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Dove DermaSpa Range

Dove DermaSpa Range Body Cream Body Oil Body Lotion

I love Dove. No secrets about it. It truly is a case of 'old school' is best with their original Dove smell. At least I think its their 'original' scent, but its the one all their soaps and deodorants smell of, that one?

So you can imagine it only took me around a second to say yes to trying Dove's recently launched most scientifically advanced collection yet - DermaSpa, dermatalogy meeting Spa basically (Geniusly named Dove DermaSpa Range . You could say Dove has worked hard here, as this advanced body care range has resulted from over ten years of skincare research and the involvement of 280 scientists. Dove will sell its self, yet with 'why has this not been done sooner' moment they have released this high end-esque range but at a decent price. Everything is under £9.99 to be exact.

Aimed at normal to dry skin, this range to 'help women get back in touch with their bodies' includes; the Uplifted Roll-On, which isn't a deodorant as I thought (yes I do wonder why I blog sometimes).  However this does a great job of encouraging the circulation round by body, and over the lumps, in a very Soap & Glory Sit Tight style, but with no tingle. I'm too old for that sort of thing now.

Dove DermaSpa Range Body Cream

We need to stop and appreciate the Uplifted Lotion, as wait for this, it's Waterlily & Cucumber scented and doesn't smell like some intimating spas do. This is just a lightweight lotion that has become my to go to cream when I need to moisturise but still need to smell classy, not my typical sugar overloaded sort of thing. Next is the DermaSpa Summer Revived Body Lotion, which of course is welcomed with open arms as the British summer didn't make much a appearance this year, so I am in dire need of a body lotion with a bit of colour.

Dove DermaSpa Range Body Cream

DermaSpa Goodness Body Cream (the tub one) has coconut in so naturally I was biased towards it. This slightly thicker cream absorbs surprisingly quickly so I have no Omega Oil trails left, and with the Vanilla, Coconut and Citrus and Frangipani (thought this was what they put in those pastries?!) mixture, its safe to say I can't put this down.

In my opinion, I have saved the best to last with the Uplifted+ Body Oil. Not being one for oils as a I barely have patience for lotions to dry, I have been using this a awful lot. Oddly its so light that I don't really notice I've put it on, despite the gorgeous waterlily, cucumber, green violet leaves, sandalwood, patchouli and sweet musk combination, and my skin feels incredible afterwards. Comment worthy soft in fact, and yes, I have had a comment on how soft my skin is. So, not only do I feel a tad more classy and softer with this range, I do in fact feel silkier. 

Will you be trying the Dove DermaSpa Range?

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