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My favourite accounts on Instagram: Part Two

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There is no way around this, I spend way too much time on Instagram, and I am not sure why, they still cant manage clickable links. Yet despite this technological flaw, too many evenings of mine are spend browsing the app and website. Yes both. And here are my three recent new loves.

luc.ay | Primarily being beauty, and oh so dreamy beauty at that, Lucy sometimes add the odd chocolate photo which is one way to my heart, and my Instagram favourite list.

queenbeady | Rebeccas real mixture of lifestyle, beauty and my favourite drink (champagne) pictures have me not so subtly stalking her account. | Because, if you could make your dream Instagram account where everything is perfect, Catherine's would be the one.

And of course, while this account isn't up to their standards, its not too I win the award for the most (non) subtle plug ever? 

What Instagram accounts are you addicted to lately?

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