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5 Things Katy Perry Taught Us About Makeup

Hey beauties. In news of one my favourite girl crushes, Katy Perry, announcing her Cover Girl Cosmetics collection, #instaGlam I thought this would be the perfect time to write a short post on the things she taught us about makeup, and just why I love her and her makeup so much. 

1. Green Hair. Just think how many years we have spent trying not to get green hair, especially during school swimming lessons. I'm not recommending that you go and purposely dye your hair green. But hey if it happens, it is okay.

2. Glitter can be adult.  Despite whatever our years as a teenager taught us, and how scared we are of glitter as result (thanks Urban Decay for that one), Katy Perry has put adult glitter back on the makeup map. 

3. Leopard print isn't always a tack fest (sorry!). Long associated with the likes of Bet Lynch rather than being a glamorous look. Katy Perry has definitely made it more acceptable, with the her hit 'Roar' being most responsible. More personal empowerment than the look of dodgy barmaids. 

4. Gothic makeup can look good. Again, whatever happened to us all during our teens with heavy kohl. Blame Avril Lavigne/Ashlee Simpson. Heavy eye makeup can look good, beautiful and maybe even sophisticated. 

5. No makeup is totally okay. Admittedly when her ex husband Russell Brand posted her no makeup face on Twitter, Katy may not of been to pleased. But it definitely helped show girls a more natural face, and yep, its completely fine! 

And one last lesson from Miss Perry? Have fun. Who cares, its only makeup, it just washes off. 

Are you a Katy Perry fan?

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