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The Thoughts Everyone Has While Mascara Shopping

Kate Moss in Alexa Chung's IT style book
Irrelevant image. But then who actually has one of them mascara shopping?

I need new mascara. Well, I always need new mascara. And even though its my favourite makeup item, every shopping trip is never a easy one. I faff around and take a entire afternoon just decide what my eyelashes will be wearing for the next few weeks. Ultimately, every mascara shopping trip will end up like this...

1. Initial attraction to the model with amazing lashes. Oh wait, they are false lashes.

2. The grab of the prettiest tube, and then 5 more in the process.

3. Getting sidetracked by the oh so glittery new nail polishes.

4. The moment of thinking mascaras just all do the same thing anyway. Right?

5. Eye up what the girl next to me is buying, after staring at her lashes. Obviously.

6. Catching a glimpse of myself in the bright light and deciding I also need new foundation.  Erugh I am orange.

7. But this is a plastic wand, will that hurt?

8. No. I’ll stick to the traditional wand, no gimmicks.

9. Eww, is that blue mascara. We are so not in the 90's anymore.

10. Ooh, this one lengthens. I need that. But wait, will it give me spider legs?

11. No, I’ll go for volume, everyone loves volume.

12. But what if it gives no length? No point in that.

13. You know what, I’ll open them up and check the formula, that will help.

14. Oh wait, they are sealed…maybe if I am sneaky I can open it...

15. Nope, the security guard is looking. Abort abort.

16. Okay, this one is on offer and claims volume, length and definition.

17. But there is my favourite mascara, and I know its good...

18. Stop it. Stop it. You have faffed enough now.

And finally. Depending on my bravery, either ending leaving the shop sweating but with a brand new mascara, or going home with the tube of my old faithful. Well if it isn’t broke...

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