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Baby B Browne Self Tan Lotion

Baby B Browne Self Tan Lotion Review

Baby B Browne Self Tan Lotion

If there is any prove needed that reverse psychology works, this post proves it. When Baby B Browne Tan first came out in Ireland and I couldn't get hold of it, I wanted more than any other tan, ever. Luckily its now available here in England, and I now have my very own bottle of the self tan lotion.

What stands out for me about Baby B Browne is that its specially for those with sensitive skin, plus it claims to not smell like your typical biscuit scent tan. And we all know that smell when you wake up after a morning of tanning! This lotion only comes in the one shade, medium, at the moment, but is actually designed to adapt to different skin tones. I'm not sure quite how that works, but science isn't my forte so I won't ask.

First off, I love the bottle, pink and white are my colours, and I like the fact that the pump swivels and locks rather than having a lid. I have a habit of losing lids. I applied this tan last week, and left it on overnight and rinsed off early the next morning to be greeted with a lovely brown golden glow. This definitely is more a brown tan than the Monu Fake Tan I tried last week, but I love this golden glow. In the photo below of my arm this is only with the one coat, so you can see just how natural this looks. 

Baby B Browne Self Tan Lotion Bottle
Baby B Browne Self Tan Lotion Result
But onto the main selling point of this tan, what does it smell of? Only my favourite smell, ever - vanilla. A very gorgeous vanilla scent, it also lasted till the morning too, so not biscuit smelling bedsheets for me. One thing I will say is it doesn't dry as quick in comparison to some other brands, but nothing too drastic, I am rather impatient so anything over 2 minutes of feeling a bit sticky is just too long and I fidget. Baby Browne dried in about 6-7 minutes, and after which it wasn't sticky.

I am very glad I finally got my hands on this, and it didn't disappoint at all, especially at this price. I'm just keen to see what Baby B Browne do next.

Baby B Browne Self Tan Lotion £14.95

Have you tried the Baby B Browne Self Tan Lotion?

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