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Ever put your face into a machine? Well, I have....

Jane Iredale Makeup

The No6 Clinic Tunbridge Wells

No6 Clinic Tunbridge Wells Jane Iredale Makeup Event

Despite the day job (model) having my makeup done is not something I enjoy. And this isn't because I think I do my makeup well, which I defiantly don't, but I just don't feel comfortable with how others do it. That was until now, as for the first time in a long time I have been impressed with my how my makeup was done and didn't wipe it off the minute the makeup artist was out of sight...

I previously visited the No 6 Clinic, and I popped back last week for their Jane Iredale makeup event. I also got my skin test by that machine below, and analysed by the Environ experts. After going through my current routine, and getting a slight telling off for over exfoliating, my skin popped up on the computer screen with a X-Ray like analysis of my face. Apparently I have dry skin, which I obviously had guessed, but interestingly I have very little sun damage. Nice to see my years of non bathing holidays have actually payed off.

The concept behind Environ is rather interested, and you can read up on it here. In short, the whole process of the skincare works from the very core with vitamin supplements, right up to the Jane Iredale makeup that works in sync with their skincare. I don't think I have ever come across a makeup and skincare to do this before?

No6 Clinic Tunbridge Wells  Everion Event
Jane Iredale, Makeup Event, No 6 Clinic, No 6 Clinic Tunbridge Wells,

Jane Iredale, Makeup Event, No 6 Clinic, No 6 Clinic Tunbridge Wells,

Jane Iredale Makeup Event at No 6 Clinic Tunbridge Wells
Jane Iredale Makeup

Regardless that this makeup is actually good for my skin (I also got told I could sleep in it and it won't harm my skin) the makeup itself is so lovely. Being mineral based I knew I wouldn't dislike them, BareMinerals gal over here, and Jane Iredale didn't disappoint. Even though I didn't apply it myself I could just how smoothly everything went on, and even the eye colours blended in together. I didn't remove this till late in the evening and everything was still where it started off. Impressed is a understatement. 

For Kent based people who fancy the Environ and Jane Iredale treatment, the next dates are Tuesday 17th February 1-8 and Tuesday 31 March 1-8 (To book contact them on Twitter or drop them a call on 01892 506930) And even though I may have been a tad unsure that a machine could motivate me to look after my skin, I can safely say that this one did. The things go through for our skin...it just better be appreciative! 

Have you tried Environ or Jane Iredale makeup before?

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