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MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation

The MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation Review
MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation Swatch

The MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation Swatches

I think we all would of heard of the MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation. This famous little bottle can be used on both face and body (duh) and for that reason it’s often used at photoshoots, as I am well aware to even out my skin all over. This is the reason why I needed a bottle for myself, but don't worry I did buy this, I didn't 'borrow' it from work.

This is surprisingly a low-to-medium but build able coverage, but I think it leans more towards the medium side of things, at least on my skin. Designed to deliver the much sought after flawless but natural finish. The good thing about this foundation is if you get it in slightly the wrong shade it doesn't matter because of the consistency of the product. I grabbed the shade N1 as I am not one of those girls who knows their colour in MAC foundations (bad blogger alert), but this seems to blend in perfectly. Face & Body is also meant to be skin conditioning, water-resistant and long-wearing. But of course 'skin conditioning' and 'foundation' are not two words I would put together. The first hand photo is the colour not blended, and the second is. 

The consistency of the product is very runny because its water based and this is where people think that its only for people with 'good skin'. It does give a very light coverage but even for me with one layer of this foundation it just evens out my complection leaving my skin looking very natural, but flawless at the same time. You can also build this foundation amazingly though, and with a couple of layers can easily create a full coverage finish without it looking at all cakey.

Oily skinned girls, just take this as a warning that you will probably not get on with the product, as it does slide. And I have dry skin so goodness knows where you'll find foundation if you have oily skin.

This isn't a game changer in the foundation world at all, nor is it but for a quick and decent everyday foundation, Face & Body Foundation is doing the job quite well.

MAC Face & Body Foundation House of Fraser £21.50

Have you tried the MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation?

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