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Handcare 101

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Hand washing has become second nature to us all (hand wash recommendations are welcome BTW), but wow my hands have suffered as a results, clean yes but dry? No, extremely dry would be a far better definition.

A few tips I picked up the past few weeks?

Ok, pat your hands dry. Do. Not. Rub.

Look to hand creams that contain emollients - these have been my savour. The Body Shops Almond Milk and Honey hand cream needs a special mention at this point.
Old fashioned soap and water is always is preferable. Obviously out & about hand sanitisers are essential, but at home (which is the only place I am the moment) soap is far more gentle on my skin.
Face mask for your hands, or otherwise known as hand masks - yes these are a thing. Epionce’s Renewal Hand Cream is ideal for a nighttime treat, a nice think layer will do the trick.

And now for to add to the glamour of self isolating - gloves gloves gloves. Get the marigolds out - helping minimise the expose your hands experience when cleaning.

Marigolds and loungewear - trust me, they go.

What are tips for keeping your hands in top form?

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