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Blogs Worth That Bookmark Part Two

Blogging Flat Lay Inspiration
Not my photo, my nails never look that nice - Source

This could be classed as a pure envy list, but I promise its not...well kind of. Last year I did the first 'Blogs Worth That Bookmark' post, and as it has now been 9 months that have passed I thought I'd share my most recent blog finds. Just with a touch of jealousy...

Charmed Charlee | For some reason it seems everyone found Charlee's blog way before I did. Yet the minute I found her and her blog I was completely hooked, and probably read her entire archives in one afternoon...procrastination at its finest. Her honest and brilliant reviews have fast become one of my daily reads, and she is a total sweetheart to match. 

Every Little Thing 07 | Again, another blog that it seems the entire world knew about before I cottoned on. But after I arrived late to the party, I fell head over heels for Ella's blog. Not only is her photography Pinterest worthy, her reviews and post diversity are pretty damn good to say the least. 

Pint Sized Beauty | Oh to be as talented as Lily, especially being 18. Proof life just isn't fair as there was no way at her age I was anywhere as good as her (I'm still am not), yet her posts having me hooked. Plus her photography is ridiculously good. Jealous, me? Not at all... 

Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | There is something about Sasha's blog that has me utterly hooked, yet I can't put my finger on why I love it so much. And that is a compliment, I promise. You know that certain phrase 'The X Factor'? Well Sasha has it down to a tee with her blog, and she loves weddings and Pinterest, what more could a girl want?

What are your favourite blogs at the moment? 

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Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Lashware Mascara

The  Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Lashware Mascara  Review
 Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Lashware Mascara Review

You only have to package a mascara nicely and I'll want to try it. So well done Claudia Louch for delivering me a mascara in a velvet pouch. Top marks for a brand I admittedly never heard of, but I am not one to turn down a mascara. A natural brand, the Natural Skin Clinic Lashware Mascara is 'perfect for naturally beautiful lashes, adding length, volume and curl'. Not sure what quite is classed as naturally beautiful lashes, but whatever they are, mine will have to do.

This mascara has a water-resistant, not proof note, with a formula that is smudge-proof for all-day wear. The 'natural' formula of the Lashware Mascara contains no fibres, plastics or sealers so it won’t irritate sensitive eyes and removes without pulling out lashes. We have experienced a mascara do to that.

 Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Lashware Mascara

I can't say this is the most dramatic mascara I've tried, and it gives more length than volume, yet I am impressed with this, maybe I had no expectations as I have never heard of them. The only thing I am unsure with on this is the price, as you can see it isn't cheap, and if I am honest there are other mascaras worth the £20 odd a bit more. A shame as this does have really potential, and I'm sure if the price was lowered a tad this really could take the mascara world by storm. But for now, this mascara is definitely one for those who love a fancy packaging, me included. 

Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Lashware Mascara £27

Have you tried the  Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Lashware Mascara?

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Instagram Diary: Part Six

Instagram Diary, Instagram Annabelflorence, annabelflorence, malteser bunnies, roller lash, roller lash mascara, elle magazine, elle magazine uk,

As if I have actually managed six of the same post. Don't mean to blow my own trumpet, but I am impressed with myself right now. And surprising considering the past few weeks have been a blur for some reason, and can't believe we are nearly out of February. What happened there? Saying that, I have already started on the Easter chocolates and am on a personal mission to eat as many Malteser bunnies as possible before they stop selling them again. Makes a change from attempting to buy all the mascaras in Boots thats for sure...

What have you been up too this week?

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FOTD: Winter Edition

Illamasqua Brow Cake, Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara, MAC Japanese Maple, Makeup Revolution Blush Palette All About Bronze, Naked 3 Palette, Urban Decay Naked,

FOTD posts are a rare occurrence for me, with my Summer FOTD Edition being the last time I managed to post one. Constantly changing what I use on my face is so common for me, but with the weather being stupidly cold recently its just not fun to waste extra time in bed (and warmth) sitting there playing makeup. But it does mean I can share what I've been wearing daily on my face... 

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette | As everyone needs a Urban Decay in their makeup bag, and number 3 is by far my favourite. The pink tones have been a must have for me recently, and the quality is up there with some of the best I've tried.

Makeup Revolution Bronze and Contour Palette | You'll know my love for this if you read any of my Makeup Revolution posts. An entire palette of golden bronzes and highlighters to perk up my winter skin is very welcome in my bag.

Illamasqua Brow Cake | Winter means darker hair, and darker brows right? Motto is the perfect shade for most ashy blondes F.Y.I and I have been wearing this slightly darker option daily. It seems to set my brows slightly more than a pencil, but I am so fickle with brows no doubt I'll switch again next week.

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara | Still one of my most loved mascaras, despite all the ones I try. All I ask from a mascara is volume, lots of it, and Lancome has it down to a t with Hypnose Drama. One seriously underrated mascara, although perhaps that is a good thing. Don't want everyone to know the secret...

MAC Japanese Maple | One of my more recent purchases, and it made me relight my love for nude lips after a quick dabble in reds. This is a frosted light beige that is more wearable than Myth and is just perfect for when my lips look like they've died in cold.

Jo Malone Cologne in Peony and Suede Blush | Technically not on my face for obvious reasons, but I love this bottle so much I couldn't bare to leave it out. This floral and leather scent has become one of my all time favourites, despite not normally opting for florals. Or leather scents to be honest. Yet I can not put this Jo Malone bottle down.

What makeup items are you wearing daily at the moment?

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Focus On: Flamingo Candles

Flamingo Candles Review Cheesecake Crunch and Jamaican Cafe and Walnut

Since Christmas (sorry for the use of the 'C' word) I have been burning away my festive scents. Christmas Cookie, Christmas Baking, and Snowflake Cookie have been a regular occurrence in my house, so when I was offered some new babies from Flamingo Gifts there seem no better time to update my candle collection. 

Unfortunately my first choice of Vanilla Milk Bottles was out of stock, but this did reassure me I am not the only one with sickly sweet tastes, so I opted for the just as sweet Cheesecake Crunch for £11 (purple jar so not cheesecake-esque at all) with potentially a mix of all my sweet favourites; brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, maple, walnut, citrus and caramel. Yet despite the slight overload there, its more the brown sugar that I notice, and I am in heaven with the scent of Cheesecake in my room.

Next I choose the slightly unusual and intriguing Jamaican Cafe & Walnut also £11. Being a coffee addict and the walnut and coffee mixture often being one of my top choices in a chocolate box I couldn't resist this. And this smells just like it should do, a mix of coffee beans with hints of walnuts and cocoa. Hard to explain, yet absolutely wonderful smelling and maybe this would be a good start for someone techie to invent a smell-o-computer please? 

Both these burning perfectly well and evenly and the only candles that compare quality wise to these are the rather well know brand you may have heard of, Yankee Candle. Yet with the cuter packaging and chocolate sickly sweetness in a jars I think I may be preferring these from Flamingo Gifts

Have you tried any Flamingo Candles?

*PR Sample/Gift

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Umberto Giannini Frizzi Transformation Fluid Silicone Serum

Umberto Giannini Frizzi Transformation Fluid Silicone Serum

It isn't often hair products scare me, luckily (could you imagine?). But if there is one that send my heart beating into a panic, it would be serum. To me its just grease in a tube, and really not what my super fine, thin and lank (yes greasy) hair needs. But when this Umberto Giannini Frizzi Transformation Fluid Silicone Serum landed on my doorstep I was intrigued, as I am a huge fan of all the Umberto Giannini products I've tried, and that this arrived with sweets which I thought would ease my pain if my hair turned into a grease pit.  

Umberto Giannini recommends to be used on damp hair before blow drying or if used on dry hair, to be used sparingly, but being a bit of a rebel I used the tiniest amount on my dry so I could control it a bit more. I can't ever tell with wet hair if my hair needs more or less product, and I like seeing the instant results from a product. This serum being silicone based has that typical feel from silicone items, which is slightly hard to describe but this feels moisturising without leaving grease behind on my hands.

This works. It actually works, without sending my hair awol. My hair looked much more sleek and hydrated, but not at all weighed down or lank. It should be no surprise that this lightweight serum is from Umberto Giannini really, as their products have never weighed down my hair before. My serum fear has now been cured I reckon, so the sweets weren't needed to console me, and just for my enjoyment. A all round win. 

Umberto Giannini Frizzi Transformation Fluid Silicone Serum £6

Have you tried any of the Umberto Giannini haircare products?

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February Birchbox | Love Is In The Air

February Birchbox  Love Is In The Air

February Birchbox | Love Is In The Air Review

February 2015 Birchbox | Love Is In The Air Review & Inside

Of course this month Birchbox would be centred around love...what else for the month of Valentines. Yet this isn't just for those loved up, Birchbox have designed this months box to join in with the love regardless. Good job, as I was ready not open this love box. Which is another point, the box. Its been on a January slim down and has entered February a slimmer version of itself that will fit through a standard sized letterbox. Meaning no more 'sorry you were out' delivery cards. Samples in both the large and slimmer boxes will be exactly the same, and the drawstring bag has been replaced with tissue paper. Shame, I did warm to those bags. To ease the pain there is also a teaser for March's box, which is apparently a Benefit sample...but lets see what is inside this February box....

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum | One I've seen floating around, especially in Space N.K so this is very welcomed. My skin is in dire need of something at the moment, so I am hoping this serum will be the one to give my skin that life I am after. 

Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner in Black | Never heard of this brand, but I'm not one to turn down a black eyeliner, especially one that is as creamy as this.

T London Hand & Body Lotion | Again, a brand I've not heard of (have I been living under a rock recently?), and not that I need any more body lotion, my winter dried out hands can do with this addition in my handbag.

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo | I always forget Liz Earle do actually have other items aside from the Hot Cloth cleanser, so its nice to try something else from this brand. I've only used this the once, and I must say I am impressed so I have high hopes for this little tube.

The Balm Cindy-Lou Manizer | Is there anyone who hasn't tried this? Seems not. So I am glad I can be with the 'in crowd' now. And hopefully I'll have a new highlighter for makeup bag, if I don't lose this teeny sample in the meantime. 

The Chia Co. Oats + Chia | A lifestyle extra in the form of a healthy porridge. And while this is better than the green tea in the January Birchbox, its still not chocolate like the Montezuma Chocolate in the November box. (Good job I don't work in Birchbox H.Q, could you imagine how unhealthy everyone would be?) I am a bit rubbish with porridge admittedly as I lack the patience for the two minutes it takes to microwave, but I will make sure this packet is different. Or just have it for dessert or something. That still counts right?

So the slimmer box doesn't really bother me either way as my postman either forced it through my letterbox or just left it on the doorstep. But I guess its better to know it will be safely waiting inside for me. Content wise, I feel this box is a bit too full of samples and not many fuller size items, yet I  do love all the samples so I am just being picky. I am keen to see what the March box brings, while of course silently wishing for a bar chocolate. 

Monthly Subscription is £10

What do you think of the February Birchbox?

*PR Sample/Gift

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What I've Been Loving This Week


Not my picture, I'm not that creative. And while I am criticising myself, for some reason its been while since my last 'What I've Been Loving This Week' post.  I have actually missed posting them, and have made a mental note to try and keep them up this time....ahem, lets just take one week at time...

Just Julie How To Sell Your Blog To A Brand | I adore Julie's beauty reviews and makeup looks, yet her posts on blogging itself is such a good read. If she wasn't such a lovely lady I would hate her for being so damn on point with all things blogging.

Hello April's Are Review Posts Dying? | Again, another lady who just shouldn't be so talented at what they do. Serious, rein in your creativity and give the rest of us a chance yeah? But April's post on product reviews made me think, and feel slightly silly that I had never considered it that way before.

Soap & Glory Brow Archery | My one and only brow pencil ran out at the end of last year and I've only just got round to repurchasing it. And it seems absence does make the heart grow fonder, and I won't be parted from Archery any time soon. Trust me.

Bloglovin | Potentially the most shameless plug, but hey ho, as its not really Bloglovin that I have been liking this week (that would be weird) but the fact I reached a overwhelming 3000 followers on there. 3000? I remember squealing when I hit 100, so you can imagine this has left me speechless. The only thing I can say is a huge thank you to everyone who does follow me, and if you don't? *Cough* Here is a little link for you...enjoy! 

What have you been loving this week?

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A Tom Ford Haul

 Wild Ginger tom ford lipstick, Vanilla Suede Tom ford lipstick, Bordeaux Lust Tom Ford Nail Polish, Show Me The Pink Tom Ford Nail Polish, Review

 Wild Ginger tom ford lipstick, Vanilla Suede Tom ford lipstick, Bordeaux Lust Tom Ford Nail Polish, Show Me The Pink Tom Ford Nail Polish,

Meet my new babies. Four to be exact, and are they beautiful? My first ever Tom Ford purchase has defiantly left me broody for more. Everything about Tom Ford just sells itself, the packaging is so sleek and expensive looking (probably as they are) and are the definition of makeup luxury.

I had to have both their well hyped lipsticks and nail polishes, and opted for Wild Ginger and Vanilla Suede in the lipsticks (both £37). Vanilla Suede is nude lip perfection with its golden pink and beige-tinged bullet. Of course embossed with the 'TF', just incase you thought you pulled out your Poundland lipstick....Wild Ginger is one of Tom Ford's best selling shades. And I can see why as this almost cherry red is one of the best reds I've tried in a long time. Both the lipsticks also apply without the dreaded 'drag', and are just like cream in lipstick form, think MAC's ‘Creamsheen, but with a bit more luxury (and price tag).

Vanilla Suede Tom ford lipstick Review

Bordeaux Lust and Show Me The Pink are my nail polishes of choice (£26). As expected both apply like a dream, if not better. The polishes are thick and could probably pull off the one coat, but I'm not ready to try that level of nail nakedness yet, so two it is. Even the dark red didn't chip all weekend (wine night included) and they have a almost gel-esque finish to them. Bordeaux Lust is the wine red that just screams glamour. And Show Me The Pink is one of those shades everyone needs, as being a peachy pink its low maintenance yet looks like you've made a full effort. Even when you've painted over the chips....Tom Ford you have a new fan girl over here. 

What Tom Ford products do you love?

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The Cocoa Brown One Hour Dark Tan

The Cocoa Brown One Hour Dark Tan The Dark Shade Review

The Cocoa Brown One Hour Dark Tan New Dark Shade

If there is one item I am forever trying out new ones, it would be fake tan. St Tropez, Fake Bake and Vita Libertia, there is not one fake tan can left untouched in my house. And I hate to admit the only reason I am so fickle with tans is that I just buy what is on offer price wise. No comments please. So the next tan on my radar? Cocoa Brown Tan. The One Hour Dark.

One that comes at a pleasing £7.99, and is the dark version of their pretty well known original. I've not used a mousse in while, as well its just been too cold for the drying time, but I decided to make an exception for this as I was craving my dark hues back. This tan is very true to its name as you simply apply the thick yet workable mousse, leave for a hour. Then wash off to nice tanned limbs (or wherever you applied it).

The Cocoa Brown One Hour Dark Tan Result

Even though this is a quick drying tan I still found it wasn't that fast or colourless that I couldn't cover up my mistakes and patches I've missed.  Like the original, it does come in the same can and with the signature Cocoa Brown Tahitian Gardenia fragrance. So with the lack of the typical digestive biscuit scent and easy application this has become my tan of choice recently. Time wise, I have had this on a week and its only just started to flake, which for my record for making tan lasts I'm impressed. I'm normally lucky to see 3 days out my tan. With the exception of Vita Libertia, at triple the cost...

The colour wasn't quite as dark as I expected once I washed it off, but I guess not being dark brown in the middle of winter is probably a good thing, and a tad more natural. Saying that, I do like the colour and for only the one layer, Cocoa Brown have done it again.

Cocoa Brown Tan. The One Hour Dark (£7.99)

Have you tried the Cocoa Brown One Hour Dark Tan?

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Ever put your face into a machine? Well, I have....

Jane Iredale Makeup

The No6 Clinic Tunbridge Wells

No6 Clinic Tunbridge Wells Jane Iredale Makeup Event

Despite the day job (model) having my makeup done is not something I enjoy. And this isn't because I think I do my makeup well, which I defiantly don't, but I just don't feel comfortable with how others do it. That was until now, as for the first time in a long time I have been impressed with my how my makeup was done and didn't wipe it off the minute the makeup artist was out of sight...

I previously visited the No 6 Clinic, and I popped back last week for their Jane Iredale makeup event. I also got my skin test by that machine below, and analysed by the Environ experts. After going through my current routine, and getting a slight telling off for over exfoliating, my skin popped up on the computer screen with a X-Ray like analysis of my face. Apparently I have dry skin, which I obviously had guessed, but interestingly I have very little sun damage. Nice to see my years of non bathing holidays have actually payed off.

The concept behind Environ is rather interested, and you can read up on it here. In short, the whole process of the skincare works from the very core with vitamin supplements, right up to the Jane Iredale makeup that works in sync with their skincare. I don't think I have ever come across a makeup and skincare to do this before?

No6 Clinic Tunbridge Wells  Everion Event
Jane Iredale, Makeup Event, No 6 Clinic, No 6 Clinic Tunbridge Wells,

Jane Iredale, Makeup Event, No 6 Clinic, No 6 Clinic Tunbridge Wells,

Jane Iredale Makeup Event at No 6 Clinic Tunbridge Wells
Jane Iredale Makeup

Regardless that this makeup is actually good for my skin (I also got told I could sleep in it and it won't harm my skin) the makeup itself is so lovely. Being mineral based I knew I wouldn't dislike them, BareMinerals gal over here, and Jane Iredale didn't disappoint. Even though I didn't apply it myself I could just how smoothly everything went on, and even the eye colours blended in together. I didn't remove this till late in the evening and everything was still where it started off. Impressed is a understatement. 

For Kent based people who fancy the Environ and Jane Iredale treatment, the next dates are Tuesday 17th February 1-8 and Tuesday 31 March 1-8 (To book contact them on Twitter or drop them a call on 01892 506930) And even though I may have been a tad unsure that a machine could motivate me to look after my skin, I can safely say that this one did. The things go through for our just better be appreciative! 

Have you tried Environ or Jane Iredale makeup before?

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