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The Perfect New Year Eve Red Lip. Ft The Kate Moss 111 Lipstick

Rimmel Kate Moss 111 Lipstick in Kiss of Life

Before the last of Quality Streets are eaten, thoughts are always swiftly shifted to the next biggest date on the calendar, New Years Eve. Even thought I am not fussed on this one, at all, when I do out I won't be doing things by halves. If you can go for a red lip on the biggest going out night of the year, when can you?

Its not secret how much I adore the deep vampy red of the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107, but wearing this daily left me missing my going out lipstick that would make me feel like I've made an effort. I didn't venture far at all with the Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick no. 111 Kiss Of Life. Another lipstick from Mrs Moss's Matte Finish collection.

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick Kiss Of Life 111 (£5.49) is a bright, warm, orange-toned red, think pillbox red. Two coats are needed to get the depth of red that I want. If you're doing red lips, why do things by halves? There is no feathering, dragging or any complaints, from this lipstick either. 

To pair with this I have the Barry M Lip Liner in Red (£2.99), and is my stupidly affordable option. And like the lipstick this liner applies like a dream and would easily pass for a high end one. Not one that costs under £3. I'm just hoping all this is still in place at midnight....

What colour lipstick will you be wearing this New Years Eve?

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Last Years Resolutions. How did I do?

Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping Paper
Had to show of my Christmas wrapping somehow

That time of year is here. New year new me, and that all. And for the first time last year I actually made some resolutions to stick to, blog wise. Anything more really would of been pushing the boat out. So with 2014 about to disappear into history, what better time to see how I did at My 2014 Goals & Resolutions.  

Schedule, schedule, schedule | Starting on a high here as I have stuck to this throughout the year, and thanks to forward thinking and scheduling I have post every other day, if not everyday, for the past year...Smug? Me?

Write more lifestyle posts | Maybe not done as well as I hope here, but my playing tourists posts have to count as something right? I visited Hever Castle, Leeds Castle, Bodiam Castle (sensing a theme here?) and finally only Buckingham Palace. Obviously English History isn't everyones thing, but seeing as its my guilty pleasure and I am happy I managed to combine it with some blogging, even if there was no mascara in sight. 

Experiment more | Err, I think this is a success, kind of. Let me explain, while my makeup has stayed pretty much the same with the odd red lip and slightly darker eyeshadows, my hair was the thing I experimented more with this year. Goodbye long platinum blonde hair. I went back to my natural state of shoulder length dark blonde hair, for about..oohh a month? And while I do still have my natural hair colour, I caved and now have subtle ombre, yes with the length back. I'll count this as half a fail. 

Comment more | If this wasn't a success then I don't know what is. I would say for 5/6 nights a weeks in the past year  (don't comment on my social life...) I have read and commented on my favourite blogs, new blogs and established blogs without fail, and I didn't do this as a chore or something I felt I had to do. This was actually my form of relaxation...strange? Perhaps...

Did you stick to your last years resolutions?

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Chanel and Sally Hansen. The perfect nail polish pair.

Chanel, Chanel Polish, Chanel Polish Rouge Noir, Sally Hansen, Sally Hansen Nail Polishes,

Yesterday I got all festive and did a guest post on one of my favourite blogs Beauty In Beta. Not only is Beth a complete sweetheart, talented blogger and vlogger, she also loves cats. Need I explain why I just couldn't say no to her Festive Blog Takeover? My two current favourite nail polishes were my topic of choice, and perfect for that last minute nail sparkle panic. Sparkle is mandatory at Christmas in my world. You can see my post on Chanel and Sally Hansen, the perfect nail polish pair here.

What colours are you wearing on your nails this Christmas?

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House of Fraser Christmas Gift Guide. Including mascara, of course...

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara Gift Set

With only 2/3 days left until the big day, depending how late you're leaving your shopping, Christmas is just around the corner.  And this Christmas House of Fraser will be hosting a 10 days of Christmas offers event which will be a wide range of beauty products discounted for a limited time only, exciting much?

So with this approaching I have been on their website, somewhat obsessively, eyeing up a few thing that would also make a good last minute gift. I have the Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara Gift Set (£22.50), which includes the Hypnose Drama mascara, Bi-Facil (30ml) and Mini Crayon Khol Black Eyeliner. This is such good value considering the mascara alone costs £22.50, bargain much? You only have to read my review on the Hypnose Drama Mascara to see just how much I love this little black tube.

The Clinique 3 Step Intro Kit (£20) would make a perfect gift for people starting to explore skincare, and you can't go wrong with Clinique can you?

Again, the LancĂ´me Juicy Tubes Gift Set (£20) is great for people starting off with makeup as we all know we started with a juicy tube at some points in our lives. Or maybe just for those are too indecisive for one lip gloss.

How could I not include another mascara option? And the Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking Mascara (£24.50) is the only mascara that beats the Hypnose Drama Mascara, and just looks so glamorous someone would have to be a tad crazy not to love this gift. On that note, any unwanted Yves Saint Laurent Mascaras can be send my way, thank you.

Lastly is one of my favourite brands, and one I think nobody should be without. Of course its Jo Malone London, and their Pomegranate Noir Cologne (£40). Or any of their scents really. Again, this gift is just pure luxury and not something you would buy yourself every day. (And if you are, please be my friend?) No one will turn down Jo Malone, so it is worth the investment. 

And after all that giving, how about treating yourself? Keep an eye on the House of Fraser site between the 24th December and 4th January, when they will be hosting a 12 Days of Christmas offers, which will see a range of beauty products reduced. Like we need any persuasion to hit the sales...

What is on your wish list this Christmas?

*collaborative feature

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Instagram Diary: Part Three

Instagram Diary: Part Three annabelflorence

Well, hasn't there been a Instagram kerfuffle this week? Spam followers and all what better time to do another Instagram Diary and lighten the air? It has been a while since I last did one of these posts, and it seems I have had a busy last few months of 2014. Oh and look, I actually graduated from University. Check out that hat, if only you could of seen my terrific hat hair...

What have you been up too this week?

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Birchbox at Christmas...Where Magic Happens

Birchbox at Christmas...Where Magic Happens
Buying Christmas presents for makeup addicts is hard enough, as well, we don't settle for any old rubbish. I know this myself as my poor mum now has to head to Chanel or YSL makeup counter for my Christmas shopping, not that I am complaining, at all obviously. But another gift idea that I think would go down well with anyone who likes to try out new makeup is a Birchbox subscription. All the boxes I've tried this year have all been good, and none have left me disappointed. So I trust their consistency...don't show me up now Birchbox, please. 

If you gift someone with a Birchbox subscription, the 'Where the Magic Happens' gift pack will be sent to the giftee, along with a note with the details of their gift subscription. Saves the stress of handling Regent Street, and the 'Where the Magic Happens' gift is spot on. Worth £45 and all full size items, this little bag (which is gorgeous itself) contains the Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm, one lip brand we all want to try, don't deny it. A Models Own Nail Polish in brown gel like finish that is perfect for this time of year. And how I've gone without brown polish for so long I don't know. And finally, and maybe saving the best till last is the Benefit Cosmetics Triple Performing Facial Emulsion. Anything tripe performing that goes on my face is always welcome. Always.

There are different level & prices of the Birchbox Gift Subscriptions, and they start from £38.85 in P&P. 

Would you be happy to receive a Birchbox subscription for Christmas?

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The Makeup Revolution Essential Matte Palette. Number 2

New Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes 2 Palette Review

New Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes 2 Palette

The Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes 2 Palette

Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes 2 Palette

Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes 2 Palette Swatch

Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes 2 Palette

They are back. Not that they really went away of course, but Makeup Revolution are back with one of their iconic palettes. Welcome to the matte eye scene the Essential Mattes 2 Palette. Another palette containing 12 shades, and obviously if you didn't guess already, they are indeed all matte. 

This palette is so similar to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette I'm sure we all know by know. The warm pink and purple tones, with a couple of brown and beige shades just scream Naked 3 to me. In a good way of course.

The difference between this and the Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Palette below, is that this palettes colours seem more subtle (goodbye blue, you were too bright for me) and replaced with some warmer brown and pink tones. Which I love, and are much more me.

Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes 1 Palette

I have been using this palette daily, as it has taken over my love from the first one, and with the pigmentation still being surprisingly strong, makes the colours last all day with minimal fall out. Even my mum couldn't believe what a good price this palette is. And we all know what its like to get our mothers approval. Well done Makeup Revolution.

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A Synthetic Ponytail. The greatest hair faux pas?

The Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony Review
The Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony
Normally the words 'Synthetic Ponytail' make my inner snob recoil in horror, even from a hair extension addict. The overly long, curly and shiny ponytails that you often see, that don't even match in colour, just grate on me. Why get hair that looks like you've got a dead meerkat hanging from your head? Exactly. So its safe to say I didn't have the highest hopes for the Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony.

First up this is a Synthetic Ponytail, that you just wrap around your own ponytail, slide a large grip into it, with a section of fake hair that you wrap around the join that the wrap creates. The Hot Hair team kindly colour matched my balayage hair to the 'Creamy Twist' colour. Which as you can see is a light blonde with slight other golden shades running through. Thankfully this ponytail is actually layered, so not that dreaded one length look, plus it is straight, and in my opinion pretty close to its 'perfect' namesake. 

Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony in Creamy Twist

Being so quick to apply, I literally just clip in and wrap the hair around, I've been wearing this daily, and my hair extensions have been taking a back seat in my hair routine. I've had no issue with the synthetic hair either, and its actually looks better the more I wear it as the sheen tones down and look more natural. So while the Synthetic Ponytail may still cause gasps for some people, I am fully embracing this hair faux pas.

Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony is £24. Bargain hair in my opinion.

Have you tried any of the Hot Hair Ponytails?

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Weekly Wax: Waitrose Christmas Candles

Waitrose Christmas Candles Tea Lights and Snowflakes

Waitrose Christmas Candles Tea Lights and Snowflakes
I am blaming summer for my lack of Weekly Wax posts, not that I seem to of tried the majority of candles...its defiantly the heat...defiantly. But you know what the festive period calls for? Candles. And of course I have not been short of them this winter, and even better as Christmas seems to of turned them glittery.

I picked up all these candles from Waitrose, and they stole my heart due to the sparkle. Sorry Yankee. The Snowflake Candles are scentless, but the shape and glitter completely makes up for that, and they do even burn down in their snowflake shape. I was expected a wax related mess emergency when I brought these. The Festive Spice tea lights are, well festive spice scented. More subtle than Yankee Candles, but the cinnamon and vanilla scent is so nice. I just can't explain how much I am in love with this, and dare I say it...but I think I prefer this to just plain vanilla. Or maybe all the glitter has gone to my head.

I can't find either of these of Waitrose's website, but you can see their other Christmas Candles anyway.

Have you tried any of the Waitrose Christmas Candles?

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December Birchbox | Sophia Webster Edition

The December Birchbox | Sophia Webster Edition Review

December Birchbox | Sophia Webster Edition Contents

Somehow, it is that time of the month again. Even though it barely feels like last week I was writing about the November Birchbox, the December Edition popped through my door. This festive months offering is in collaboration with the shoe designer Sophia Webster. I hate to admit I haven't heard of Sophia Webster, but then unless she sold mascara I doubt I would of. Decembers box is designed for festive parties and pretty shoes, hence the Sophia Webster collaboration I'm guessing, so I was rather keen to see what came instead this jewel covered box...

Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream Full size: £50 | Always something I find odd to put in beauty boxes aimed at younger people, but then I do like a good anti ageing product. And trying a new brand that I've not heard off is another plus.

Eyeko Fat Stick £8 | I used to love their felt tip liner so I was rather excited to see this pencil pop out. The fatness of this looks like it would be ideal for a smokey eye. 

Models Own Nail Polish £5 | I do actually own some of the other shades from this Velvet Goth range, so I was happy. Plus like I mentioned from the November Birchbox I was a bit heartbroken I missed out on the nail polish. This green is a glittery matte. Sounds odd, but trust me its not.

Electric Hair Hydrate Shampoo Full size: £17.50 | I'm not overly excited by this, but shampoo is shampoo. And no doubt this will come in handy at some point. 

Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil Full size: £16.50 | This was worth it purely for the smell, and even better  that I have fallen in love with this little skincare delight already. 

Benefit Christmas Cracker - Mini High Beam Full size: 19.50 | This would be very good if I didn't already own the full size. Maybe I can use this as someones stocking filler...or is that too cheeky?!

Sophia Webster Purse £10 | Leopard isn't really my thing, but then I was in need of a 'going out' purse to hold my cards etc so I wasn't going to turn my nose up at this, and no doubt will be the 'going out' purse I use for the next five years. Not that I did that with my last one or anything...

Overall I think a box with Eyeko, Models Own and Benefit is a pretty good offering. But I'm entirely sure I see a box geared for parties and shoes? Maybe more of a getting ready box, but I still would of liked a bit more of a connection. Regardless I do like every item in this box, and that is rare. Plus I got a new purse and some shoe designer knowledge.

Did you get the December Birchbox?

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The Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Range

The Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Range

I actually Phil Smith was a high end brand like you get from Boots such as Mark Hill, John Fredia, Toni & Guy etc. But apparently I'm wrong as they are in fact a Sainsbury's purchase. Shows how much I know eh. Anyway, the The Phil Smith Be Gorgeous range is one of those collections that makes quite a good little stocking filler, and doesn't wouldn't look out of place next to those higher end brands in a bathroom. I have been trying out a few of their items, and have been actually impressed by the range. 

First is the Phil Smith Hot Iron Mist, a really good smelling product and something you can never have enough of. Well in my case anyway, I'm hoping one day that I might remember to use heat protecter every time I dry my hair (please don't shout at me). Next is the Phil Smith Transforming Argan Oil, and this is a lovely lightweight serum, enough for my flat limp hair not too cry when I use it. Plus my hair extensions have seen a good coating of this. In the serum range I have also been trying the Phil Smith Oh So Straight Serum. I've been using this post-styling, and its almost curing me of my serum phobia. Again my own hair has been a fan of the extra non greasy conditioning. Lastly is the Phil Smith Glam Shine Finishing Spray, and this little pink tube has reminded me how much I used to love a finishing spray. I think it was a L'Oreal one I used to use, but this has been doing a rather good job.

Normally not one to be a fan of cheaper haircare and I very surprised with Phil Smith, and its actually a good job I don't have anyone to give these too in their stocking as I doubt they would be let go from my hands.

The entire Phil Smith range can be brought from Sainsbury's from around £3/4 upwards, plus they have some offers on right now.

Have you tried any of the Phil Smith haircare range?

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Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blushers

Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blushers Desire and Pink Dew Reviews

The Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blushers Review
Till a few months ago powder blushes scared me. Cream blushes petrified me. So naturally liquid blushes were devil like. Oh how the times have changed, as I now have powder, cream and liquid in my collection. The Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blusher is my newest addition, and I have never been so scared by makeup, if ever. These blushes do what they say and are a fluid blush (rather similar to the Daniel Sandler fluid blushes £15) in a range of shades for a steal of £3.

All are siliconed based, oil free and has a unique fluid texture which is said to suit all skin types and avoid blocking up pores, and just sliding off your face. The two shades I have here are the Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blusher in Pink Dew, the least scary of the duo in a baby pink with a slight shimmer but barely there if I'm honest. Desire is the scary looking hot pink that contains some lovely gold glitter. Bit like Nars's Unlawful in fluid form.

Obviously formula wise, they are rather runny, and you have to thoroughly shake the bottle beforehand to make sure all the ingredients are mixed up. Reminded me of primary school art days so that wasn't a problem.

Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blushers

I have found this little bottles are best applied by pouring a tiny bit into the palm of your hand and then quickly swirling a Kabuki (or similar) brush around you palm, then swirling it over your cheeks. And you know what? I love the colours, both them. Pink Dew is the more workable one, the one I am wearing, and yes, my favourite. I do still prefer their palette blushes in All About Bronze and Golden Sugar, if I am honest, but if you're a blush-o-holic then you need to give these a go. Who would of thought I would be such a pink blush fan? My poor neglected bronzer. 

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blushers?

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Sienna X Express Tanning Mist

Sienna X Express Tanning Mist Review

Sienna X Express Tanning Mist

This is unintentionally my first ever empty post. Since receiving this, I have used the entire can. So that might of just given away how my Sienna X Express Tanning Mist experience went...

Sienna X are a brand mainly used it salons, but seem to of branched out and have made their way into my bathroom cupboard. Designed to be a lightweight mist that tans (duh) and can be build up, naturally looking. I am a bit of a spray tanning dunce so I either normally opt for mousse or lotion so I can see where I am going with the brown stuff. Or more than likely where I have missed. But surprisingly I have done well with Sienna X. The 360 degree nossle spray can be used upside down, or any which way, so backs of legs and/or feet get some colour, and it doesn't stop the flow of the tan either. I did find it near impossible to get to my back however, and my bathroom did get a nice tan in the process, but I'm sure thats just lack of practice. No one really looks at your back right? It is winter...

While attempting a (near) full body tan I noticed than unlike most sprays, you can see where the colour going and didn't need much of a dab with the mitt. The colour developed within 8 hours, and left me actually looking naturally tan. Well as natural as you get in December. Plus going by the empty can, you can guess this is very buildable, and doesn't have a tan hissy fit and start crumbling off.

Possibly the best thing about this can is the smell, and lack of typical tanning scents. Smelling like coconut I was head over heels before I had even sprayed. Luckily this is a very decent tan or it would of been used as a room spray.

Sienna X Express Tanning Mist £15.95

Have you tried the Sienna X Express Tanning Mist?

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Three Blogs I Read Daily

Three Blogs I Read Daily

Up until about a year and a half ago I suffered from blogging ignorance. I had never read a beauty blog, or any blog, in my life. Maybe I was just unaware they could actually be good, but I can now say I am hooked, borderline obsessed. How the tables turn...but here are my three blogs I can't go a day without checking on. 

The Lovecats IncNot going to lie, the first thing that ever attracted me to Helen's blog was the name. From a future made cat lady there was no way I was not clicking on this blog, and of course it was so worth it. Helen's varied content makes her blog one I'll check daily. Even just to lust after her recipes I don't stand a chance in hell of ever managing. 

SailboatJenny's blog was one of the first blogs with lifestyle posts added in that I had a good read of. How Jenny writes her posts are just spot on, and whenever I see a new Sailboat post I just have to read it. How is one person just so good at life, and explaining it?

Cups and RosesIf there was ever a blog to make me want to better my own, it would be Diana's. Her posts are enough to dream over, but its the photography that has me clicking back daily. No words are needed here, just look....see what I mean? 

What blogs do you read daily?

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Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara in Ultra Black

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara in Ultra Black Review

The Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara in Ultra Black Wand

The Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara in Ultra Black

A new mascara, because of course, I am very short on mascara. I tried the original Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara and loved it, especially considering its from the high street, and not my typical purse busting mascaras. So when Bourjois released the Ultra Black version I just had to buy it. I am pretty sure both are the same, just the colour being the only difference.

Which is fine by me as I really loved the wand, and like I said last time, my wand does have balls. Or technically known as 'wraparound spheres', which are  alternated between the evenly sized bristles on the wand.

Like the original the formula is pretty much perfect, and maybe even a tad better that the original. Must be something in the 'Ultra Black', but it sure works. Not being too wet, nor too dry and this wand covers each of my lashes giving me volume and length. The wand is still slightly on the large side, so do bare that in mind if you prefer a smaller one, but even though I am messiest mascara applier ever, I've had no smudgy eyes when I've been putting it on.

So even though with the original 1 Seconde Mascara I thought I was onto a  Benefit They're Real dupe, I can defiantly say the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara Ultra Black is even more of a dupe, and one mascara you do need from the high street. 

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara Ultra Black £9.99

Have you tried the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara in Ultra Black?

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The Never Seen Makeup Revolution Blush & Contour Palette...

The NEW Makeup Revolution Blush Palette All About Bronze palette Review

The NEW Makeup Revolution Blush Palette All About Bronze palette

I lied. And not even a white lie. But then how was I meant to know that Makeup Revolution were going to release three new Ultra Blush and Contour Palettes? All three are not released till tomorrow but I have been lucky enough to have a nose of the 'All About Bronze' prior to it hitting the shelves.

Like I said in my If you only buy one Makeup Revolution item post, I just love the Ultra Blush and Contour Palette I tried in Golden Sugar. Well, love is actually a understatement if you note the title of that post. So you can guess by now I am very excited to try the new releases by Makeup Revolution, all three are take on those Ultra Blush and Contour Palettes, with a pink, cream and bronze palette.

NEW Makeup Revolution Blush Palette All About Bronze Palette
The Brand NEW Makeup Revolution Blush Palette All About Bronze
NEW Makeup Revolution Blush Palette All About Bronze

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette All About Bronze Swatch

The Makeup Revolution Blush Palette All About Bronze Look

All of these 8 shades are a range of matte, shimmer and merged baked blushers, and that includes two colours for contouring and highlighting. The palest colour luckily doesn't wash me out and still gives me a golden glow, while the darkest is still a very good contouring shade. Even for my pale face.  The great thing with this palette is that you can mix it up and use the darker or lighter shades depending on your mood. Or how pale/bronzed you are this time of year. The darker colours will be making more of a appearance at the weekend once I have bothered to fake tan a bit. Again, no complaints about the texture of the shades, and the pigmentation is still ah-mazing. They even double up as eyeshadows if like me getting out another palette for eyes can be a effort some (most) mornings. So if you can forgive my lie, trust me on this one when I say you need at least one of these new palettes in your life.

£6 each, and all three, including the All About Bronze palette will be available to buy from tomorrow at Makeup Revolution. Fingers at the ready...

Will you be trying the new Makeup Revolution Blush & Contour Palettes?

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Caudalie Divine Body Scrub

Caudalie Divine Body Scrub

If I am going to skimp on a beauty product, I said if, body scrubs would be the one I pick. Scrubs are scrubs right? Surely the grains in the lotion can't be that different? I am wrong. I found the Caudalie Divine Body Scrub.  This described as a “softening scrub with brown sugar and four natural plant oils, featuring their signature Divine fragrance.”

Well I've never tried Caudalie before so I can't say what their scent they are apparently known for is like, but oh my, this smells good. As usual I can't put my finger, or nose, on it, but I want to say its very champagne-esque. If you could put a luxury scent in a tub this would be it. 

The consistency is almost solid, and as you dig through and use the product, it gets more workable luckily, but it’s a product that you need to dig and scoop out. I did get a lot underneath my nails when doing so, and even more of a first world problem, but I did chip my nails a bit. But I survived. 

It’s a sugar-based scrub, so the granules are less harsh than a salt-based scrub, so if you do like gentle exfoliation that doesn’t feel like you’re scraping skin off your body, you'll love this. This isn't a scrub that will shift a major fake tanning session, but it defiantly leaves my skin so soft. And did I mention, smelling ah-mazing. Sorry bank account for now being not able to skimp on body scrub. 

Caudalie Divine Body Scrub £21.50

Have you tried the Caudalie Divine Body Scrub?

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