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What I've Been Loving This Week

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Another 'What I've Been Loving Posts' as I just love writing them, and there is no harm in sharing the love around the blogging world. So here is my top blogging picks from the last week.

Cluttered Closet Top Five: Stila Makeup Post | As Stila are just one of those brands I lust after in Boots, but I'm yet to purchase from them, as quite frankly I didn't know where to start. Now thanks to Kal I know the One Step Correct Colour Corrector will be my first purchase, and not just as it looks pretty.

Joanna Loves Mascara Showdown | Well, any mascara post is obviously going to go down well with me, but one that is title a 'mascara showdown' is a clear winner. If there is one thing to beat a mascara post, its having six. And Joanna's comparisons are just wonderful.

Yankee Candle Summer Scoop No, I don't think my own post is fabulous (could you imagine) but its the candle that I am in love with. Ice cream in candle form. Need I say more?

(One of) My favourite bloggers this week is the lovely Hannah from Locked in Bow. She is just a complete sweetheart, and one of the reasons that the people I've met through blogging make blogging what it is. 

My new blog obsession | Rebekah Hannah. Not very often I do find a blog and fall in love with everything about it. Rebekah Hannah is just such a lovely read, and she posts the best recipes that make me want to start pulling out kitchen utensils at 11pm. Plus I have a huge girl crush on her. 

What have you been loving this week in the blogging world?

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