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The 10 Beauty Mistakes I Used to Make

The 10 Beauty Mistakes I Used to Make Elle Uk Magazine FlatLAy

So...10 beauty mistakes I used to make, I just had to do it really. Although I am not entirely sure why. Sharing even one mistake is slightly embarrassing, and I can't ever look at Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse in the same way now. I would say I have committed every beauty crime going so it was hard to whittle it down these 10, but I did it....

Brushing wet/dap hair | Poor hair, its a miracle I have any left thanks to the amount of brushing and pulling I used to do to my wet hair. I have since invested in a wide tooth comb, and a Tangle Teaser - the holy grail of hair untangling.

Never conditioning my hair | For some reason I was under the elusion that using conditioner on my fine hair would just make it limper and even more lifeless. But then I learnt so did badly conditioned hair. I don't use loads, but starting at about ear level, I do use enough now for my poor hair to get some looking after.

Applying foundation without giving my moisturiser time to dry | I used to apply one straight after the other, I was the Usian Bolt of foundation applying. Then I got told that this is a sure way to insure I get a blotchy and uneven finish to my foundation. So now like a good makeup girl, I wait a couple of minutes.

Plucking my brows to close to the mirror | I fully blame this for my over plucked brows, you can't see the entire shape of the brow so it was very easy for me to pluck away and leave my brows very hairless.

Over treating spots | I would say we must of all done this. You see and spot, panic, and apply every single spot cream, lotion and potion you have? Yep, me too. Acne treatments with salicylic acid dry out the skin and it takes time to work itself into your skin. One sure way of me ending up with a pimple and dry skin.

Yellow nails | No, not me painting them yellow, which would be a crime in self, but not applying a base coat and letting my nail polish stain my nails. Disaster. Although a quick tip to remove yellow stains is mix lemon juice with hydrogen peroxide solution (89p from Chemists, and not a scary as it sounds) and rub over your nails.

Pink eyeshadow | Not too much of a mistake if your skin tone can take it. But for a very pale blonde girl, with pinks tones in her skin, and fairly red eyes anyway, this is very much a mistake. One way of making me look stupidly tired.

Racoon Eyeliner | This was due to my gothic stage I went through as teen, nothing wrong with the gothic look I may add, but when your like me and can't pull off the gothic look then it isn't such a good idea. I just wanted to look like Avril Lavigne/ Ashlee Simpson, but I just wasn't cool enough.

Too much glitter | I never thought I was ever say that sentence, I am a magpie to glitter/sparkle and I will buy anything with a bit of bling, however tacky. But I have learnt there is a case of too much glitter when it is in your eyeshadow, your eyeliner, your face/body shimmer, and your lip gloss. Yes, that would be too much.

Only wearing mascara on one eye | Oh yes, I have saved the best for last. And no, no typos there. Let me explain; when I was about 12 I wanted to wear mascara to school, which my mum refused (and quite rightly) but being a tad stubborn I didn't really care so applied mascara sneakily without her knowing. And there was a few occasion were I had to leave for school and I hadn't finished, so I happily walked out the front door (not making a scene of leaving as I wasn't meant to be using my mums mascara...). This resulted in me often only wear mascara on one eye. Oh dear. I am forever grateful there is no photo evidence of that period of my life. 

What are your Beauty Mistakes You Used to Make?

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