffered with 'teen skin' or acne, but when I do get a spot, oh boy is it large. Often resembling a small planet somewhere on my face. So while I can't judge products when I don't have a face full of spots, I can judge based on the one or two volcanos I get.

Freederm Treatment Gel is just one of those products I have repurchased ever since I first came across it.  Freederm contains 4% w/w Nicotinamide as the active ingredient. As far as I know, Nicotinamide is an anti-inflammatory agent.  I always follow the instructions and apply a thin layer twice a day, or just at night depending on how angry my spot is looking. One thing good about the Freederm Gel is that as its a clear gel you can apply it in the daytime, and it doesn’t go crusty like some spot treatments. Also it’s a fragrance-free product, ideal for sensitive skin. I find when I wake up the next morning the redness has reduced and the spot is less angry, sometimes it will draw the spot out (nice) but this also means that it will go away quicker. And not once have I found this not to work, which is pretty impressive. 

Like I said, I can't judge how the gel would work if you suffer from acne, but from a slightly quieter spot situation then Freederm Gel is the way forward. 

You can pick this up at both Boots and Superdrug. But Superdrug have the 10ml on offer for £3.32 at the moment.

What do you think of the Freederm Treatment Gel? Have you tried anything else from their range?

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Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara Review

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara
Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara Brush
The Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara Review

I haven't done a mascara review in a while, but I have been strong with my mascara buying and tried to limit myself. Until now. Being a true mascara-o-holic I have tried a stupid amount of high street mascaras. I never compare them to high end brands as I often find with mascaras, you get what you pay for! There is one mascara that I religiously go back too and will always compare other drugstore mascaras too. And that is the Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara.  There is just something about this mascara I cannot get away from. Plus, I do actually really like Max Factor makeup generally, even though they are one of the highest priced drugstore brands, their mascara and foundations are always winners.

So, Max Factor claims that Masterpiece Max can give you up to 400% more volume than your naked lashes, without clogging or clumping. Having volume in my lashes is my number one thing I look for in a mascara, length and waterproof-ness just doesn't bother me as much.

Masterpiece Max Mascara provides a such lovely and natural, but the full lash effect. It has a plastic comb brush which I find too separate the lashes perfectly, while coating and lengthening each lash with no clumps, like Max Factor said. I like to apply two (often three) layers, but one is definitely enough for definition. It is a good dark black colour and the mascara lasts well, I don't find it is as soft and flexible as high end mascara's but then it is about half the price so who I am to complain?! For a high street mascara this is just the one. End of. 

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara - £9.99

Have you tried Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara?

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The Candice Swanepoel girl crush

Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel

All images from Pinterest. Where I have a entire board devoting to me stalking Candice Swanepoel...

Well. Isn't she just a beauty? If you follow me on Instagram you'll more than likely realise I have one huge girl crush on South African Supermodel Candice Swanepoel. She is best known for her Victoria's Secret Catwalk Shows, and this is where I also fell slightly in love with style and her makeup, and well lets be honest, her a whole. It is like a mad scientist has brought to life a Barbie doll and developed Candice out of it. Regardless of the whole Barbie isn't a good role model etc. I want to look like Candice Swanepoel. 

Her makeup is also completely flawless, and she is one of those irritating girls who suits every single look, but I guess that is why she is paid so much! She often sports a totally natural makeup look, finished with flawless skin, which she credits too NARS Illuminator in Copacabana. As if we need another reason to purchase NARS eh. Her hair is one of her trademarks, plus makes her even more Barbie-esque to me. Now I do believe she must wear hair extensions at some point. Most defiantly on that VS Catwalk. The rest of the time Candice is apparently a huge of the Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense. When she pulls out the red lip, the one she wear is Tom Ford Lipstick in Cherry Lush. I was hoping it was MAC so I could copy her more easily, guess I can't have it all.

Her favourite look of mine is the winged eyeliner/cat eyes look. Which I do try and recreate of myself in some hope I look like her. I never do I may add. But for me the easiest way to create a winged eyeliner look is with a felt tip eyeliner, and Eyeko's Skinny Liquid one is the one I have been using recently. And yep, I did get it as a magazine freebie.

I just wanted to share my ultimate girl crush, and Candice Swanepoel will take a lot of beating! Who is your girl crush? 

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Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation in Natural

Max Factor Whipped Creme in Natural

Max Factor Whipped Creme Glass Pot

Max Factor Whipped Creme in Natural Pot

Max Factor Whipped Creme in Natural Swatch

Max Factor always seem to get it right and their foundation and mascara are actually some of my favourites, and easily compete with higher end brands. I recently got the Max Factor Whipped Creme, and I was very keen to see how it compares to other mousse based foundations, the main one being of the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. This foundation comes in a lovely glass jar and feels and already looks quite sophisticated as you would expect with Max Factor.

The foundation it self is a smooth mousse like consistency and feels like whipped air on your skin as you wear it. I have read some reviews saying it is more of a medium coverage, well I have to disagree and say I find it a full coverage. Plus its more covering than the other mousse texture foundation on the high street, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. You can see why you would pay the extra for the Max Factor foundation.

Even though I have very dry skin with the occasional eczema this doesn't cling on to my skin at all like you expect. This is easily one of the best high street foundations, and if your after a foundation under £10, this would be the one.

Max Factor Whipped Creme - £9.99

Have you tried Max Factor Whipped Creme? What do you think to it?

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Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Review in Paparazzi Highlights

Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Review in Paparazzi Highlights

Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Review in Paparazzi Highlights Review

The Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Review Paparazzi Highlights

Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Review in Paparazzi Highlights Set

Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Review in Paparazzi Highlights Clips

Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Review in Paparazzi Highlights Full Head

Hey lovelies, the weekend is finally here, give or take a few hours! If you follow me on Twitter (shameless plug!) you will be very aware I love a good set of extensions, and I am always tweeting about them and which one should I try next? Well I do always seem to end up back where I started...with Dirty Looks Hair Extensions. Oh well, if it isn't broke don't fix it right?

These extensions are Grade - A, Remy Human Hair. Meaning they are pretty much the best on the market, you only have to look at other companies whilst buying to see they don't offer this quality. 

I got the 16-18 inch in Paparazzi Highlights after a quick colour match by the Dirty Looks team. They are more at 16 inches but at 180grams this was more than enough. In the set you'll get 10 pieces each with numbers so when you read the styling guide you know which piece of hair goes where in you head. Obviously you don't have to stick to it but you do get a much better result. One piece, number 3, is so thick and seems to have several rows in one section. They are quick to apply too (5-10 mins), much quicker than you would expect and once your more experienced you will have them in no time! Plus as I have fine hair I find I don't need all the set in my hair, and I do have a large head!

Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Review in Paparazzi Highlights Comparison
The Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Review in Paparazzi Highlights
The Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Review in Paparazzi Highlights Full Head Review

If you look at the above photo of two strips of extensions you can see the comparison in thickness. Dirty Looks is on the left and another hair extension brand is on the right. You can see how much thicker Dirty Looks are, plus they are thick for the entirety of the strip.

Once they're in they really don't feel heavy or irritable, and they clip in well with no slipping later on in the day. The only time I've had trouble with them staying put is on a night out, but maybe the several my interesting dance moves are too blame! But generally they stay put perfectly. Dirty Looks have really done well here as they are the softest extensions I've ever felt and they just feel so thick! As they are thick right to the ends you don't get that straggly look plus they are really easy to style and blend.

And sorry for the awful photos of them actually in, the lovely dark weather has meant it's been a nightmare to capture their color, but hopefully you can see how natural they look and how well they styled. And yes I am cringing at my 'selfie', but that was the only way to get a decent-ish photo, I promise!

If you a extension girl or after a new look, I can not recommend Dirty Looks enough (if you couldn't tell already) plus they are on offer at the moment down to £69.99 from the most random price ever of £87.49, so if these are within your budget these are just perfect. Best extensions, end of.

They do an entire range of different sets of clip in hair extensions at Dirty Looks, so its worth a look!

Have you tried  Dirty Looks Hair Extensions? 

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Abi Alton talking Floral Headbands and Red Lips

Abi Alton Christmas Light Press Pass

Abi Alton performing

Todays post is something a bit different, but oh wow is it exciting. I got asked if I wanted to attend the Royal Tunbridge Wells Christmas switch on and meet singer/songwriter Abi Alton who made her exit from the X Factor last week. It took me all of 1 second of reply of course I would love to. So off I went last night, braved the crowds of teenage screaming girls who were there to see Abi, plus the other special guests Jordon O'Keefe from Britain's Got Talent and Micky Parsons (District 3) from The X Factor last year. I was lucky enough to get to interview Abi were we discussed all things X Factor from her exit right up to her favourite high street store to wear on stage. You can have a read of this below.

Abi Alton

Hi Abi! First of congratulations on all your X Factor success, how does it feel to of left the show?

Hi. Well of I course I am totally gutted to of left the show but I never thought I would make it that far so I am grateful to make it to week 5. Week 6 was my target so reaching that would of been lovely but I had to leave at some point!

True, unfortunately the show does come to an end. On Saturday night was defiantly your strongest performance, your confidence shone through, what tips do you have for on stage confidence?

Well I know I should practice what I preach but just having confidence in yourself and your talents. Oh, and rehearse!   

That might help! So what are your favourite brands? Any in particular you like to wear on stage?

Topshop! Everyone loves a bit of Topshop. And of course my floral headbands by Abigails Tea Party and Rock 'n' Rose are my on stage staples! I also love vintage jewellery and wear a lot of Eccentric Electricity.

Fabulous! Your hairbands are always stunning. Now I have to ask, red lips seem to be your staple look too. What lipstick do you wear?

*Quick rummage in the bag* Its No7 Red Devil! Although it may be best to ask Julia Carta (Chief Makeup artist on the X Factor) as she knows all the lipsticks I wore!

Well I must say Abi was a complete darling and such a pleasure to chat too. Plus when she performed everyone just stopped talking and was just in awe of her performance! Damn, I really want her to win now, please Gary, let her back in the show? *sad face*

You can see Abi on Twitter and keep updated with her happenings.

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St Moriz vs Beyond Bronze by Fake Bake Tan

St Moriz vs Beyond Bronze by Fake Bake Tan
St Moriz Tan

Beyond Bronze by Fake Bake Tan

I'm not going to review the St Moriz and Beyond Bronze Fake Bake tan individually as there are about one billion reviews already, so I thought I would compare them, St Moriz being the bargain £2.99 tan and Beyond Bronze Fake Bake being the high end £23.49 version....let the fake tan war commence. 

Beyond Bronze is part of Fake Bake, and is a mousse tan, as is St Moriz as I just do not get on with cream tans, and do not get me started on sprays. I'm way too messy for that. The mousse glides onto the skin and the initial colour is absolutely fantastic – like I’ve been on a beach for a week. But as soon as I have a shower, it pretty much washes off, leaving just a very faint (if any) difference to my natural colour which is a bit disappointing. And they do tell you to shower, plus obviously I can't go without a shower. This does take a few applications to reach a golden glow, but when you do it is a lovely colour. The colour is one of the reason I opt for Fake Bake, its just such a gorgeous colour that never turns orange. I just find for the price the application is a tad annoying.

Beyond Bronze by Fake Bake Tan
St Moriz Fake Tan

St Moriz Fake Tan

St Moriz is practically the poor girls St Tropez fake tan, in the nicest was as to me that is exactly how it is marketed. The packaging is similar, the font is similar, the name (obviously). No high hopes from me on this one, plus when you pump it out it comes out with a slight green tone. Yes green. Yet once I applied it (with gloves) it came out such a gorgeous brown colour, easy to apply and you could see where you was applying it. Even quicker drying time just beat Beyond Bronze here hands down, no standing there legs and arms spread praying I would dry before someone caught sight of me. St Moriz always stays on me for a good few days, and is easy to quickly to top up if needed. I do even get a few comments at work about where have I just jetted back from? Some may see that as a insult, to me? Nope I am very happy with that. As you can see the colour result isn't too different, nor was how long it lasted, but application was far easier with St Moriz, one application was enough, even by my dark tan standards.

So the winner? Easy. At that price? St Moriz hands down. £2.99 for St Moriz and £23.49 Beyond Bronze Fake Bake.

Have you tried either of these tans before?

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Kate Spade Nails Inc with Glamour Magazine

Kate Spade Nails Inc with Glamour Magazine

Kate Spade Nails Inc with Glamour Magazine

Oh yes, like all the blogging world, well the beauty blogger world, not sure fishing bloggers would be interested in this. However it is that time when Glamour Magazine give away Nail Inc polishes freebies. This time they have thrown a bit of Kate Spade into the mix. I do love Kate Spade and her designs and I have a such a soft spot for her iPhone cases. So there was no way I was missing out on this freebie, although I am not sure why they are Kate Spade with Nails Inc? Did she pick these colours? Maybe someone a bit more switched on could enlighten me.

There are four colours:

New York Noir - A classic glossy black
Uptown Glamour - A metallic gold
Soho Silver - A metallic silver
And my choice...
Big Apple Red - A very glossy red

I adore red polishes so this was the obvious choice, and sorry my pictures are awful. I couldn't paint my nails last night as I am on a job today which was dictated no nail polish. Erugh.

Have you got your Kate Spade Nails Inc with Glamour Magazine yet?

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