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Going Nude This Winter

Essie and Nails Inc Maincure

Sometimes there is nothing better than going nude during the winter. Nail wise of course, and when the appeal of darker red nails has literary chipped away there is nothing that makes me feel better than a nude nail. The ultimate 'I can't be bothered' manicure attitude, and it couldn't be more fitting this time of year. And who else would I fall back to for daily nails? Essie and my old favourite, Nails Inc. The new Nails Inc NailKale range (quite literally made with kale, apparently) had me sold purely on their packaging. And even more so when I realised that these are apart Alexa Chung's range for the brand. 

From the first superfood nail range its the Nails Inc NailKale in Westbourne Park Road I picked up for my nude fix, and although it looks more nude in the bottle, this is more a muted purple. 

My next nude fix is from Essie and their Cocktails and Coconuts. Again, sold not just on the colour, who doesn't like cocktails and coconuts? Exactly. This nude is a warm sand colour with a very subtle crystal-fleck glitter that Essie are pretty known for, and do oh so well.

Last up is Essie's Sugar Daddy. This is just girly-ness in bottle from. And strangely from this shimmery pink shade, it looks just as pretty with one coat applied as it does with three. So not only can the pale colour mean I can be lazy with chips, I can also just apply the one.

What colours are you wearing on your nails this winter?

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The One That Vibrates...Estee Lauder TurboLash All Effects Mascara

The Estee Lauder TurboLash All Effects Mascara Review
Estee Lauder TurboLash All Effects Mascara Wand

Well. If there was ever something to give you a heart/make you think you've gone crazy it would be this Estee Lauder mascara. And you want to know why? It vibrated in my hand. Yes, like a erm, toothbrush. And no I didn't know it did this, hence my shock when I unwrapped this and pulled out the wand, to find this unusual gimmick. Not one I was expecting from a normally 'safe' brand like Estee Lauder. So let me explain this first vibrating object to make it on my blog, somewhat unsurprisingly. 

Its the handle on the TurboLash mascara that actually vibrates, so as you apply it is supposed to mimic the movement moving your wand back and fourth (seriously, how quick do they think our hands move?), which we all know adds extra volume to lashes.

Estee Lauder TurboLash All Effects Mascara

In order to turn this on you just twist the cap out and pull the wand out. It begins vibrating almost as soon as you twist the upper cap off and vibrates straight through application. Slide the wand back into the tube, twist shut, and the vibrations stop. Simple. 

You know how much I hate gimmicks, and I am forever telling myself I will not fall for such marketing....but I have. I got some incredible length with TurboLash compared to some other mascaras I used, and was able to build up some serious volume to my lashes which gave me that false lash look that I always crave. The brush itself is a full bushy brush that somehow grabs every lash, even while vibrating, and doesn't hurt my eye which was my greatest fear. I have serious images of me sitting in A&E with a mascara wand related emergency. My lash results are just what I expected from Estee Lauder, and even this is a bit pricey and gimmicky, oh I do love it. Maybe this just isn't one to pull out in the ladies toilets...

Estee Lauder makeup range on includes Turbolash All Effects Motion Mascara (£32)

Have you tried the Estee Lauder TurboLash All Effects Mascara?

*PR Sample/Gift

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More Freedom Skincare

Freedom Pro Studio Moisture Cream, Freedom Pro Studio Dramatic Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover,Freedom Pro Studio Glow Tonic, Freedom Skincare, Freedom London Skincare

Freedom Pro Studio Moisture Cream, Freedom Pro Studio Dramatic Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover,Freedom Pro Studio Glow Tonic, Freedom Skincare, Freedom London Skincare

I have more silver tubbed goodness. Remember the Freedom Makeup Pro Studio Priming Water? Well there is a entire range for me to get through it seems. But then Freedom hardly break the bank so I am all over these little bottles.

The Freedom Pro Studio Dramatic Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover (£5) was the first bottle I got my hands on and was keen to try, as erm I don't still use makeup wipes for my mascara or anything, and it didn't disappoint. I was wary as my eyes can be a bit precious (and obviously my justification for still using wipes) but luckily it lived up to its sensitive name sake and didn't irritate at all, and just managed to remove my mascara masses. Eye makeup remover does still make a lot of mess in comparison to wipes for me, so I will keep this ready for nights when I have a bit more time on my hand I reckon.

Freedom Pro Studio Moisture Cream, Freedom Pro Studio Dramatic Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover,Freedom Pro Studio Glow Tonic, Freedom Skincare, Freedom London Skincare

One thing I have, and will be, using daily is the Freedom Pro Studio Glow Tonic, which frankly beats all these high end versions I've tried. This exfoliating toner has worked its magic and has evened my skins appearance and has left me with clearer, brighter more glowing complexion (at least I like to think so.) I can't seem to find it on Freedoms website to buy separately which is a huge shame as this is one bottle of theirs you need, especially if you're a fan of smoother and softer more radiant skin while keeping a few spare pounds in your purse.

Lastly, is one item you can buy, and should buy, in the form of the Freedom Pro Studio Moisture Cream (£7). Even more so if you like the scent of marzipan, which this does perfectly. I'm not entirely sure if that was the intended idea with this line, but being a sweet smell sucker I am not going to question a thing. But does it actually do the job? Does a cream for under £10 really work on my super dry and sensitive skin? In a word, yes. Perhaps my skin is having a good month as normally budget creams and me don't get along, but I do think that this cream really keeps my skin hydrated and I have had my skin left so soft, so smooth and just on good form.

Have you tried any Freedom Skincare?

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Instagram Diary: Part Thirteen

Instagram, annabelflorence Instagram, Cocoa Brown new tan, Cocoa Brown new, Christmas 2015, Christmas 2015 decorations,

Bath bomb heaven (again) | The beach inducing envy Birchbox | Manuka Honey fun | Fake tan mitt famous | Autumn Flowers | CHRISTMAS decorations | One of those tea days | Freedom Skincare | Makeup Revolution brush prettiness

Being Friday 13th on Friday (observant of me I know), I thought it was meant to be that my thirteenth Instagram diary happened at the same time. Well a few days late but it took a that long to click. Since last week I have in fact become fake tan mitt famous (thank you Cocoa Brown), spent too much time loitering around bath bombs again and starting thinking about my Christmas decorations. To be fair, the last one isn't my fault as I can blame shops for selling them too early, and yes I should I more self restraint....but when things are this white and sparkly its just not my fault. Its human nature, and I can't beat science now can I?

What have you been up too recently?

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Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer

Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer

Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer

Who would ever think that I would need a electrical nail device? A glass nail file is as far as my previous nail care routine went, so a file that is all fancy (and does the job 10 times quicker) is just the best thing to grace my makeup bag recently. Hello Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer (£29.99).

This pretty much does what it says on the box, and buff my nails up to get a lovely shine and make my nail polish painting attempts last longer. First up buff each nail for 2 seconds using the green roller, then polish each nail with the white roller for as long as I fell to enhance the shine that the green one left. Simple, yet so effective. I just wish the photos did justice to the shine, but I do realise my nails look the exact same and a bit shine-less in the photos.

Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer
Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer

This has really helped to sort my nails out though and restore any natural shine in only a few minutes, they instantly look like I've painted on a base coat. And someone could of told me this sooner as it is so much quicker than hand buffing my nails with those cardboard lumps you can get thanks to the micro-grain roller surface, and it buffs perfectly each nail in only two seconds. I might not of ever thought I would need such a tool, but there is no way I am going without this now.

Have you tried the Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer?

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Hello Manuka Doctor

Manuka Doctor skincare
Manuka Doctor
Kate Middleton allegedly uses a bee venom cream (as if I could get the chance to actually ask her). Therefore I was sold on trying out Manuka Doctor (my own way of being a princess perhaps). I have seen Manuka Doctor floating around in Superdrug but never tried the brand inspired by nature and are the “only skincare range to combine the potency of patented Purified Bee Venom with the healing benefits of Certified Manuka Honey for authentic skincare solutions that work”.

The Manuka Doctor range is split up to four categories for different skincare concerns; ApiClear, ApiRefine, ApiNourish and ApiWellness. Not sure entirely what categorises which one, and to be honest I really don't mind as I am still sold on the Kate Middleton name sake. A bits I have been trying are the Manuka Doctor Skin Ease Repair Gel (£6.49), which has been calming down and cooling my skin, and my red bits on top of my cheeks have died down a bit since I opened this. Next is the Manuka Doctor CC Cream (£19.99), and I won't bore you with the details of what this tinted moisturiser does, as CC creams are pretty well known. This one part of the ApiRefine family really has the nack of brightening up my skin without looking like I have makeup on. Well, less for me at least.

Manuka Doctor skin gel
Manuka Doctor hair mask

Next is the Manuka Doctor Restorative Hair Mask (£14.99), which I didn't think my fine hair could handle, as it just can't handle anything past a light conditioner. In the few times I've used this, I  only use a tiny bit not to overwhelm my poor hair, but my hair defiantly has more moist (sorry I had to use that word) and a softer feel. On the mask theme is the Manuka Doctor Rejuvenating Face Mask (£49.99), and I can't say enough how much I love this. Even if its a tad too much for my T-Zone (hello spots) this is lovely and rich and nourishing cream which I apply and leave on for 15-30 minutes, then simply wipe away, or when I remember. It is honey scented as expected, but its balanced out with some yoghurt and milk smells, and its just so good. My skin loves loves loves it. 

Manuka Doctor face mask

Manuka Doctor serum

Lastly, as a skincare post would not be complete without a serum, and it come in the form of the Manuka Doctor Radiance Serum (£17.99). Again like the mask, its a full on love fest over here, and I can't quite believe how much more radiant my skin looks from this. Somehow despite not being a greasy serum, it gives my skin a quick healthy looking fix, so naturally this gets a lot of use on a Monday morning.

Who would of thought smearing manuka honey (which normally ends up on my toast) on my face and hair would have such a good, and healthy, effect. But then, if its good enough for a Princess...

Have you tried anything from Manuka Doctor?

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Instagram Diary: Part Twelve

Instagram, Instagram Diary, Annabelflorence Instagram,

Waiting for curls to dropout | Bluebird Tea Co. | Surprise flower delivery | Major girl crush | Throwback to being a cat | Lush giving me magic wands | Bath bombs in cupcake form | Dove heaven | Jo Malone Christmas is here.....

I really am regretting starting this series actually spelling the number, not just '12'. Its putting my primary school knowledge to use at least. On the topic of decisions, I have been doing more of that 'lifestyle' theme recently, which is actually a bit easier than I thought. But then talking about tea, visiting Italy and walking around Lush was never going to be hard work really. And being a cat for a few hours? Just seemed oh to natural...

What have you been up too recently?

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The laziest primer...Freedom Makeup Pro Studio Priming Water

Freedom Makeup Pro Studio Priming Water

Freedom Makeup Pro Studio Priming Water

Freedom Makeup Pro Studio Priming Water

Do I really need another primer? Well yes, as if you would say no to a new primer in spray pump bottle. Hello a whole new level of laziness for me, I barely have to lift my arms and use my hands for this in the mornings now. Thank you Freedom Makeup Pro Studio Priming Water (£6).

Spritzed on like a normal primer (or in top of foundation if you're feeling fancy), all this needs is around 3 pumps to prep my skin nicely and leave it feeling refreshed and ready for my foundation layers, and it almost has a fruity scent, which makes a change from most primers I've tried. To keep with my laziness, this doesn't run off my face so I can skip any rubbing in, and still have hydrated skin throughout the day. And the best part? This priming water even keeps my foundation in tact all day without it sliding around. I can't speak for any other skin types except dry in saying how much I love this, but both me and skin love the quick and lazy hydration. Who would of thought spraying water on my face would have such good results?

Have you tried the Freedom Makeup Pro Studio Priming Water?

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Because the Maltesers needed company...hello Bluebird Tea Co.

Bluebird Tea Co.
Bluebird Tea Co.

I don't think I have ever been so excited over leaves before. Tea leaves to be exact, as trees aren't really my thing, and I think I have some of the best tea leaves in my house at the moment in form of Bluebird Tea Co. Any company with a name as cute as that gets off to a good start with me, but then they go and provide me with some amazing tea options, and yep you've guessed it, I am in love.

A Tea Mixology Company is the correct term for Bluebird Tea, so when their recently opened second store appeared in Tunbridge Wells there was no way I wasn't getting involved in such a tea revolution. Since they have over 70 flavours of tea, they have made my normal builders tea seem a bit, well weak. Bluebird have stuck to their tea mixology ethos, and mixed up flavours such as Mojitea (pretty much mojito in tea form), Gingerbread Chai, Nearly Nirvana and Dozy Girl (I won't take offence). Can you see my problem now? How can you, even as a coffee person, not want to try these?

Bluebird Tea Co.

Bluebird Tea Co.

And then they go and make these flavours into proper tea, a.k.a tea leaves, no bags over here. All the flavours I've tried are heavenly, not too strong and not too weak, and they even come directed on the front to whether you need to add milk. Which is something that always confused me when its not my builders tea. To top it off, guess what I have? CHRISTMAS CAKE TEA. Like I even need to introduce, explain or elaborate on such a flavour. All I will say is that my Maltesers were very happy with the tea companionship. 

Have you tried Bluebird Tea Co.?

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