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Christmas Morning Makeup

Christmas Morning MakeUp
Benefit Dallas Bronzer
YSL Shocking Mascara5
MUA Power Pout Lip Crayon

Hey beauties. I think Christmas morning is one of those mornings/days that divides the makeup world, you either go all out as maybe you have a big family Christmas planned, including relatives you maybe haven't seen since last Christmas (and there is often a reason for that one!) and you want to look your best.

On the other hand, you may of had enough of heavy makeup thanks to Christmas parties, and want to look au natural. For me, I opt for more of natural look, purely for the fact I will not be leaving my PJ's, let alone my house, and having a small Christmas just means I can not be bothered! I will be wearing some makeup as I do feel a bit trampish without so I have just done a quick run through of what I will be doing.

Firstly I know I will want my makeup to be quick, then I can help my mum with the Christmas Lunch, not undo my presents or anything *cough*.  So with my foundation I want a dewy finish, so dewy for me means my MUA Undress Your Skin Foundation will be used, plus being quick and easy to apply this is ideal. Depending on my eye bag situation, I might add some concealer under my eyes, along with some bronzer on my cheekbones, more than likely with Benefit Dallas. Sorry I just do not pull of the rosy cheek look, pink tones just look a tad hideous on my face for some reason.

Next filling in my eyebrows with my beloved Illamasqua Brow Cake, plus this job has become much easier since I grew my eyebrows. Not sure that is the correct term but hopefully you'll get my drift...

Onto eyes, I know I will be lazy and just use mascara so I am sure I'll pull my YSL Shocking Mascara out for the occasion, and as this is such a lovely dark formula I never need to apply any eyeliner. Winner.  Lastly, for a bit of colour I'll be using my MUA Power Pout Lip Crayon in Crazy in Love. Hopefully I won't get distracted beforehand and actually get that far!

A very basic look yes, but who wants to be doing a full face on makeup when you really not have too? No thank you!

What will be your Christmas Morning Makeup routine? 

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