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Debenhams does Flowers

Debenhams Flowers, Debenhams Flowers Delivery, Debenhams Flowers Review, Best Debenhams Flowers, Flower Bouquet,

Debenhams Flowers, Debenhams Flowers Delivery, Debenhams Flowers Review, Best Debenhams Flowers, Flower Bouquet,

Who doesn't like a Flower Delivery? Exactly. Aside from makeup and chocolate there isn't much else I like turning up on my doorstep, especially early in the morning. My Next Day Flowers from Debenhams were certainly that, but of course no complaints as no one can ever stay mad a beautiful bunch of Flowers by Post like this.

I know I know, I am always posting flowers on my Instagram, but I thought it was a about time a bunch made their way over onto the blog. And I didn't do things by halves, as the Debenhams Flowers Grandparents Day range is just stunning and very very worthy of being mentioned. The celebration bouquet is a mixture lisianthus in a softest pink, green carnations and white bouvardia. To be honest, all the range is beautiful and I never realised how hard it was to pick a bouquet out. Unfortunately I don't have any Grandparents to celebrate the day with on the 4th October, however I did still pick a bunch a flowers I just know my grandmother would of adored. I'm sure my granddad would of like them too, but I do think he might of enjoyed the chocolate box slightly more.

As a little something, the discount code DFBLOG25 will entitle you to 25% off a bouquet. The only bouquets exempt from the discount is the 'Flowers By Post' range. I am sure any grandparent, or person, would love one of these bouquets to turn up on their doorstep. If not, do just send them my way instead.

Did you know Debenhams did such lovely flowers?

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Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol BB cream eyelid primer

the Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol BB cream eyelid primer

New Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol BB cream eyelid primer

No one does a new release like Benefit Cosmetics. Well, the might do, but none seems to be all over social media like Benefit. And just as I have got a plane, I am back in travel mode with the Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol BB cream eyelid primer (£21.50).

Air Patrol takes the typical eye primer, which I am the worst at using, to a whole new level with added skin benefits (SPF 20, shea butter and EnviroDefend complex) with a specially designed nib which is like a pink rubber sponge. This is one of those products I really didn't need, but its certainly making itself very well used. This yellowy beige BB cream/eyeshadow primer does a bit of everything; smoothing lids for makeup, keeping products into place and evening out discolourations. 

This has really proved that no matter, what I threw at it from intense smokey eyes to winged liner and watery cold filled eyes. My makeup stayed put for the 10 hours I kept it on, and I did even debate not wearing a shadow as Air Patrol left such a nice natural base. This has left me feeling like the worst beauty blogger, as eyeshadow primer wasn't even on my radar, but if something can make my eyelids ready to go in under a minute, this isn't flying out (excuse the pun) my makeup bag anytime soon. 

Will you be trying the Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol BB cream eyelid primer?

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What its really like to model at London Fashion Week

Behind the scenes London Fashion Week 2015

Well that is that one done for another 6 months,  London Fashion Week is what I am talking about. No doubt the biggest fashion event in the country, and one event you can't seem to miss on any social media. But what is it actually like behind the scenes? Not just the normal intern/design stories you hear, I am talking about what its like to be on that catwalk. This is tongue in cheek by the way, well kinda.

Castings. And lots and lots of them. And yes you do need to go or you just don't get the work. It does get to the point where you have no idea where you are, who you're casting for and even who you are. Do they care you're going to miss your last train home? Nope, that is fashion darling...go to a nightclub or something (but don't get fat obvs).

Fittings. So you get the job (thank God) but you still need to make sure you fit the clothes. And don't just think you go back to the designers once before the show starts. Oh no, think 4-5 times when you're missing out on others jobs and not being paid for the pleasure to get prodded and poked with needles.

Early starts, or just not going to bed as it sometimes is known. When you need to be on set at 6am and you're first train into London doesn't leave till then; figure that one out.

Those poor people who have to dress us. As being models we can't do that. These people are unpaid and have the task of making sure we can take off our clothes quickly. But of course they slow you down, and no doubt get a eyeful of your bare chest at the same time. Just want they wanted after a 34 hour stint with no pay.

No food. Yes we may be models but we do get hungry and no to mention thirsty. But the thought for the designer of use dribbling out food & drink down our clothes is too much to bare. Hence just don't eat. Problem solved eh.

Pinterest/Instagram worthy 'street style' shots are only for the hardcore. No one (even us who get paid to pose) really wants after a long day at work to get stopped and photographed to see what we are wearing. Especially when its a two year old Primark jumper. I have never used the word 'vintage' as much.

Freebies? Lots of lovely clothes and shoes? Don't be silly. Whatever you hear about models walking away with gorgeous clothes and accessories, don't believe them. I have once been made to remove a pair of stockings. Yes as I am sure there is a que to wear my worn sweaty tights.

Don't get me wrong, no experience compares to being able to model at London Fashion Week, and it certainly adds to make a unique CV. But no doubt at the end, you'll still be broke, tired and have much less dignity left.

Have you ever been to London Fashion Week?

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Leighton Denny Nails ‘I Am Goddess’ Collection

Leighton Denny Nails ‘I Am Goddess’ Collection

Leighton Denny Nails ‘I Am Goddess’ Collection swatches
Leighton Denny Nails ‘I Am Goddess’ Collection review and swatches

Would it be a cliche to start this by saying how much I love autumn? Probably. I might as well through in that I do love berry lips, chunky knitwear and of course dark nails. And mine have been in the form of the Leighton Denny Nails ‘I Am Goddess’ Collection, with three shades from this latest collection being very well used by me, and my mum.

Leighton Denny are one of those underrated brands in the nail world, and I'll be the first to admit I'll often forget them exist when I am polish buying. But this trio have made sure I keep a mental note to actually remember them. Like the others I've tried from the brand, all three of these are so thick and easy to apply, and I do reckon if I was feeling lazy (most the time) then I could easily get away with one coat. Plus, they dried so quickly, even those quick dry competitors will have to step aside.

First up is Athena Divine, a deep, midnight blue with metallic shimmer, but not too blue that your fingers look dead. Keeping with the royal theme next is Queen Hera, a metallic gold with chromeesque finish. And lastly, and yes its my favourite, is Aphrodite's Love, a  olive cream with a metallic duo-chrome finish. This really doesn't look like your typical green, as I am sure you can see, yet I can't really describe it....helpful I know, and I bet you're so glad right now I started blogging again with my extremely descriptive language....

Will you be trying the Leighton Denny Nails ‘I Am Goddess’ Collection?

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Playing Tourist: Rome Style

Rome City Centre

Rome City

Views of Rome
Rome statues

When in Rome...and when you're home no words are need when you've taken only 2459433 photos. These few show this beautiful city in the best light, even when there was about to be a rain downpour and the light ended up bit a bit minimal. For some reason, being abroad seems to equal the thoughts that it just won't rain. But at least the rain means your boyfriend will walk around the Vatican with a bit more ease...

Have you ever been to Rome?

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The Nars Autumn Makeup Look

The Nars Autumn Makeup Products and look

The Nars Autumn Makeup Eyeshadow Duo

I have no patience. Its barely the end of August and I am Autumn ready. Well, its hardly summer weather so why wait with my makeup? So far I have restrained myself from wearing the berry lips already, but after a little Nars at House of Fraser browse I have been wearing berry in another form for my slightly punctual autumn look.

First up, like anyone who likes Nars foundation, their Sheer Glow Foundation in Deauville (£31) is naturally what I use to help even out my skin, and I can see why this bottle gets so much hype now. On the days when I am not being lazy, my already autumn-esque skin (aka dry, flakey and dull) really benefits from the use of their Light Optimizing primer.  And to make me look a bit of life-full? Their blush in Unlawful.

The Autumn Makeup Look

Eye wise is where my berry tone have snuck in, and I have finally been pulled away from my Urban Decay Naked palette and fall for the Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Kuala Lumpur (£25). Not sure of the relation of a Rose Gold & Boysenberry infused with gold eyeshadow and the Malaysian capital, but when a shadow is this pretty it really doesn't matter. I just smudged the darker berry colour under my lash line to show it off more. And why did no one tell me to try Nars's eyeshadows sooner? As I am not sure what I prefer, the colours or the pigmentation. 

To finish the look, I finally jumped on this Nars Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil bandwagon with the shade Belle De Jour (£19). This pencil was made for smoky eyes - fact. The beige tones give that cliched 'your lips but better look', and also perfect for when you need to photograph the most awkward pout in the world (see above...).

Are you looking forward to Autumn makeup?

*collaborative feature

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