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My Kinks and Frizz Saviour? The Phil Smith Super Smooth Range.

My Kinks and Frizz Saviour. The Phil Smith Super Smooth Range.

My hair is stupidly kinky, and not in a way that any person would ever want. For hair thats so fine you really wouldn't think it could be bothered to stick out and bend in every direction possible  (expect where I want to go).  So finding something that can help and maybe even be the cure for  as little as £3.50, was a secret I almost didn't want to share. But enter the Phil Smith Super Smooth range, my new saviour. 

I have both the Super Smooth Shampoo (£3.50) and Super Smooth Conditioner (also £3.50) packaged in green bottles I won't be losing anytime soon, and with Keratin Proteins to help smooth down my hair and add some shine. Being blonde shine is just a mysterious term for me and I would never expect it from any product, but both these products do seem to calm down my hair to a more manageable level. I did expect my hair to be greasy and lank after using these, but luckily my negative self got a nice surprise and there was no grease to be seen, and I can honestly say my hair is much smoother since I've used this duo. My only disappointment (minus my hair no long has kinky days...) is that the shampoo & conditioner itself wasn't that bright green...just imagine that...  

Have you tried the Phil Smith Super Smooth Range?

*PR Sample/Gift

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