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The Monday Pick Me Ups: Part Three

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Ok, so beauty products won't be much of a distraction from what's going on currently -and caffeine pick me up only lasts a certain about of time, beauty products make me feel uplifted and well, 'picked up' for a little while, or at least somewhat distracted.

Firstly is the Philosophy Pure Grace body butter. This is very much a grown up Lush sort of smell, and I can apply this on a Saturday night and wake up on a Sunday and get a waft of this scent pass me buy - even after a serious Neflix binge. 

Next is the Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette, and being made up of three different shade options I can vary this based on my mood. Well, all of this is providing I actually make it to the point of applying makeup...some days do not quite reach this level...

Lastly is the Lee Stafford Coconut Hairspray. Again, this is providing I get to the point of needing hairspray. Sitting around watching Friends repeats do not require hairspray. But when I do, and when I subsequently move my head I get the most wonderful coconut scent and I almost feel like I could be sitting on a beach drinking Pina Colada out of a coconut, which to be honest, is a thought we could all use as a distract at the moment. 

What are your favourite pick me ups?

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