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The Bobbi Brown Mini Brushes

The Bobbi Brown Mini Brush Review

The Bobbi Brown Mini Brush set

Why are miniatures so much more fun? And why are Bobbi Brown so on point all the time? This combination is lethal, as I am now the very proud owner of perhaps the classiest mini brush set ever with the Bobbi Brown Mini Brush Gift Set (£56).  No words are needed really, but this little set of four of their best sellers, is just beautiful. Some of purses aren't as stunning as this tortoiseshell case, and I can see now this is a purchase that will last me a lifetime. Not many of my makeup items have that claim sitting next to them.

Admittedly I have previously ignore Bobbi Brown's makeup brushes, and it seems I was a fool to do as they do everything you could want from a little travel set like this. No lack of quality in comprise for the size. Firstly the face blender has fast become my most used brush, and being good for well, blending, this has been softening my too harsh bronzer and blusher lines nicely.

Next is the concealer blending brush, which is pretty self explanatory, but its had to take a back seat for the past few weeks as apparently I don't own concealer. Yep, I don't own concealer. And its not as I don't need it, but it just purely slipped my mind that I wore the stuff...could explain my dark eye bags.

One I can use is the just as self explanatory eye shadow brush, as I have enough eyeshadows for a small shop. This is little brush has been a real saviour to me and my handbag recently, most normal size eyeshadow brushes are far too long to take out. If you don't get strange looks in the ladies toilets, you'll poke someones eye out. Lastly is the dual-ended eye liner, which as like the rest, the name does say it all. And well done to Bobbi Brown here for not confusing me with their brush names like some brands do, and then I am left stuck and Googling what on earth I do with mysteriously name brush. Anyway, this has been the perfect partner to the eyeshadow brush and despite its lack of size creates a perfectly shaped precise and even line.

I still stand by my 'miniatures are more fun' stance, and by the looks of things, they may even be classy. One case of size doesn't matter.

Have you tried the Bobbi Brown Mini Brushes?

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