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Kim Kardashian Pure Honey Eau de Parfum

Kim Kardashian Pure Honey
Kim Kardashian Pure Honey Box

Kim Kardashian Pure Honey Bottle

Kim Kardashian Pure Honey Bee

Kim Kardashian is one of those ladies I don't want to like, I resent liking someone which not much of a reason to be famous. But I do. I am a true Kardashian fan, my not so guilty pleasure, I love Kim's style and makeup more than anything, and she was the whole reason I started to contour and highlight my face. So much to my delight Kim is back with her fifth (no I didn't know either) perfume, Pure Honey. 

"I wanted Pure Honey to be both light and sweet but also powerfully seductive," says Kim. "As women we all have these dual natures. We can be girly and playful but also tempting and captivating at the same time. Combining the two elements was the perfect way to capture our full femininity. I created it to be delectable and craveable, like all beautiful women are."

Wise words from Kim there. But this perfume pretty much had me at hello...being a Kardashian fangirl, the image of Kim of the box is gorgeous, plus an art deco inspired bottle with a cuter than This Eau de Parfum contains notes of red rose, soft freesia and mandarin as its top notes, at the heart is sugared honeysuckle and lady orchids. At the base you will find creamy coconut, raw wild honeycomb and vanilla. And while on paper this sounds a unusual combination, it really does work and is such a lovely, yet surprising, gorgeous scent.

Some may find this scent too sweet, but if like me your one for sweet smelling perfumes, or after a perfume that does what it says on the bottle, and well, smells of honey, then this is a must try. And dare I say it? This smells much more classier than I ever imagined....

Kim Kardashian Pure Honey £24 from Debenhams.

Have you tried Kim Kardashian Pure Honey?

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