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Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks

The Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks Reviews

Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks

The Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks Shimmer

Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks Mattes

The Shimmer Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks

The Matte Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks

The Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks Annabel

So, it is safe to say I go from one extreme to moment Makeup Revolution were totally off my radar, the next, I am hands down addicted. I have been lucky enough to be trying out the Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks.  Hello Nars iconic 'The Multiple' dupe. I've never tried the Nars ones so I won't be comparing them, but even I, noticed the resemblance. And nice price difference, 'The One' Blush Sticks a steal at £5 in comparison to the £30 for the Nars 'The Multiple'. Tough decision eh..

'The One' Blush Sticks come in four matte and four sheer colours, there's a combination of nude tones, bright pinks and bronzing shades. The matte ones are actually in a matte box, and a matte finish tube. I like the logic. Similarly, the shimmery ones are in a glossy finish box and tube. The only down side is that the tubes don't have the shade names on but at least you know if it's a glossy or matte one. But names would really help.  

The colours are the same, just matte and shimmery, a bronzer (Malibu), a shade that doubles as a highlighter (Dream), a pinky/coral shade (Rush) and a bright pink shade (Pink).

'Malibu' is the chocolate-eque colour, that has golden shimmer in it. While the matte one makes a rather good contour. Hello Kim K.

'Dream' is a super pale, almost quite pink whereas the matte version has a hint more colour and a little more warmth to it. The shimmer is a unexpected decent highlighter, and the matte version is a lovely blush. And yes, I have been wearing pink blush. Shock horror.

'Pink' is a much more barbie pink whereas 'Matte pink' is a more coral shade. Both are lovely, just a bit bright for my non-daring colour phobe self. 

'Rush' is an orangey/coral shade with gold glitter in it and 'Matte Rush' is a much deeper, more dense shade. This would be great on darker skin tones I would imagine, but I am yet too scared to get this past the swatch on my arm.

While I am talking swatches, this showed how long wearing they were, and as I found out they don't removed with just water. Makeup remover is needed. On to my face, I have been wearing ' Matte Malibu' and 'Matte Dream' daily (pictured in fact), and I am so impressed with how creamy they are too blend it, and they look way more natural than I ever expected cream blushes too appear. Saying that, until these arrived on my doorstep, pink blushers were such a scare they never made it on my face. And now look at me, pink blush AND 'budget' makeup? 

Makeup Revolution Blush Sticks £5

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks?

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