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Blogs Worth That Bookmark Part Two

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This could be classed as a pure envy list, but I promise its not...well kind of. Last year I did the first 'Blogs Worth That Bookmark' post, and as it has now been 9 months that have passed I thought I'd share my most recent blog finds. Just with a touch of jealousy...

Charmed Charlee | For some reason it seems everyone found Charlee's blog way before I did. Yet the minute I found her and her blog I was completely hooked, and probably read her entire archives in one afternoon...procrastination at its finest. Her honest and brilliant reviews have fast become one of my daily reads, and she is a total sweetheart to match. 

Every Little Thing 07 | Again, another blog that it seems the entire world knew about before I cottoned on. But after I arrived late to the party, I fell head over heels for Ella's blog. Not only is her photography Pinterest worthy, her reviews and post diversity are pretty damn good to say the least. 

Pint Sized Beauty | Oh to be as talented as Lily, especially being 18. Proof life just isn't fair as there was no way at her age I was anywhere as good as her (I'm still am not), yet her posts having me hooked. Plus her photography is ridiculously good. Jealous, me? Not at all... 

Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | There is something about Sasha's blog that has me utterly hooked, yet I can't put my finger on why I love it so much. And that is a compliment, I promise. You know that certain phrase 'The X Factor'? Well Sasha has it down to a tee with her blog, and she loves weddings and Pinterest, what more could a girl want?

What are your favourite blogs at the moment? 

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