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Best of Jo Malone (IMO)

Jo Malone, Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay Cologne, Jo Malone Cologne Intense Tuberose Angelica, Jo Malone London, Jo Malone Peony and Suede Blush Cologne,

I say best, and by that I mean the three fragrances I own, and won't branch out on trying any others as I feel like that would be unfaithful. Undoubtedly I wouldn't of brought these if I didn't like them, therefore for me, they are the best.

Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay. Can you tell this was a present? Just compare sizes of the bottles I brought with my own money (crying face Emoji needed). This is the perfect mixture of fruitiness and freshness, there is something weirdly comforting about this scent. It doesn't edge on sickly sweet at all like the name would suggest, but this is my current 'go to' Jo Malone scent.

Jo Malone Peony and Suede Blush cologne, this is a sweet and romantic scent that combines the freshness of red apple, jasmine, the luxury of peony (favourite flower) and the unusual mix of suede into the one heavenly fragrance.Think a floral scent with a touch of leather won't work? Think again. This has no trace of leather at all, so no worries that you'll smell like a new car. The combination leaves a scent I think is a tad musky but the floral edge leaves it warm and understated. Think Marc Jacobs Daisy or Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, but nicer.

Jo Malone London Black Cedarwood & Juniper Cologne. No I can't pronounce 'Juniper' either, but regardless of what I end up calling this, it will always been known as my 'surprise' scent. First sniff actually led to the words, "Mum you can have this one" as it was too strong and woody for me. Yet one week down the line once I tried it again, and let it settle on my skin my mind was changed. It is dark, spicy and woody still, yet the Juniper (its a plant according to Google) gives it a little fruity freshness. Very much a evening fragrance in my books, but if you're after something different from Jo Malone, this is the one. And yes, my mum did let me have it back.

What are your favourite Jo Malone products?

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