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The beauty mistakes I am glad I made

The beauty mistakes I am glad I made, over plucked eyebrows, dying my hair, conditioning hair, racoon eyeliner, bronzer,

It was only half way through writing this post (I was writing my 'mistakes' first FYI) that I realised I might actually insult people with this post, and that really isn't my intention. We all need a smile put on our faces at the moment.
So let me start, the word 'mistake' in the post is a very loose term, and only a 'mistake' for me - if any of the below work for you then I am insanely jealous...I do not like learning the hard way. 

1. Over plucking my eyebrows, again.

What is that old saying, 'hurt me once, shame on you. Hurt me twice, shame on me.' Well me and my tweezers are having that sort of relationship currently. I have let them get their way once leaving my eyebrows (or lack of), just stupidly over plucked that I can't even describe a shape. So what did I do recently? I did it again...because when you don't suit thin brows for numerous reason of course I would go through the pain twice. Twit.

2. Dying my hair brow.

This one is the reason for my very PC intro to this post as I realised I was probably going to insult half the people who may actually read this. Brown hair is amazing, and that was my issue, as I love it just that bit too much that I wanted to join the club. What I failed to realise is that it looks great on others, and that no, I did not look like Cheryl Cole (current name?!) once the dye had covered my blonde tresses. Washed out, puffy faced, pale and natural hair that was in fact lighter was what I ended up with - see my problem?

3. Never conditioning my hair.

For some reason I was under the elusion that using conditioner on my fine hair would just make it limper and even more lifeless. But then I learnt, so did badly conditioned hair. I don't use loads, but starting at about ear level, I do use enough now for my poor hair to get some looking after, and to be finally appreciated by the head that it lives on.

4. Racoon Eyeliner 

This was due to my gothic stage I went through as teen, nothing wrong with the gothic look I may add, but when your like me and can't pull off the gothic look then it isn't such a good idea. I just wanted to look like Avril Lavigne/ Ashlee Simpson, but I just wasn't cool enough. Yet without this epic mistake, and Facebook evidence, I would not of found my beloved cat eye style liner, which I would like to think is much more flattering. 

5. Lack of bronzer

More so matching my ears with my face, as even with bronzer I still very much like my pale look. Yet this showed me quite how much I was wearing as my ears often looked like they either weren't mine, or that I had brought joke stick on ears (plus it doesn't help I have big ears). It took me surprisingly long to remember I actually have ears, and am very glad I went all those time forgetting them as I have hopefully ended up with a far more natural glow. 

What beauty mistakes are you glad you made?

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The Unglamorous Beauty

E45 cream, Oilatum Cream, Sudocream, spot cure, dry skin cure, dry skin cream, eczema, eczema cream

I had to choose this picture as she looks how I feel when I have to look at some of the unpretty makeup items in this post. A this is saying something I love the colour grey, yet these grey tubs just are the most unglamorous things to put on my dressing table. Sigh. But this whole not going out thing has one thing going for it, I can go back to basics with my beauty routine, and wallow in the 'unglamorous' side of beauty.

First on my unglamorous list the E45 Cream. The 'help me' of all creams. There is rarely a skin situation that E45 can't fix for me. Plain and simple, but when your skin is being a rebel this is the one to make it behave. Instantly soothing and calming, many eczema and dry skin situations have been saved by this. Such unglamorous packaging, but luckily small enough to shove in my dressing table draw.

e45 cream

oilatum cream

Next is the slightly oversized tube of Oilatum Cream. For when my skin needs more than E45, a real emergency sort of cream, in one ugly big tube. Not only for my eczema but Oilitum is also a complete savour on my hair line when all it wants to do it flake. Yes naturally this does make my hair greasy, but when you sleep alone (minus the cat) it doesn't really matter.


Lastly (and potentially the most unglamorous) is Sudocream. This one is no secret is it? In two words? Spot. Savour. Whoever initially thought they would put nappy rash cream on their spots is a slightly questionable genius. In a pretty ugly grey tub, this can't even remove spot glamorously (if there is such a thing) as first comes the white blob you have to tolerate, secondly is making sure you don't forget this white blob on your face and either smudge it like warrior face paint or worse smudge it into your mouth. Not speaking from experience of course...but lastly does come a less angry looking spot.

What are your unglamorous beauty products?

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The perfect bitch: Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

Not often do I squeak when opening post, and when I do it is always for the wrong reason (brown envelopes I'm looking at you), but a certain package from FeelUnique did this to me recently. All for the right reasons of course, and tucked away in the packaging was the Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Bitch Perfect lipstick from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range.

I am probably Pillow Talks biggest fan - one look in my makeup bag will show you the lipstick, lip liner eyeshadow palette...ok you get it, and I until I looked up this lipstick for this post I didn't realise how well loved this shade is in the beauty world. Being a gorgeous peach-toned nude this is hardly surprising, and it seems Bitch Perfect from Charlotte’s signature K.I.S.S.I.N.G range has become a bit of cult among beauty bloggers (this shade is said to have been inspired by a modern or classic icon did you know?).
I did think this would be to dark and slightly harsh on my pale skin, but it is surprisingly natural looking and just gives that 'my lips but better look' that I always try and achieve as I'm not adventurous enough for much else. Even my mum said 'oh this is a shade you'll actually wear.'

To be honest though, I think I would of fell in love with this lipstick regardless of the colour purely for how creamy and long lasting Bitch Perfect is. You can definitely tell there are some 'light diffusing pigments' thrown into the formula as even after a few hours of wear this doesn't lose its just applied look like some lipstick do. I would say the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range of lipsticks are very similar in finish to MAC Cremesheen or a YSL Rouge Volupte, just better. Bitch Perfect is mum approved and squeak worthy - what else is needed?

Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks?

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Handcare 101

handcare, covid 19, coronavirus, handwash, handwashing,

Hand washing has become second nature to us all (hand wash recommendations are welcome BTW), but wow my hands have suffered as a results, clean yes but dry? No, extremely dry would be a far better definition.

A few tips I picked up the past few weeks?

Ok, pat your hands dry. Do. Not. Rub.

Look to hand creams that contain emollients - these have been my savour. The Body Shops Almond Milk and Honey hand cream needs a special mention at this point.
Old fashioned soap and water is always is preferable. Obviously out & about hand sanitisers are essential, but at home (which is the only place I am the moment) soap is far more gentle on my skin.
Face mask for your hands, or otherwise known as hand masks - yes these are a thing. Epionce’s Renewal Hand Cream is ideal for a nighttime treat, a nice think layer will do the trick.

And now for to add to the glamour of self isolating - gloves gloves gloves. Get the marigolds out - helping minimise the expose your hands experience when cleaning.

Marigolds and loungewear - trust me, they go.

What are tips for keeping your hands in top form?

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The Monday Pick Me Ups: Part Three

Philosophy Pure Grace body butter,  Philosophy Pure Grace body butter review,  Philosophy review,  Philosophy body butter review, Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette, lee stafford coco loco hairspray,

Ok, so beauty products won't be much of a distraction from what's going on currently -and caffeine pick me up only lasts a certain about of time, beauty products make me feel uplifted and well, 'picked up' for a little while, or at least somewhat distracted.

Firstly is the Philosophy Pure Grace body butter. This is very much a grown up Lush sort of smell, and I can apply this on a Saturday night and wake up on a Sunday and get a waft of this scent pass me buy - even after a serious Neflix binge. 

Next is the Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette, and being made up of three different shade options I can vary this based on my mood. Well, all of this is providing I actually make it to the point of applying makeup...some days do not quite reach this level...

Lastly is the Lee Stafford Coconut Hairspray. Again, this is providing I get to the point of needing hairspray. Sitting around watching Friends repeats do not require hairspray. But when I do, and when I subsequently move my head I get the most wonderful coconut scent and I almost feel like I could be sitting on a beach drinking Pina Colada out of a coconut, which to be honest, is a thought we could all use as a distract at the moment. 

What are your favourite pick me ups?

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Wallpaper Wednesday

wallpaper, iPhone, desktop wallpaper, download, iPhone wallpaper, iPhone xr wallpaper, iPhone os wallpaper, iPhone 11 wallpaper,

Cliche title? Obviously, but who doesn't want a mid week pick up with a wallpaper change? I change my technology wallpaper more than I drink water (the sin), so naturally I spend far too long browsing the internet for choices/options/new finds - so here are my current favorites:

Corrie Broomfield - AKA best wallpaper around IMO - find all of her creative doings here.

Friday Faye - Pink and motivational? I'm done. Find more here.

 Ariana Grande inspired? Blogpixie, well done. Here you go.

Want to make your phone feel expensive (as phones are cheap eh...) you can't go wrong with a Dior feel.

Ok, I know, marble cliche, rose gold etc - but tell me you can't resist this? Here you go.

Tell me your favourite places to find wallpapers?

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