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Smashbox Step- by - Step Contour Kit

Smashbox Step- by - Step Contour Kit Review
Smashbox Step- by - Step Contour Kit Review
The Smashbox Step- by - Step Contour Kit Swatch

When do you reckon the contour trend will end? Will it be like the crimped hair and blue mascara phase we all went through? Give it a few years and we will all be cringing at our overly bronzed (dirty) faces...oh well, till then least I have my Smashbox Step- by - Step Contour Kit (£35) to keep me busy. Being Kim Kardashians contour kit of choice, this was a natural fit for my splash out, who doesn't want Mrs Wests face? I might even steal her wardrobe while I'm there.

This Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit really contains all I need to sculpt and define my face, containing three powders; ashen grey toned contour powder, a warmish toned yet still natural light golden bronzing powder and lastly a slightly yellow toned, matte highlighting powder. Thrown in are also a brush and step by step guide for people like myself who are likely to get it wrong. The contour brush is a little on the small side, still the brush head is angled, dense and pretty good quality but I do own about 5 other brushes that do a better job, and I would hope so too with the amount I buy.

I am glad to say Kim Kardashian has not let me down (and she is yet do so) as I have fallen head over heels for this palette, the colours, quality and application are flawless. Surprising considering they only do this one shade currently, but are releasing a darker one soon I believe. Maybe not the best thing to purchase online if you're more pale and not a fan of risks, as one shade really doesn't fit all. Despite Smashbox's lack of diversity, this palette is by far the best thing I have ever used to embrace the slightly well known contour trend. 

Have you tried the Smashbox Step- by - Step Contour Kit?

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