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Real Technique Face and Powder Brush

Real Technique Face and Powder Brush

Real Technique E Face Brush

Real Technique Powder Brush

As per usual, the Real Technique brush obsession is something that I am a tad behind with in the beauty blog world. I have a set a MAC brushes that have been doing the job pretty well, so I haven't felt the need to get myself involved, but that has now changed. I doubt Real Technique need much introduction but they are developed/made by Makeup Artist Samantha Chapman, offering brushes for pretty much any makeup need. I managed to save up £19 worth of Boots points so decided I would treat myself, late Christmas present and all that! I picked up two brushes that I would consider quite a staple in any brush collection....

Real Technique Expert  Face  Brush

Real Technique Face Brush Close Up

Real Techniques Expert Face makeup brush | This brush is sold separate from the main collection kits and to be honest I really didn’t think I’d like it, nor really have a use for it. I hate conventional flat foundation brushes, I always end up using a sponge, regardless of what people tell me about foundation waste...I just do not get on with foundation brushes. But because this one is a little more chubby it is the perfect combination between the buffing brush and a normal foundation brush I find, whatever the reason, I love it.

Real Techniques Powder Brush

Real Technique Powder Brush Close Up

Real Techniques Powder Brush | I guess the name is self explanatory but, this brush can be used for loose powder, pressed powder, mineral powder or bronzer. I have used it with pressed powder and bronzer, as they are the two powder options I have! The Powder Brush works perfectly with these - creating a flawless finish, even if I must say so myself.

Both the Real Technique  Face and Powder Brush create such a smooth, and even finish as the brush glides across the face with ease. Even though I don't have to give these much hype, as it is pretty easy to find 1736437 other reviews saying the same thing...but I recommend these 100%! Plus, both the bases of the brushes are flat, meaning they can stand up on its own, pretty nifty.

Have you tried any Real Technique Brushes? Which ones should I go for next?

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