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What I've Been Loving This Week

Favourite Beauty and Fashion This Week
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Oh how I missed doing one of these What I've Been Loving This Week posts last week. So I couldn't wait a week longer, and just had to share the love again. Although this week it seems to be more blogs rather than individual posts. So basically, even more loving. Enjoy. 

Jessica from Blonde of Carbs. I don't really read fashion blogs, they just make me feel even more unfashionable, but Jessica's style is just so lovely, I want her entire wardrobe. And face and hair would be fantastic. 

Girl Crush of the week - Chanelle Jade. Sorry bit of a running theme with this post...but I just can't help it. Chanelle is one of those girls who just effortless, and beautiful. Just have a look at her OOTD posts and you'll be joining me on my girl crush for sure. 

Emma from Emma Belle Fashion Pregnancy announcement. Okay, admittedly I am not one of those girls who ovaries ache at the site of babies, but when Emma announced she was pregnant this week I did feel happy for her and her new upcoming arrival.

Pinterest. Okay some please stop me, I have no self control. Downloading the app was the worse idea ever. This week I have not been able to stop at home and on the move pinning. Hopefully I am just going through a phase, just a rather long one...

What have you been loving this week?

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