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Focus On: Flamingo Candles

Flamingo Candles Review Cheesecake Crunch and Jamaican Cafe and Walnut

Since Christmas (sorry for the use of the 'C' word) I have been burning away my festive scents. Christmas Cookie, Christmas Baking, and Snowflake Cookie have been a regular occurrence in my house, so when I was offered some new babies from Flamingo Gifts there seem no better time to update my candle collection. 

Unfortunately my first choice of Vanilla Milk Bottles was out of stock, but this did reassure me I am not the only one with sickly sweet tastes, so I opted for the just as sweet Cheesecake Crunch for £11 (purple jar so not cheesecake-esque at all) with potentially a mix of all my sweet favourites; brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, maple, walnut, citrus and caramel. Yet despite the slight overload there, its more the brown sugar that I notice, and I am in heaven with the scent of Cheesecake in my room.

Next I choose the slightly unusual and intriguing Jamaican Cafe & Walnut also £11. Being a coffee addict and the walnut and coffee mixture often being one of my top choices in a chocolate box I couldn't resist this. And this smells just like it should do, a mix of coffee beans with hints of walnuts and cocoa. Hard to explain, yet absolutely wonderful smelling and maybe this would be a good start for someone techie to invent a smell-o-computer please? 

Both these burning perfectly well and evenly and the only candles that compare quality wise to these are the rather well know brand you may have heard of, Yankee Candle. Yet with the cuter packaging and chocolate sickly sweetness in a jars I think I may be preferring these from Flamingo Gifts

Have you tried any Flamingo Candles?

*PR Sample/Gift

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