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Candles for the greedy: Jewel Candles

Jewel Candle review

Jewel Candle reviews

Jewel Candle

Jewel Candle
I am all for a scented candle, and with one that comes with jewellery? What was I meant to say? No? Yeah as if....I think we've all heard of Jewel Candle at some point, or something along the same lines where you get a bit of jewellery hidden inside a rather large candle. A.k.a the candles suitable for people like me, who are a tad greedy and always want a bit extra. 

I have been eager here, and have two, a sweet caramel fragrance named appropriately Sweet Cupcake and a nostalgia provoking scent with Candy Floss. Both contain a sterling silver ring, which appears in some sliver foil once you've burnt done enough of the wax, and luckily this method of ring keeping doesn't damage the jewellery (apart from it smelling very much like the candle for a while). I have lost patience with Candy Floss as the ring appears to far done for my tolerance levels, but as you can see Sweet Cupcake has delivered a cute heart ring, which while it might not be my complete taste it is rather cute. 

Shame there is no value attached (I'm not shallow, just nosey I promise) and the company say the only way to find out value is to take it to a jewellers, which I can safely say I'll never remember to do. That aside, for £24.95 they do make a good present idea for anyone who loves a candle, and with a piece of jewellery somewhere inside you can take the credit for two presents. They just better have better patience than me. 

Have you tried Jewel Candles before?

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