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The Cocoa Brown One Hour Dark Tan

The Cocoa Brown One Hour Dark Tan The Dark Shade Review

The Cocoa Brown One Hour Dark Tan New Dark Shade

If there is one item I am forever trying out new ones, it would be fake tan. St Tropez, Fake Bake and Vita Libertia, there is not one fake tan can left untouched in my house. And I hate to admit the only reason I am so fickle with tans is that I just buy what is on offer price wise. No comments please. So the next tan on my radar? Cocoa Brown Tan. The One Hour Dark.

One that comes at a pleasing £7.99, and is the dark version of their pretty well known original. I've not used a mousse in while, as well its just been too cold for the drying time, but I decided to make an exception for this as I was craving my dark hues back. This tan is very true to its name as you simply apply the thick yet workable mousse, leave for a hour. Then wash off to nice tanned limbs (or wherever you applied it).

The Cocoa Brown One Hour Dark Tan Result

Even though this is a quick drying tan I still found it wasn't that fast or colourless that I couldn't cover up my mistakes and patches I've missed.  Like the original, it does come in the same can and with the signature Cocoa Brown Tahitian Gardenia fragrance. So with the lack of the typical digestive biscuit scent and easy application this has become my tan of choice recently. Time wise, I have had this on a week and its only just started to flake, which for my record for making tan lasts I'm impressed. I'm normally lucky to see 3 days out my tan. With the exception of Vita Libertia, at triple the cost...

The colour wasn't quite as dark as I expected once I washed it off, but I guess not being dark brown in the middle of winter is probably a good thing, and a tad more natural. Saying that, I do like the colour and for only the one layer, Cocoa Brown have done it again.

Cocoa Brown Tan. The One Hour Dark (£7.99)

Have you tried the Cocoa Brown One Hour Dark Tan?

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