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Blogs Worth That Bookmark: Part Three

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I'm not entirely sure I handle jealously well, I mean, who actually writes it down into a list? Well me apparently. I do promise one thing, all these blogs are defiantly worth a bookmark in your computer/phone, but I can't promise you won't get a tad envious in the process. 

The Beauty Harbour | My newest blog find is a pretty good one, if I must say so myself. Everything about Katya's blog is just spot on for me, if its not her writing its her photography has me swooning. Don't look at her face either, its just way too pretty for my liking.

The Goodowl | Firstly, isn't this just the best name for a blog? Yup. Charlotte's blog is one of my long time favourites, and she defiantly has blog life sorted. From revealing what horror movies have ruined for her, right to her fashion posts, I don't seem to care what Charlotte writes in fact as I know I'll just love it. Also, she has the most b-e-autiful hair - end of.

Under Blue Lights | Another one I'm going to be smug about, as I have not long found Kate's blog. I am slightly envious of her thought through blog name and her stunning photography, but then I scroll through any one of her posts and all is almost forgiven. Kate just needs to teach me her photography ways and I'll let her off for this blog perfection.

What other blogs should I be reading?

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Aldi Beauty Range

Aldi Beauty Range

Aldi Beauty Handcream Range

The  Lacura Expert Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

Note to self, its Aldi - not Audi as I have been pronouncing this for the past two weeks. (Good job I don't do Youtube isn't it?) But yes, this the Aldi, that discount German supermarket that we all know but never admit we go to. To go with their bargain fruit, cheap alcohol and thermal vests the Aldi Beauty Range has been formed with their Swap and Smile campaign, encouraging bloggers to swap branded beauty buys with Aldi’s everyday essentials.

Okay. I am a skincare snob, as my belief is that you get what you pay for, yet in a moment of madness I agreed to this. First up is the 3 in 1 Facial Cleansing Wipes (a ridiculous 89p), straight away these don't compare to my favourite No7 ones, but then none can removed my truck load of mascara. But skinwise these really refresh and moisturise my skin, and I would honestly never of thought they are less than a £1.

Next, I've been trying three of their hand creams (a even more ridiculous 75p). Luckily for my bank account I'm not one to swoon over expensive hand creams, yet they do still need to be thick and non greasy for me to actually use them. This trio defiantly tick the non greasy box, and they sink into my hands nice and quickly. As you might of guessed, they aren't quite as thick as my normal L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, considering that is £19 that would be give the achievement on Aldis part. But for the stupid price of 75p? Yeah, you really can't go wrong, especially if you're a hand cream novice like me.

I have indeed saved the best for last, and that is in the form of the Lacura Expert Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream for £1.99. I was the most dubious about this, I cant lie. The words 'face cream' and 'Aldi' are two words that just don't match up for me, but this did recently win The Mirror’s best night cream and lots of the products were recently highly commended by The Times Magazine. So what do I know? Apparently nothing, as this cream is so good. Its thick, moisturising, non greasy, and everything I ever want from a night cream. I haven't broken out in spots, nor have I had to deal with dry patches, if anything they have disappeared out of sight along with my trusty No7 night cream.... What is wrong with me? That bargain alcohol and thermal vests has obviously got to me.

Have you tried the Aldi Beauty Range?

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Richard Ward Anti-Ageing Argan Range

Richard Ward Anti-Ageing Argan Range

How can I be loyal to just one haircare brand? There are so many out there I want to have my cake and eat it too, four times over if possible. And my latest haircare love? The Richard Ward Anti-Ageing Argan Range. Obviously the mid twenties panic is almost upon me and I am pulling out the anti ageing stops, and even though I am not sure what 'aged' hair looks like, I do not want it.

Behind this Richard Ward (Chelsea famous no less) blow dry range is argan oil, to 'rejuvenate and age-proof hair whilst boosting manageability', and my favourite type of product result, to add thickness and volume. I'll be honest and say there really isn't any faults, obviously my hair isn't at Victoria's Secret standard, but only some certain things called hair extensions will do that. The shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and elixir all have helped my hair on the way too a bit of much needed moisture and thickness with honey derivatives. Best haircare ingredient ever? I think so. 

Have you tried the Richard Ward Anti-Ageing Argan Range?

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Instagram Diary: Part 9

Instagram annabelflorence

As if. As if I have now done 9 of the same posts? I am not that consistent with anything in my life. Except Malteser consumption. The past few weeks have been more of the same cliches it seems, makeup, wine, flowers, magazines and London houses. Well, what else are bloggers meant to put on their Instagrams? I even joined in taking tourist pictures at The Shard, but least I wasn't the only one. And that photo? Taken from the ladies toilets...yes, the toilets. Impressive.

What have you been up too recently?

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MAC Veluxe Brow Liner in Strawberry Blonde

MAC Veluxe Brow Liner Strawberry Blonde

You know when you get that urge to try something completely different to what you normally try? Well this happened with my eyebrows of all things, and what did I do? Only for for lighter brows, not a sentence I thought I would be saying. Standing at the MAC stand led to the MAC Veluxe Brow Liner Strawberry Blonde (£15.50) purchase, as I already knew I loved their Eye Brow pencils. The Veluxe liner actually comes with a brush so having the edge on the original liner.

A slightly odd choice for me, but Strawberry Blonde isn't actually that colour we all know with those strawberry-esque tones, this is more of a soft warm beige taupe. Well whatever the tones, this matches my brows to a tee. This soft and velvety formula also manages to not be too waxy, so its ideal if you do already have a bit of brow hair to start with, and don't have too much of the 90's over pluck.

In comparison to the MAC’s Eye Brows pencils the Veluxues live up to their name and are just more luxurious in every sense, smoother, more pigmented and no twists up that ultimately break. Its not often I'll extend my love for Strawberries past the fruit bowl, but it seems they have fully made it on to my eyebrows. Who would of thought?

Have you tried the MAC Veluxe Brow Liners?

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The products I've fallen out of love with

Makeup Revolution Eyeliner, Benefit Gimme Brow Gel, Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara, GOSH Cosmetics Natural Blush in Melon, Makeup Revolution Awesome Double Flick Thick and Thin,

When I am wrong, I won't admit it unless I have too. Why would I? Or anyone? But yeah, it does happen, and when its with makeup it is even harder to admit as its often after I have sung a particular products praises to only realise its actually not that good. And in recent months its only gone and happened four times...

Benefit Gimme Brow Gel | I still love the concept of this, I mean who doesn't want fuller natural eyebrows? The reason I've fallen out of love with this as its just so gloopy, clumpy and one big mess right in the middle of my face now. This gel really doesn't stand the test of time.

GOSH Cosmetics Natural Blush in Melon | This isn't actually a bad product at all, the colour is gorgeous and much better for me than any baby pink tones. But let me just say, I have now tried Nars blushes...and I think that says it all.

Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara | I hate to add this in the list as Max Factor mascaras are some of my favourite from the cheaper end of things. Maybe its the double end faff, big chunky brush, or it being a nightmare remove could all play factor in why this mascara is a let down.

Makeup Revolution Awesome Double Flick Thick and Thin | Again, like the blusher, this isn't a awful product, both ends are good at what they do and are yet to dry up me on. But, pigmentation wise? I think every single felt tip liner I have tried since has out performed. Unfortunately for my bank account.

Have you fallen out with any makeup items before?

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My favourite accounts on Instagram: Part Two

 uk beauty blog annabelflorence instagram pictures

There is no way around this, I spend way too much time on Instagram, and I am not sure why, they still cant manage clickable links. Yet despite this technological flaw, too many evenings of mine are spend browsing the app and website. Yes both. And here are my three recent new loves.

luc.ay | Primarily being beauty, and oh so dreamy beauty at that, Lucy sometimes add the odd chocolate photo which is one way to my heart, and my Instagram favourite list.

queenbeady | Rebeccas real mixture of lifestyle, beauty and my favourite drink (champagne) pictures have me not so subtly stalking her account. | Because, if you could make your dream Instagram account where everything is perfect, Catherine's would be the one.

And of course, while this account isn't up to their standards, its not too I win the award for the most (non) subtle plug ever? 

What Instagram accounts are you addicted to lately?

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Smashbox Step- by - Step Contour Kit

Smashbox Step- by - Step Contour Kit Review
Smashbox Step- by - Step Contour Kit Review
The Smashbox Step- by - Step Contour Kit Swatch

When do you reckon the contour trend will end? Will it be like the crimped hair and blue mascara phase we all went through? Give it a few years and we will all be cringing at our overly bronzed (dirty) faces...oh well, till then least I have my Smashbox Step- by - Step Contour Kit (£35) to keep me busy. Being Kim Kardashians contour kit of choice, this was a natural fit for my splash out, who doesn't want Mrs Wests face? I might even steal her wardrobe while I'm there.

This Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit really contains all I need to sculpt and define my face, containing three powders; ashen grey toned contour powder, a warmish toned yet still natural light golden bronzing powder and lastly a slightly yellow toned, matte highlighting powder. Thrown in are also a brush and step by step guide for people like myself who are likely to get it wrong. The contour brush is a little on the small side, still the brush head is angled, dense and pretty good quality but I do own about 5 other brushes that do a better job, and I would hope so too with the amount I buy.

I am glad to say Kim Kardashian has not let me down (and she is yet do so) as I have fallen head over heels for this palette, the colours, quality and application are flawless. Surprising considering they only do this one shade currently, but are releasing a darker one soon I believe. Maybe not the best thing to purchase online if you're more pale and not a fan of risks, as one shade really doesn't fit all. Despite Smashbox's lack of diversity, this palette is by far the best thing I have ever used to embrace the slightly well known contour trend. 

Have you tried the Smashbox Step- by - Step Contour Kit?

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Makeup Revolution? No its Freedom Makeup London...

The  Freedom Makeup London

I wish I knew the answer to everything, but then if I did I would such a bragger so perhaps its for the best. However, I do wish I knew why those lovely people at Makeup Revolution have now started a new brand. What happened to if it isn't broke don't fix it? But like I said, what do I know. Anyway, the idea behind their new venture, Freedom Makeup London, is after their 'revolution' they started they are now setting you free to create, inspire, learn and share your looks and skills (their words not mind), and no, I am not entirely sure either.

But then all I really care about is bargain makeup, and luckily Freedom have delivered. They have a entire range of different items, contour kits, lipstick, glosses and my favourites, blush palettes. Admittedly the lipsticks don't seem quite as pigmented as their sister (or mother) brand, yet the rest of the range I got try was wonderful, and like I mentioned I am in love with their blush palettes. Just look at those colours. Freedom are also running Make-up courses, hosted by the House of Glamdolls in London, to learn the tips and tricks of the trade and how to be a professional make-up artist really, or simply learn some new things about how to apply make-up. These courses are available for £50, so I'll be watching with interest to see how these go down...I do like to be nosey, regardless if I get the gist behind the brand, but what do I know, this could be the brand to actually beat Makeup Revolution at their own game. 

Will you be trying Freedom Makeup London?

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Instagram Diary: Part 8

Instagram Diary and College annabelflorence

I didn't think this photo through, I mean who would pick a photo of their chicken feet as the centre image? Well I did. There have been a few other interesting things going on for me recently other than feet selfies, I have started back horse riding (and am yet to injure myself), I have been given some of the most cutest and loveliest makeup, and of course, I am still taking photos of houses. No doubt one day that will backfire on my massively, but until then I am fully embracing being a tourist in my own city.

What have you been up too recently?

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The 10 Beauty Mistakes I Used to Make

The 10 Beauty Mistakes I Used to Make Elle Uk Magazine FlatLAy

So...10 beauty mistakes I used to make, I just had to do it really. Although I am not entirely sure why. Sharing even one mistake is slightly embarrassing, and I can't ever look at Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse in the same way now. I would say I have committed every beauty crime going so it was hard to whittle it down these 10, but I did it....

Brushing wet/dap hair | Poor hair, its a miracle I have any left thanks to the amount of brushing and pulling I used to do to my wet hair. I have since invested in a wide tooth comb, and a Tangle Teaser - the holy grail of hair untangling.

Never conditioning my hair | For some reason I was under the elusion that using conditioner on my fine hair would just make it limper and even more lifeless. But then I learnt so did badly conditioned hair. I don't use loads, but starting at about ear level, I do use enough now for my poor hair to get some looking after.

Applying foundation without giving my moisturiser time to dry | I used to apply one straight after the other, I was the Usian Bolt of foundation applying. Then I got told that this is a sure way to insure I get a blotchy and uneven finish to my foundation. So now like a good makeup girl, I wait a couple of minutes.

Plucking my brows to close to the mirror | I fully blame this for my over plucked brows, you can't see the entire shape of the brow so it was very easy for me to pluck away and leave my brows very hairless.

Over treating spots | I would say we must of all done this. You see and spot, panic, and apply every single spot cream, lotion and potion you have? Yep, me too. Acne treatments with salicylic acid dry out the skin and it takes time to work itself into your skin. One sure way of me ending up with a pimple and dry skin.

Yellow nails | No, not me painting them yellow, which would be a crime in self, but not applying a base coat and letting my nail polish stain my nails. Disaster. Although a quick tip to remove yellow stains is mix lemon juice with hydrogen peroxide solution (89p from Chemists, and not a scary as it sounds) and rub over your nails.

Pink eyeshadow | Not too much of a mistake if your skin tone can take it. But for a very pale blonde girl, with pinks tones in her skin, and fairly red eyes anyway, this is very much a mistake. One way of making me look stupidly tired.

Racoon Eyeliner | This was due to my gothic stage I went through as teen, nothing wrong with the gothic look I may add, but when your like me and can't pull off the gothic look then it isn't such a good idea. I just wanted to look like Avril Lavigne/ Ashlee Simpson, but I just wasn't cool enough.

Too much glitter | I never thought I was ever say that sentence, I am a magpie to glitter/sparkle and I will buy anything with a bit of bling, however tacky. But I have learnt there is a case of too much glitter when it is in your eyeshadow, your eyeliner, your face/body shimmer, and your lip gloss. Yes, that would be too much.

Only wearing mascara on one eye | Oh yes, I have saved the best for last. And no, no typos there. Let me explain; when I was about 12 I wanted to wear mascara to school, which my mum refused (and quite rightly) but being a tad stubborn I didn't really care so applied mascara sneakily without her knowing. And there was a few occasion were I had to leave for school and I hadn't finished, so I happily walked out the front door (not making a scene of leaving as I wasn't meant to be using my mums mascara...). This resulted in me often only wear mascara on one eye. Oh dear. I am forever grateful there is no photo evidence of that period of my life. 

What are your Beauty Mistakes You Used to Make?

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The Bobbi Brown Mini Brushes

The Bobbi Brown Mini Brush Review

The Bobbi Brown Mini Brush set

Why are miniatures so much more fun? And why are Bobbi Brown so on point all the time? This combination is lethal, as I am now the very proud owner of perhaps the classiest mini brush set ever with the Bobbi Brown Mini Brush Gift Set (£56).  No words are needed really, but this little set of four of their best sellers, is just beautiful. Some of purses aren't as stunning as this tortoiseshell case, and I can see now this is a purchase that will last me a lifetime. Not many of my makeup items have that claim sitting next to them.

Admittedly I have previously ignore Bobbi Brown's makeup brushes, and it seems I was a fool to do as they do everything you could want from a little travel set like this. No lack of quality in comprise for the size. Firstly the face blender has fast become my most used brush, and being good for well, blending, this has been softening my too harsh bronzer and blusher lines nicely.

Next is the concealer blending brush, which is pretty self explanatory, but its had to take a back seat for the past few weeks as apparently I don't own concealer. Yep, I don't own concealer. And its not as I don't need it, but it just purely slipped my mind that I wore the stuff...could explain my dark eye bags.

One I can use is the just as self explanatory eye shadow brush, as I have enough eyeshadows for a small shop. This is little brush has been a real saviour to me and my handbag recently, most normal size eyeshadow brushes are far too long to take out. If you don't get strange looks in the ladies toilets, you'll poke someones eye out. Lastly is the dual-ended eye liner, which as like the rest, the name does say it all. And well done to Bobbi Brown here for not confusing me with their brush names like some brands do, and then I am left stuck and Googling what on earth I do with mysteriously name brush. Anyway, this has been the perfect partner to the eyeshadow brush and despite its lack of size creates a perfectly shaped precise and even line.

I still stand by my 'miniatures are more fun' stance, and by the looks of things, they may even be classy. One case of size doesn't matter.

Have you tried the Bobbi Brown Mini Brushes?

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