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Makeup Revolution? No its Freedom Makeup London...

The  Freedom Makeup London

I wish I knew the answer to everything, but then if I did I would such a bragger so perhaps its for the best. However, I do wish I knew why those lovely people at Makeup Revolution have now started a new brand. What happened to if it isn't broke don't fix it? But like I said, what do I know. Anyway, the idea behind their new venture, Freedom Makeup London, is after their 'revolution' they started they are now setting you free to create, inspire, learn and share your looks and skills (their words not mind), and no, I am not entirely sure either.

But then all I really care about is bargain makeup, and luckily Freedom have delivered. They have a entire range of different items, contour kits, lipstick, glosses and my favourites, blush palettes. Admittedly the lipsticks don't seem quite as pigmented as their sister (or mother) brand, yet the rest of the range I got try was wonderful, and like I mentioned I am in love with their blush palettes. Just look at those colours. Freedom are also running Make-up courses, hosted by the House of Glamdolls in London, to learn the tips and tricks of the trade and how to be a professional make-up artist really, or simply learn some new things about how to apply make-up. These courses are available for £50, so I'll be watching with interest to see how these go down...I do like to be nosey, regardless if I get the gist behind the brand, but what do I know, this could be the brand to actually beat Makeup Revolution at their own game. 

Will you be trying Freedom Makeup London?

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