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Envy Professional Style Hero

The Envy Professional Style Hero

Like I mentioned, I am rubbish with hair care products, especially ones I have to apply before I dry my hair. Normally the coldness of wet hair is just too much and I try and dry it ASAP. Forgetting any type of hair care in the process. But I have been trying out the Envy Pro Style Hero recently, and yes, it does need applying before I dry my hair. Brr. 

The idea with the Envy Pro Style Hero is to keep light, glossy and totally controlled before you blow dry. With the key technology of keratin amino acids to retain moisture, silk proteins to moisturise, smooth, gloss and condition the hair. And finally wheat protein to enhance moisture and improve condition of the hair.

This idea of this is great, but if I am honest, my hair is just too fine for it to have much effect. I need some serious hair length and thickness for any styling products to work. But regardless, this is a defiantly lightweight and doesn't weigh my hair down. And I do think my hair is a bit more shiny since I have been spraying this on..but maybe that is just wishful thinking. The entire Envy Professional does actually look rather good, so while this wasn't the best product for my hair, I'm sure there will be something else. Plus a new head of hair would be fantastic, but that is wishful thinking...

Envy Pro Style Hero £14.95 and come tell me on Twitter @Mascaramalteser if you have tried this, I would love to know.

Have you tried the Envy Pro Style Hero?

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