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Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Palette

The Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Palette Review

Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Palette The Browns

Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Palette The Blues

Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Palette The Purples

Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Palette Look

Another Makeup Revolution product, seems I can't keep away. After the not so impressive Shimmer Palette, their 'What You Waiting For' palette put Makeup Revolution on my makeup radar, if you couldn't tell. One of their best known items is the Essential Mattes Palettes, which I couldn't wait to try. I am a lover of anything matte, and this was one of the reason I kind of turned my nose up at the shimmer mistake.

The Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Palette consists mainly nudes (duh), ranging from the lightest beige to a dark chocolate brown, with peachy shades and beiges thrown in the mix. The three plum shades, a medium brownish colour with a strong purple undertone, a greyish light lavender and a soft, cool lilac, are right up my street. 

The pale yellow is one shade I am unsure about, as well its yellow. I’m sure I’ll find a way to make it work for me at some point, but I've not yet, so any suggestions are greatly welcomed... One more shade I can not warm up to is the steel blue, which doesn't seem flatter my green eyes. 

Those two poor shades aside, I have been using this palette daily and with the pigmentation being surprisingly strong the colours last all day too. I have even received a few compliments from my mother (we all know they can be rare) that my eye makeup actually looks nice, and what colours was I using? Well if that isn't the ultimate seal of approval for the Essential Mattes Palette then I don't know what is.

Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Palette £4 - Like I need to mention how good price this is?

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Palettes?

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Dirty Looks Hair Extensions & The Ultimate Care Guide

Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Toasted Highlights Review

Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Toasted Highlights

Besides mascara, the next thing I know a lot about is hair extensions, and since I have been wearing them since I have been 16 I like to think I know a thing or two about them and their care. And the one brand I have sworn by? Dirty Looks. Pretty much the only decent clip in hair extensions in my opinion. These extensions are Grade - A, Remy Human Hair. Meaning they are pretty much the best on the market, you only have to look at other companies whilst buying to see they don't offer this quality. No synthetic straggly hair extensions here.

I recently went for a bit of a style change, and have been wearing the Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Toasted Highlights in the length 12-14 inches, and have compiled a little list of things that I do to ensure my extensions last, and actually still look good.

Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Toasted Highlights Review & Care Guide

The Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Toasted Highlights Review & Care

Let's start with the basics-shampooing. I always try and use a rather gentle shampoo and conditioner and don't skimp on the quality. Don't ruin your hair and/or extensions by trying to save a couple of pounds on the super cheap stuff. I've learnt that one the hard way. When it comes down the washing, I always make sure the are entirely tangle free, and gently place the extensions into warm water and leave them to cleanse for no more than ten minutes. Don’t be tempted to swish or swirl the hair around as this will only cause the hair extensions to tangle. Again, one I've learnt the hard way.

Once you have finished washing your hair extensions, gently squeeze out any excess water before laying them flat on a dry towel. Note - you will take up the entire bathroom doing this, and is a good way to scare anyone you live with.  Next up, applying a good quality conditioning treatment to the extensions is vital. A leave-in conditioner or an Argan oil treatment will do the trick, and I have always found you can't go wrong with adding a little extra. When it comes to drying them, the hair dyer is the ultimate sin, and is one way to mess up your extensions. Air drying is your friend, trust me.

When your extensions are good to go, I always try and not use to many heat tools, easier said than done admittedly, but 200c of curling heat is never going to make the extensions last long. When I do succumb to the heat, a heat protector is essential. I am actually better remembering to use this on my extensions rather than my own hair for some reason.

When I am finally done with my extensions, till the next day anyway, I just make sure they are tangle free, this is because some hair products have a knack of damaging or discolouring my beloved clip-in hair extensions if left on for too long. Plus I would always make sure they’re kept free from mildew and mustiness, and always remember to make sure that they are completely dry before putting them away, back in their box. This way you’ll avoid any unpleasant surprises. Yes, mouldy extensions do happen. But hopefully with these simple care tips not only will you have wonderful swish worthy extensions, but they'll also be mould free. Perfection? I think so. 

Do you have anymore hair extension care tips?

*collaborative feature

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Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks

The Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks Reviews

Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks

The Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks Shimmer

Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks Mattes

The Shimmer Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks

The Matte Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks

The Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks Annabel

So, it is safe to say I go from one extreme to moment Makeup Revolution were totally off my radar, the next, I am hands down addicted. I have been lucky enough to be trying out the Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks.  Hello Nars iconic 'The Multiple' dupe. I've never tried the Nars ones so I won't be comparing them, but even I, noticed the resemblance. And nice price difference, 'The One' Blush Sticks a steal at £5 in comparison to the £30 for the Nars 'The Multiple'. Tough decision eh..

'The One' Blush Sticks come in four matte and four sheer colours, there's a combination of nude tones, bright pinks and bronzing shades. The matte ones are actually in a matte box, and a matte finish tube. I like the logic. Similarly, the shimmery ones are in a glossy finish box and tube. The only down side is that the tubes don't have the shade names on but at least you know if it's a glossy or matte one. But names would really help.  

The colours are the same, just matte and shimmery, a bronzer (Malibu), a shade that doubles as a highlighter (Dream), a pinky/coral shade (Rush) and a bright pink shade (Pink).

'Malibu' is the chocolate-eque colour, that has golden shimmer in it. While the matte one makes a rather good contour. Hello Kim K.

'Dream' is a super pale, almost quite pink whereas the matte version has a hint more colour and a little more warmth to it. The shimmer is a unexpected decent highlighter, and the matte version is a lovely blush. And yes, I have been wearing pink blush. Shock horror.

'Pink' is a much more barbie pink whereas 'Matte pink' is a more coral shade. Both are lovely, just a bit bright for my non-daring colour phobe self. 

'Rush' is an orangey/coral shade with gold glitter in it and 'Matte Rush' is a much deeper, more dense shade. This would be great on darker skin tones I would imagine, but I am yet too scared to get this past the swatch on my arm.

While I am talking swatches, this showed how long wearing they were, and as I found out they don't removed with just water. Makeup remover is needed. On to my face, I have been wearing ' Matte Malibu' and 'Matte Dream' daily (pictured in fact), and I am so impressed with how creamy they are too blend it, and they look way more natural than I ever expected cream blushes too appear. Saying that, until these arrived on my doorstep, pink blushers were such a scare they never made it on my face. And now look at me, pink blush AND 'budget' makeup? 

Makeup Revolution Blush Sticks £5

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks?

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Thanks To Pinterest I Have Found...

Mascara & Maltesers Pinterest with Alexa Chung IT

Its not secret I am a Pinterest addict, and had my account long before my blog, of course only using it to collect Mollie King, Candice Swanepoel and cat pictures. But since I started blogging I found Pinterest does have other uses, I know shock horror, and that it can actually be classed as useful in the blogging world. Besides the increased traffic use, I have found some pretty amazing blogs through Pinterest, that without my stalking, I just wouldn't of found.

This list isn't in a order, except for Oracle Fox written by Amanda, who was my first ever Pinterest blog find. She is a photographer, illustrator and stylist, and just has the best pictures. Oh to be that creative. 

Next up is one I don't really want to admit, but its the lovely Milk Bubble Tea by Becky, as apparently I do live under a rock and managed to totally miss her blog beforehand. You don't need me to remind you how lovely Becky's blog is, but its just so dreamy, as I am sure you'll know anyway.

Next is Cocorrina by Corina, a gorgeous Kefalonia based lady. And if that alone isn't enough to make you jealous, have a look at her blog on graphic design, inspiration, fashion, home decor and handmade jewellery. Envious? Me?!

Another girl crush here (sensing a theme?) Is Barefoot blonde by Amber. Same age as me, slightly depressing. That aside, I am head over heels for her sense of fashion and style. Just how does one person look that good?! Pfft. 

Lastly, is La La Mer by Marianna Hewitt. Aimed to be a lifestyle and personal style blog, but the reason I am slightly obsessed with Marianna is her face. And hair. Seriously, just look at her. Not often do I want to go brunette but she leaves me tempted. But then I do remember I won't look half as good as her. 

What have you found thanks to Pinterest?

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MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation

The MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation Review
MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation Swatch

The MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation Swatches

I think we all would of heard of the MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation. This famous little bottle can be used on both face and body (duh) and for that reason it’s often used at photoshoots, as I am well aware to even out my skin all over. This is the reason why I needed a bottle for myself, but don't worry I did buy this, I didn't 'borrow' it from work.

This is surprisingly a low-to-medium but build able coverage, but I think it leans more towards the medium side of things, at least on my skin. Designed to deliver the much sought after flawless but natural finish. The good thing about this foundation is if you get it in slightly the wrong shade it doesn't matter because of the consistency of the product. I grabbed the shade N1 as I am not one of those girls who knows their colour in MAC foundations (bad blogger alert), but this seems to blend in perfectly. Face & Body is also meant to be skin conditioning, water-resistant and long-wearing. But of course 'skin conditioning' and 'foundation' are not two words I would put together. The first hand photo is the colour not blended, and the second is. 

The consistency of the product is very runny because its water based and this is where people think that its only for people with 'good skin'. It does give a very light coverage but even for me with one layer of this foundation it just evens out my complection leaving my skin looking very natural, but flawless at the same time. You can also build this foundation amazingly though, and with a couple of layers can easily create a full coverage finish without it looking at all cakey.

Oily skinned girls, just take this as a warning that you will probably not get on with the product, as it does slide. And I have dry skin so goodness knows where you'll find foundation if you have oily skin.

This isn't a game changer in the foundation world at all, nor is it but for a quick and decent everyday foundation, Face & Body Foundation is doing the job quite well.

MAC Face & Body Foundation House of Fraser £21.50

Have you tried the MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation?

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Makeup Revolution Salvation 'What you waiting for' Eyeshadow Palette

The Makeup Revolution Salvation 'What you waiting for' Eyeshadow Palette Review

The Makeup Revolution 'What you waiting for' Eyeshadow Palette Review

The Makeup Revolution 'What you waiting for' Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Makeup Revolution 'What you waiting for' Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution Salvation 'What you waiting for' Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution Palette Look

This is my second try of the Makeup Revolution palettes after the Essential Shimmers Palette, which I wasn't overly impressed with. It was good, but the combination of shimmer and stupid hype left me not very excited. But of course I did guess I was in the minority as everyone seems to adore Makeup Revolution, so I have been trying the Makeup Revolution 'What you waiting for' Eyeshadow Palette in hope I could be converted to their eyeshadows. And I defiantly had my bank account rooting for me. 

I did think this was a play on The Saturdays song but I was wrong, being a play on Gwen Stefani's 'What You Waiting For?' instead. Whichever way (The Saturdays would of been better...) I love that each of 12 shimmers and 6 Mattes shades has a actual name. Also with full length mirror. Other palettes take note, mirrors are always handy. You never hear anyone complain about too many mirrors.

The shades in this are all neutrals and leaning towards the pink/nude/rose gold side of things. Another thumbs up for Makeup Revolution is that each and every colour compliments each other, there is literally not one odd. Just like their Essential Shimmers Paletteall the colours are just as buttery and apply pretty much perfectly. My only slight slight complaint is that lightest colours are not as pigmented as the rest, but considering the majority are, and for £4 I am really not going to complain. 

I might hate admit this, but I may have been wrong about Makeup Revolution, as this is one seriously good palette. But then again I guess you might already know that...

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Salvation 'What you waiting for' Eyeshadow Palette? 

*PR Sample/Gift

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Estee Lauder Modern Muse Review

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Review

Hey beauties. A (very) rare perfume post today. But this has remind me to do them more often, like my other 132953 post ideas. But with Estee Lauder just releasing their new fragrance, Modern Muse Chic, what better time to share my one of my daily perfumes? And yes there are a few.

Estee Lauder's Modern Muse was their first major perfume launch since Beyond Paradise in 2003, and a come back into the perfume world. Aiming to show what an independent and self-confident woman today would be like, in bottle form. And those notes would be a rather fresh, feminine and floral scent, that is quite citrusy like oranges. With the correct terminology being 'a crisp top note of juicy citrus, a tangerine rather than dry, tart bergamot'. 

These different scents are layered over what Estee Lauder called 'dewy petals', reminding me of a white bouquet of lilies, not that I ever get bouquets of lilies mind you (men take note). Plus you can definitely smell vanilla notes, plus jasmine and orange blossom once the perfume has settled on my skin. This is where the Modern Muse Chic takes over as it has the more prominent jasmine notes, but this one is better in my opinion, not being bias, honest. 

The lasting power is one of the best I have tried, even from 1 spray, which, I might add, was all I needed as it is a strong scent. In true Estee Lauder style this a very classic but still young fragrance, and I don't feel like I have raided my Grandmas perfumes like some of their previous scents. A surprising new perfume fragrance next to my Chanel, Dior and Jo Malone (cheap tastes obviously...). The one downside would have to be the price, I got this as present so luckily that didn't affect me. But I can see this being a bit off putting...Maybe its one for all those Boots points.

Estee Lauder Modern Muse - £44

Have you tried Estee Lauder Modern Muse?

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Instagram Diary

Weekly Instagram Round Up AnnabelFlorence

Hopefully this will one of many, but don't count on it. I always comment on other people blogs just how much I love Instagram posts. But have I ever done one? No, of course not. But this week I finally done one, and I am defiantly counting this as a lifestyle post and this goes towards my failing New Years Resolution (yeah I know) to do more lifestyle posts.

What have you been up to this week?

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Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Collection

The Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Collection Review with Swatches
Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Collection Swatches and the review
The Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Collection Swatches

The new Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Collection is not for the faint hearted, as thanks to this new range of 5 lipsticks, I now have brown and green lipsticks in my collection. Yes, admittedly I may not be walking down the street with green lips. But these are perfect for Halloween as only costing £1 you are practically stealing these without bankrupting yourself for a lipstick you'll only wear once a year. But of course if green or brown lips are you're thing,  I'm not going to judge...

In the Atomic range, 3 of the lipsticks have a shimmer finish and 2 have a cream finish. Just to save any confusion of colours, you don't want to be getting your reds and browns mixed, I have given a low down on each shade. And even a photograph... 

'Make Me Magnificent' is the shade that has the most shimmer in it and is a light purple shade. This looks much nicer on than I expected as it defiantly has pink tones coming through. 

'Make it Right' is a much darker, much more of a typical purple, it has some shimmer to it but nowhere near as much as the previous and has a more glossy finish.

'Make me Tonight' is one of the cream formulas, no shimmer in this one. It's a dark brown with a slight plummy hint to it. No shimmer here, that would be a bit much to handle with it being brown.

'Serpent'  is the dark, forest green, has a slight hint of shimmer to it. Like the brown, maybe not one to match your Saturday night out (I'm guessing) but perfect to create a Halloween look.

'Ruby' is the second cream formula, and is a bright, blue toned red which of course is very classic. And not only my favourite from the collection, is way more pigmented than I expected. How this costs a £1 is beyond me. New favourite lipstick alert (sorry Kate Moss).  

All 5 are seriously smooth and don't drag across my lips like I had expected. They all wear very long lasting and stayed in place for around 3/4 hours. Even better on my arm thanks to my swatch, I had a nicely toned purple/red/green arm for a good day. For £1 you just can't get any better. And I can't believe I have been converted to a budget makeup brand... 

Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Collection £1

Have you tried the new Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Collection?

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Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara - Leather Black

The Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara Leather Black Review

Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara Leather Black

The Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara Leather Black Wand

Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara in Leather Black
Maybelline mascaras never impress me, I always find them a bit 'meh' but I picked up a evolution of my only acceptable Maybelline mascara, The Colossal Volum’ Express. And not only has it turned into the Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara, it is now in Leather Black. This is actually Maybelline's first double stem mascara, designed to push an extra shot of volume onto lashes. And no, don't ask me what a double stem is, I have no idea. 

Now I am a mascara addict, and even I have got rather confused with all the new and different versions of mascara Maybelline bring out, so I will just pretend this is brand new. No old comparisons. Except maybe the packaging, as I am so glad the cheap yellow has gone. Well almost.

The wand comes out of the tube just like any other despite the claims, the shape of the wand doesn't seem to affect how much mascara is on the bristles either. I think that the shape of the actual bristles (an elongated oval) actually makes it a bit harder to apply to your lashes, it can be a tad difficult to fit to the shape of your eye and also makes it difficult to get the smaller lashes in corners of your eye. Plus, I see no double stem... 

Tiny moan aside, the bristles do comb through my lashes, essential for my continual mascara overload. I can also layer a few coats without clumps, luckily. What I do like about the Go Extreme is that it gives a good amount of volume to the base of my eyelashes, hello eyeliner illusion. Anything taking an extra step out of my morning makeup routine is fine by me.

So while I am not sure this is much different from the Maybelline Colossal Mascara, Go Extreme is a very good mascara. It would of been even better if I did get the leather lashes, would of been good to match my jacket, but for now I'll just stick to plain old black. 

Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara Leather Black £4.99 at both Superdrug & Boots.

Have you tried the Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara Leather Black?

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Envy Professional Style Hero

The Envy Professional Style Hero

Like I mentioned, I am rubbish with hair care products, especially ones I have to apply before I dry my hair. Normally the coldness of wet hair is just too much and I try and dry it ASAP. Forgetting any type of hair care in the process. But I have been trying out the Envy Pro Style Hero recently, and yes, it does need applying before I dry my hair. Brr. 

The idea with the Envy Pro Style Hero is to keep light, glossy and totally controlled before you blow dry. With the key technology of keratin amino acids to retain moisture, silk proteins to moisturise, smooth, gloss and condition the hair. And finally wheat protein to enhance moisture and improve condition of the hair.

This idea of this is great, but if I am honest, my hair is just too fine for it to have much effect. I need some serious hair length and thickness for any styling products to work. But regardless, this is a defiantly lightweight and doesn't weigh my hair down. And I do think my hair is a bit more shiny since I have been spraying this on..but maybe that is just wishful thinking. The entire Envy Professional does actually look rather good, so while this wasn't the best product for my hair, I'm sure there will be something else. Plus a new head of hair would be fantastic, but that is wishful thinking...

Envy Pro Style Hero £14.95 and come tell me on Twitter @Mascaramalteser if you have tried this, I would love to know.

Have you tried the Envy Pro Style Hero?

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The one that is better than Liz Earle

Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm

Hey lovelies. Bit of a beauty blogger faux par over here, but I have never been a huge fan of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. It is good. But seriously not worth the almost royal praise it gets. Well in my opinion at least. So since trying Liz Earle I have been on a mission to find a hot cloth cleanser that beats it, and I have failed miserably, and it pains me to say that. How could I slate Liz Earle when I can't actually find one better? Well I have. Say hello to Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm.

Balance Me are a brand who mean natural when they say 'natural'. This is 100%. Consisting of a almond oil base with coconut, camellia, & rosehip oils, oatmeal (quite literally with oatmeal particles), coriander, vitamin E & rosemary, accounting for the slightly strange scent. I can't actually put my finger on the smell, at all, but I do like it. Saying that, you may hate it, but it doesn't stay on the skin at all once you have 'polished' off the cleanser with a muslin cloth.

In my *cough* 23 years of face washing I have never found a product that doesn't leave my skin tight afterwards, but I can honestly say that the Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm is pretty much on point. My skin feels like it has a blanket of moisture on top of it, and is so soft I just can't go on about it enough. And neither is my skin left greasy or with residue afterwards, see what I mean? Cleanser perfection.  

Like my title said, this easily beats the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish in my opinion and considering they are around the same price, I don't see quite how your skin will survive without this little tube. Well done Balance Me, well done.

Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm £20

Have you tried the Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm?

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Loreal False Lash Flutter Mascara Midnight Black

The Loreal False Lash Flutter Mascara Midnight Black Review

The Loreal False Lash Flutter Mascara Midnight Black

Loreal False Lash Flutter Mascara Midnight Black Wand

Loreal False Lash Flutter Mascara Midnight Black On

L'Oreal are one of my favourite high street brands, especially for mascara, and one of my ultimate favourites that I have continually repurchased is the Loreal False Lash Flutter Mascara.  The claim? 'Extends the look of lashes towards the outer eye without clumps' by using a 'double winged butterfly brush together with Cocoon fibres' I was sold. Talk about being a easy customer...but butterfly eyelashes? I don't know what the hell they are meant to look like but I just had to have them.

The wand is different from anything I've ever tried. I don't really get what it is supposed to do really, as one side is a normal brush and the other has part of it sticking out at an angle. Perhaps a butterfly wing...Whatever it is supposed to be, I like it. Normally plastic wands don't give volume, but False Lash Flutter does, along with giving a good amount of length, without the clumping. It is great at separating and defining the lashes as well as lengthening them and every lash ends up coated.

This strange wand actually catches all of my lashes, even the smallest corner ones. Although both sides of the wand seem to do exactly the same thing, maybe I am just using it wrong. I'm not sure if you can quite see from my photo the level of wand strangeness as it just wasn't photogenic.

For a high street mascara, this is one of the best and it didn't seem like a high street purchase at all, and is more volumising that Loreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara. Even though this may be too clumpy for some people, this still provides good lash coverage, and I have actually got my Mum on to this mascara too. And she doesn't wear nearly as much mascara as myself. But then who does?

Have you tried the L’Oreal False Lash Flutter Mascara Midnight Black?

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October Birchbox | Work It | With CoppaFeel

The October 2014 Birchbox | Work It | With CoppaFeel Review

The October 2014 Birchbox | Work It | With CoppaFeel

Inside The October 2014 Birchbox | Work It | With CoppaFeel

Hey lovelies. I think I have never quite got over my love for the Harpers Bazaar Birchbox The August box was good, but not as good as the Harper's Bazaar one, so I was keen to see what the October Birchbox 'Work It' with CoppaFeel could offer. With October being breast cancer awareness month, they have partnered up with CoppaFeel to give all the info needed, and to spot early signs and symptoms.  Plus all month Birchbox are asking you to 'coppafeel' - share your picture on Twitter with the message 'I COPPED A FEEL #CoppaBirchbox @CoppaFeelPeople @BirchboxUK' and they will donate £1 to CoppaFeel!

This month the selection of products should help you quite literally 'work it' through the 9 to 5 and beyond...

KMS California Free Shape Hot Flex Creme | A sweet-scented styling creme to smooth curls, waves and/or frizz. added heat protection and anti–breakage technology. Anything to calm my autumnal frizz is a welcomed addition to me, and on a first use it seems like a good light weigh creme.

Shaveworks The Cool Fix | A cooling gel lotion that treats ingrown hairs, razor bumps and redness after hair removal. I am a shaving, not a waxing, girl so I am keen to see how this works. Although my shaving routine often falls to hair conditioner (legs that is...) it will be nice to add a 'proper' shaving product into my routine.

Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm | A natural, nourishing cleanser with exfoliating oatmeal powder. Perfect for my super dry skin which is forever resisting any sort of exfoliation. Plus Balance Me are fast becoming one of my favourite skincare brands. 

Meaningful Beauty Glowing Serum | A radiance enhancing, anti-ageing serum. By Cindy Crawford so need I say more? Very clever marketing here, but if I can look like one tenth of her, I'm there.

Pixi by Petra Shea Butter Lip Balm | A full size nourishing lip balm packed with shea butter & a hint of a sheer vibrant pink shade and surprisingly it’s quite pigmented. This has two of my favourite things in one tube, pinkness and shea butter. I'm sold. 

Lifestyle Extra - Lipstick Pen | Finally,  I will now have a pen in my handbag. 

Overall, I think this is one of the better Birchboxs and definitely beats the August box. For all of £10 when you subscribe to Birchbox, for the value of over £35, I think that is a pretty good deal. Even better, with this code - BBXMASCARA5 you'll get £5 off your first box. And even better if I end up looking like Cindy Crawford. 

What do you think of the October Birchbox?

*PR Sample/Gift

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Playing Tourist: Part 4 in Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace from Pall Mall

Outside Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace The Queens Gallery

Buckingham Palace in the Queens Gallery

Buckingham Palace The Mews Golden Carriage

The Golden Carriage in Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace Gardens

Outside Buckingham Palace Gates
So I am guessing this will be my last Playing Tourist post for a while. Until I play Christmas tourist of course. And I did end my stint in style, with the one and only Buckingham Palace, the Queen's official London residence. Royals at its finest. Buckingham Palace is used today for the official occasions for the Royal Family being originally built in 1705 for the Duke of Buckingham. I got to visit three different sections, as you can't quite just walk into the Queens bedroom, but here is the bits I did get to see.

The Queen's Gallery, the space for of items from the Royal Collection, mainly being art and 'treasures'. I found this fascinating, but you do have to be interested in history to find the The Queen's Gallery interesting. Or it may just be rooms of junk too you. 

The Royal Mews, home to the State vehicles used by the Royal Family for coronations, State Visits and royal weddings. The stables are also home to the horses that take part in The Queen's official and ceremonial duties. I did get to see some horses, but they were a bit off limits. Not quite at the stage of offering pony rides, yet. 

State Rooms (the bit inside Buckingham Palace) consists of 19 state rooms, ballroom and gardens only open to visitors during August and September while the Queen makes her annual visit to Balmoral. Imagine bumping into the Queen while she walks round in her dressing gown! 

Unfortunately I could only take photos of the garden, and not inside the palace, as I didn't fancy getting escorted out by the security guards. But its such a shame as inside was just stunning, no other words really but decor was enough to make you highly envious and take your breath away all in one. 

Have you ever been to Buckingham Palace?

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