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Fat Hair '0' Calories Amplifying Mousse

Fat Hair '0' Calories Amplifying Mousse CanFat Hair '0' Calories Amplifying Gel to MousseFat Hair '0' Calories Amplifying Mousse NozzleThe Fat Hair '0' Calories Amplifying Mousse

Bit misleading as thanks to the name this sounds like a new diet food review, but the Fat Hair '0' Calories Amplifying Mousse is part of the Fat Hair brand by Samy I have not long found in Superdrug. After a bit of googling, they seem to be an American brand, but I could be totally wrong. So feel free to correct me.

I don't normally use many hair products as my hair is so thin wispy I just find products weigh it down. But my mum brought this for herself and was quick to tell me how I just had to try it, and well, I am a sucker for a bit of hair volume. The mousse comes out at first like a clear runny liquid (even if you do shake it well), but quickly transforms into a fluffy and foamy mousse that doesn't do that 'melting' in your hand trick that many hair mousses manage.  

To use the Fat Hair '0' Calories Amplifying Mousse I simply towel dried the hair thoroughly, used just under a palm full of mousse and massaged it into the roots before combing out the ends so that all the hair was coated evenly. It is a really lightweight mousse, so it doesn't leave that really sticky texture you get from a lot of foam products, unless you squirt too much out of the can because you forget it expands... yep... of course I did that. Once its blow dried in, it left my hair looking fuller, stronger and with much more volume than normal. This didn't weight my hair down either which is a huge plus, nor did my hair feel like I had put much, if any, product on at all.

I think for £5.99 it is a really great buy.  And if you are anything like me and want volumised hair on a budget, you will love really this bargain.

Fat Hair '0' Calories Amplifying Mousse £5.99

Have you tried Fat Hair '0' Calories Amplifying Mousse? Or any of the Fat Hair range?

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