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What I've Been Loving This Week

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As I'm yet to find a branch to go with my cup, I borrowed the image from here.

Potentially this may be a reflection of how much procrastination has taken part this week, but there has been a few things I've read during in the past few days that I thought would be a excellent topic in my What I've Been Loving This Week posts. Even if I must say so myself. So as the saying goes, lets not beat around the bush. 

She's So Lucy | Oh I do love a new blog find. And especially when it features food. Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Fudge? I think I can handle this sort of reading material... 

Wrap.Me Photo Wraping Paper | You might of seen on my Instagram last week I got the best surprise ever. My Instagram on wrapping paper, does life get much better? I didn't even know this sort of company existed, as printing my face on things generally hasn't crossed my mind (honestly), but Wrap.Me have changed this unknown need in my life. 

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick in Supernude | My new favourite lipstick, and its not a MAC or Chanel that prices make my eyes water. No matter how many times I dabble with pinks and reds, nudes just win me back, every time. Every single time. 

A Girl, Obsessed - 26 You're Doing Wrong With Your Blog post. I won't say quite how many of these I am guilty of, but you need to have read of this yourself. And cringe. Why isn't this on handouts when you start blogging? Blogger/Wordpress - take note please.

The Persephone Complex | Not only has Holly has nipple tassels on her Twitter header photo unnoticed for months (yes you need to see that one), she has also become my latest girl crush. Stunning hair and face? Yep. A piecing I love yet am no where near cool enough to pull off? Yep. And a amazing blog? Hat trick right there.

The Elle Next Door | Erm, so another girl crush, but Ellie really has fashion, beauty, food and life down to a tee. And no offence, just who looks that good in head to toe Fat Face? Pfft. No one does, thats the answer. One blog worth the read if you can handle the envy, I just make sure that I don't click on the days I'm lounging around in my PJ's...oh wait...

What have you been loving this week?

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