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REN Skincare Favourites

The REN Skincare Favourites, the Clean Skincare Review

REN Skincare Favourites, the Clean Skincare Set

If there was ever a shop to be overlooked, I think good old Mark and Spencer's can take that title. It seems they have refurbished their beauty halls, and after stumbling across one in my hunt for the food hall I discovered M&S actually stock some pretty decent brands amongst the no VLP knickers and Granddad PJ's. Who knew they sold Philip Kingsley, GlamGlow and REN? Yes really. I picked up the REN Skincare Favourites, the Clean Skincare set, and I must say, this is defiantly one of the best things I have brought from M&S, even beating their desserts, which does say a lot. Inside this very cute blue box with a even cuter bird like creature on, I got...

Vita Mineral Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream

This is part of REN's Vita Mineral range, focusing on hydrating, nourishing and replenishing. Hello perfect day cream. This has been my staple as my makeup base, as it leaves my skin feeling plump (not fat) and moisturised, with less of those lovely dry patches I seem to collect this time of year. The very subtle rose scent to this cream completely sells it to me, and the full size cream will be purchased without a doubt.

Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser

A new addition to REN’s popular Rosa Centifolia range, this hot cloth cleanser is completely different to any other I’ve used before. This is more of a smooth, light and milky cream, compared to the often heavy balm like ones that often make a appearance. The hot cloth enclosed (not pictured as its laying soaking wet in my bathroom) is really soft but also sort of textured, providing a gentle exfoliation. My delicate sensitive little face has been loving the replenished feeling, and has handled a double cleanse without feeling stripped. This is defiantly the hot cloth cleanser for sensitive skinned people.

V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream

Being rubbish with night creams, as in I don't own any, I was very keen to try this cream from the V-Cense range. Admittedly this takes a tad long to sink in than some creams, but being for night I don't mind at all, and to be fair after a minute it has sunken in pretty well, minus residue. This does have a slightly odd scent, reminding me of salt and pepper, but I kind of like it...

Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

Face masks are something I’m not hugely experimental with nor am I particularly that bothered. I do like the odd ‘peel-off’ face masks as I love pulling it off rather than the results. I am yet to use this properly as you need to leave it on for 10 minutes and I have had a serious lack of time this week, but I am very keen to try my first 'grown up' face mask, rather than those 99p packets that I buy for fun. 

REN Clean Skincare Set - £20. Not bad for something I ended up with as a result of getting lost, and for £20 I think this is a seriously good buy. Even if I must say so myself. 

What is your favourite REN skincare product?

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The Ted Baker London Perfectly Polished Nail Varnish Set

The The Ted Baker London Perfectly Polished Nail Varnish Set Review

Inside The Ted Baker London Perfectly Polished Nail Varnish Set

The Ted Baker London Perfectly Polished Nail Varnish Set Nail Wraps

The Ted Baker London Perfectly Polished Nail Varnish Set

If there is company to do nail polishes cutely it would be Ted Baker. Normally lusting after their dresses, bags, purses and well the majority of their collections, I always forget they do nail polishes. And not the mention some of the best, least tacky, Christmas sets out there.

Not your typical awful makeup Christmas gift, you know the ones that are full of colours, textures and sharp objects you wouldn't dream of putting on your face, Ted Baker have done rather well with their Perfectly Polished Nail Varnish set. Formed like a doll house, even the inside is decorated vintage-equse and makes me want to continually have it on display as a Ted Baker townhouse. But of course the contents are a tad more exciting than wallpaper (do you think I'm getting old?), containing 3 nail polishes, nail wraps and a nail art pen.

I have to admit, I can't even attempt the nail wraps as I know I will fail, miserably. I have never had a talent for nail art, but I do love these colours. A fuchsia pink, coral orange and my favourite, a metallic yet not shimmery grey. Considering Ted Baker aren't a beauty brand, these polishes have such a thick and lovely constancy, and their sleek packaging would have be believe they were Nails Inc, or something similar. So for a category I normally classed as naff, this is one Ted Baker Christmas gift that I would be more than happy to receive. Santa, take note.

Ted Baker London Perfectly Polished Nail Varnish £14

Have you tried any Ted Baker Nail Varnishes?

*PR Sample/Gift

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If you only buy one Makeup Revolution item

The Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Golden Sugar

The Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Golden Sugar
 Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Golden Sugar Swatch

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Golden Sugar

A pretty big claim, yes. But I stand by it, and if for some reason you only decided on buying one Makeup Revolution, then I suggest you look no further than the Ultra Blush and Contour Palette. Even if you don't want to buy this (crazy people) then just stop to admire just how gorgeous the colour are please. This blush palette contains 8 shades ranging from matte, shimmer and merged baked blushers, and that includes two colours for contouring and highlighting.

Over the past few weeks, on an almost daily basis, I've been wearing all the shades to contour, highlight and add some colour to my cheeks. Not many palettes can have that claim with them, as there is always a dodgy colour thrown in somewhere, yet a £6 palette has done it.

I have the newest colour to the Ultra Blush and Contour family, Golden Sugar, which I'm sure you can guess is full of golden tones. Even better, the pinks in this are not too pink and girly, making me look around 13. If anything the swirly light pink is rather similar to the Ambient Lighting Hourglass blush. On my pale days the darkest brown shade can be a bit too orange to work as a contour, however this could work nicely on warmer and deeper skin tones. And my skin once I have had a tanning session.

All the shades themselves are are slightly powdery, but the pigment totally makes up for it, but are extremely soft and a dream to blend in, especially when I go blush overboard. No more can really be said on the beauty of this palette, except what are you doing without this in your makeup bag? Just how your cheeks are coping is beyond me. 

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Golden Sugar £6

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette?

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Makeup that can handle the weather

makeup looks for heat, Weather Proof Makeup, Waterproof Makeup, Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof Mascara, Make Revolution Ultra All Day Prime & Anti Shine balm, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, Maybelline Eye Studio Gel eyeliner , Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel, Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof,

‘Women don’t sweat, they glisten,’ or so that saying goes. Regardless of the fact we are firmly in winter, and of course Christmas incase you missed that, I don't think there is any other time of year I sweat more. Backwards? Hear me out, as despite the cold I find myself continually overheating and sweating my makeup off, as I turn up the heating on full blast and wear about 126 jumpers at the same time. And I was challenged by BlueBay Hotels & Resorts Weddings to find some makeup items that can withstand the heat. So if you're in the same boat as me, then here a few tips with some makeup items that can handle the weather.

First up, replace your rich cleanser and face cream with a foaming gel and an oil-free daily lotion before you start any makeup applying. Then how much it pains me to say this, primer. This just helps everything stay put, and I have been using Nars Multi-Protect Primer.

Silicone-based foundations are truly the longest wearing and the very best option when met with moisture enhanced faces. And if you don't have Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in your life, that needs changing. No foundation lasts all day, and still looks application fresh when you come to take it off.

With powder, pressing is your friend, don't sweep across the face. This just sweeps my foundation straight off with it with the brush. Make Revolution Ultra All Day Prime & Anti Shine balm is excellent for this. Just soaks up shine and moisture, and even though it sounds like a kitchen object, this does the trick perfectly.

Plus a highly pigmented, waterproof concealer hides dark circles and blemishes, even in extreme heat. Again, another holy grail of the beauty world, the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer is the best bet.  With blush, a pink tone is better and does disguise if you're going red in the face yourself, and surprisingly creams stay put better than powders do. Add the the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Elcat for a bit of non slip highlighting too.

Gel Eyeliners work better I find. Kohls are a big no no, and felt tips pens can't really handle much wear and tear either. The Maybelline Eye Studio Gel eyeliner has always served me well, or Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel if your bank account allows it. If mascara is the only waterproof product in your makeup bag, then it’s time to do a little shopping. Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof Mascara is one of the better waterproof mascaras, and despite my hate for them, Lancome has done a pretty good job here, this mascara is very well behaved. And to keep my lashes company, Illamasqua Brow Cake in Motto ensures I do have some eyebrows left at the end of day. 

Obviously lip products are best left to a minimum, unless you're brave. I am not, but if you are, choose matte formulas as they generally wear well through the day, and leave a lingering lip stain even if they do disappear into thin air/melt off.

Makeup that can handle the rain and heat weather

Items used: Nars Multi-Protect Primer | Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation | Make Revolution Ultra All Day Prime & Anti Shine balm | Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer | Yves Saint Laurent Touche Elcat | Maybelline Eye Studio Gel eyeliner | Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel | Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof | Illamasqua Brow Cake in Motto

What are your makeup items that can handle the weather?

*collaborative feature

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What I've Been Loving This Week

Blogging Tips
Image Source

I seemed to of skipped my 'What I've Been Loving This Week' posts for..well, quite a fair few weeks now. Useless. And as I have withdrawal symptoms from giving them a miss, I decided to write one again, and of course, share the blogging love...

Temporary Secretary - How To Make A Good Impression. A blogging advice post that was actually different. And as I had no 'About Me' page for around 6 months. As you do.

Cole Of The Ball - Best of Rimmel. For some reason I just can't like Rimmel (except the Kate Moss 107 lipstick of course), but Cole has defiantly highlighted a few items, mainly the blush, that I am now rather keen to try.

Sian Marie Beauty - Brazened Honey. Well Sian is such an enabler anyway, and she is now able to sell a product to me without me having a read a single word of her review. The title just did it. Brazened Honey? Need I say more?

Hello April. Even I was slightly heartbroken that April deleted her beauty blog, I am a huge fan of her new venture, Hello April. Just look at her face. How can you not be envious?

She Might Be Loved. I have followed Georgia's blog for a while now, but she won 'The Best Fashion Blog' at the Plus Size awards last night, so I do think she need a extra mention, as well as a congratulations.

Instagram. I know I know, I always mentioned Instagram but, as I just hit 1000 followers (had to drop it in somehow eh!) I seem to love this just that tad more.

What have you been loving this week?

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Makeup Revolution Inner Eye Brightener

Makeup Revolution Inner Eye Brightener
Makeup Revolution Inner Eye Brightener Swatches
The Makeup Revolution Inner Eye Brightener Review

Obsessed with making my eyes bigger? Me? Guilty. Cue the violins but sometimes having bigger eyes actually will show off more when they are not look so bright and awake. So when I got the Makeup Revolution Inner Eye Brightener I let out a little squeal of excitement.

The idea is pretty self explanatory with this pencil, aimed to brighten up eyes, making them look larger and less tired. I just wear this on my waterline and luckily it is extremely creamy and I can apply it without causing myself any tears. Which has happened with some other cheaper eyeliners. Plus the nib is thin enough that I can use this without getting nude mess on my lower lashes, and really messing up my mascara. Which as you can imagine, never goes down well with me.

The shade of nude (if there is such a thing) is also great, being more of a pinky nude makes it look more natural looking compared to a harsh white, and it doesn't look like I have been trying desperately to brighten up my eyes. Another thing that attracts me to this Eye Brightener is that its a twisty up self- sharpening pencil. Anything that causes less mess and hassle will always win me over. I know you more than likely can't see the brightener in the photo, which is kind of the point, but this pencil has defiantly helped me look more awake in the mornings. And for £2.50? This would be a cheaper option than a coffee. 

Makeup Revolution Inner Eye Brightener £2.50

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Inner Eye Brightener?

*PR Sample/Gift

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Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Beige Trench

The Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Beige Trench Review & Swatches

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Beige Trench  Swatches

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Beige Trench Review & Swatches

The winter months means my face can look pretty death like, so adding MAC Myth to my face just does me no favours. How much it pains me to admit that.  So back enter the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks. I picked up, shade 02 Beige Trench (of course), a light rosy pink nude. Straying away from my typical beige nude, it was actually the pink tones in this that attracted me to it, and it gives my face some much needed warmth.

Being Bourjois you can expect this to be very pigmented and creamy to apply.  And this stayed put all day but I do top up during regularly during the day being a perfectionist, so it is a bit hard to judge the staying power. It has survived (multiple) Caffe Nero trips however. 

Normally a MAC lipstick girl, there are not many that beat them for me. Expect obviously higher priced ones, but they are excluded here, especially as Bourjois have nailed it with this lipstick range. They do in fact have 18 shades to pick from so you don't all have to opt for the boring nude like myself, but I think you should...

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick - £7.99

Have you tried the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick?

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Focus on Milk_shake Haircare

Milk_shake Haircare

Dry hair that needs frequent washing? That would be me. Greasy yet dry hair is one nightmare combination and it often leaves me resorting to the fringe wash. You know when you literally just wash your fringe in hope you'll be doing the rest of your hair a favour, but not able to cope with flat fringe syndrome. Yet not many brands have cottoned on this is a rather large issue, so enter Milk_shake and their Daily Frequent items.

I've been using both the Milk_shake Daily Frequent Shampoo (£12.79) and the Milk_shake Daily Frequent Conditioner (£13.39), both of which have the same daily use concept (name might of given that one away). To say I love the smell of these both is a understatement, yet I can't put my finger on what it is. Containing milk proteins and apple juice could be why I can't quite figure it out, strange combination to say the least, but both smell so so good. Times like this I wish computers had sniff-o-vision or something.

The shampoo doesn't quite lather as much as I like, but still more than enough to leave my hair feeling clean and not like I need to give it another go. Yet my hair actually feels quite hydrated, and not like I have just stripped my hair. Similarly the conditioner isn't heavy and my very fine greasy hair loved it, and felt clean and healthy afterwards. The Milk_shake Shaping Foam (£15.59) adds enough volume to my hair without it going stiff and like an antenna. Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray I am looking at you. 

How I have missed the entire Milk_shake brand I don't know, especially as I am a fickle shampoo user and am never loyal to one brand. Or any hair care brand actually. But I am glad I found them  as they are a specialist in natural yet professional haircare, which being a not so natural blonde, my hair can really do without any chemicals. Milk_shake are one of those brands you just need to have at least one of their products in your bathroom.

Have you tried Milk_shake Haircare?

*PR Sample/Gift

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Instagram Diary: Part Two

Instagram Diary: Part Two annabelflorence Instagram

Mature Snack | Emma Watson girl crushing thanks to Elle Magazine | Cat Selfie | Malteser & Coke Bottle Present | Ascot Visiting | Macaroon Obsessed | Makeup Revolution Blush Sticks | Jamie Dornan, enough said | Given flowers without someone doing something wrong...

A second instalment to my previous Instagram Diary post. Check me out with consistency. But I have been using Instagram a bit more recently, and I even hit 1000 followers (thank you, who knew cats, coffee and makeup could be so interesting?). So how could I not share my recent pictures again? Exactly.

Also, if you're on Instagram, leave me your links/usernames. I need some more stalking material.

What have you been up too this week?

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November Birchbox: Cosy At Home

The November Birchbox Review

November Birchbox 2014
Oh it is that time of year again. Where the inner serial moaner in me comes out and can't handle the cold. So when the November Birchbox arrived on my doorstep I was happy to see this months box is designed to keep us beautiful, cozy and well just a pick me up during the winter months. Here is the low down on Birchbox's answer to winter. 

Weleda Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash £8.95 | Like you need body wash explaining, but this eco friendly brand has provided a creamy wash that smells ah-mazing.

Beauty Protector Protect & Treat Hair Mask £16 | My hair is dying and hopefully 15 minutes of the hair mask after shampooing will help get my hair back, and give my hair that illusive shine lost in the autumn.

LipGlam Natural Lanolin Lip Balm £9.99 | Cold weather and lips are a hellish combination really, and this balm is multi purpose even being able to be used as a brow you do. Anyway, I have lost all lasts years lip balms. Every single one.

Lord & Berry Mini Bronzer in Sunny £19 | Such a cute (very small) sample, not sure it will be enough to tear me from Benefit Dallas, but its worth a try. Anything bronzing is worth a try.

Dr. Jart+ Most Moist Water-Act Skin Mist £18 | A full size item defiantly made this Birchbox a heavy one. And at first glance I wasn't sure that a water product was really what my face needed in the cold, but this is surprisingly hydrating and actually very good for a quick burst of moisture.

Montezuma's Mini Bar £2.39 | Everyone needs chocolate, end of. Unless you're one of those cheese fans. And  I am actually lucky enough to live near to the Montezuma shop, plus being a slight chocoholic I was already aware how much I liked this mini bar. And trust me, you need to try the rest of their flavours.

The full-sized OPI polish that was in some boxes would of made me one happy girl, but that aside, I am rather impressed with this Birchbox, and its one of their better ones in my opinion. Considering this costs £10 and one item in the box is worth £18 I think that is pretty good value, without me doing too much maths. And any box with chocolate in will always impress me...if only they were Maltesers eh!

Did you receive this months Birchbox?

*PR Sample/Gift

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Makeup Revolution Brow Dual Arch & Shape VS Soap and Glory Brow Archery

Makeup Revolution Brow Dual Arch & Shape VS Soap and Glory Brow Archery

The Makeup Revolution Brow Dual Arch
The Makeup Revolution Brow Dual Arch Review

Its no secret how much I love the Soap and Glory Brow Archery. You only had to read one post where I mention eyebrows, and I'll swiftly mention Archery. But at £12, its not the cheapest, especially for a felt tip that will, and has, eventually dried up. This is where good old Makeup Revolution step in offering one very similar for £3.50. Of course that is all well and good, but how does in actually compare my beloved Archery?

The unique thing with the Soap and Glory Brow Archery is the pencil on one end and a felt tip pen on the other. The pencil end is firm, a little dry but not too waxy allowing you to fill in and define your brows in either a natural or dramatic. The rounded end doesn't give you the precision that some others pencil's do but that's where the Brow Tint comes in.

Makeup Revolution Brow Dual Arch On

So what is the deal with the Makeup Revolution Brow Dual Arch & Shape? Similarly offering a pencil/waxy and felt pen end. The pencil end is the pigmented one allowing to fill in brows with a deeper colour. Whereas the felt pen end is to help with the shape of the brows, to work on the arch and also to do finer details of filling in. So no differences there right? To be honest, there are no difference, at all. The only slight difference is that the colour I have in the Makeup Revolution Brow Dual Arch & Shape is a tad darker than Brow Archery which I am not so keen on, but Makeup Revolution a lighter shade so that can easily be fixed. The wax on the Dual Arch & Shape is a bit heavier than Brow Archery, but this may just be as the colour is a bit darker, and to be honest its barely noticeable...I'm just being a perfectionist.

So with little differences I am rather happy I can spend just £3.50 on my brows, opposed to £12.50 for something that seems to have the same life span...all that extra to spend on mascara I reckon.  

Have you tried either Makeup Revolution Brow Dual Arch & Shape or Soap and Glory Brow Archery?

*PR Sample/Gift

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The Unlawful Nars blush

The Unlawful Nars blush Review

The Unlawful Nars blusher review

The Unlawful Nars blush Review and swatch

The Unlawful Nars blusher review swatches and on

If there’s one thing Nars is known for more than their blushes, and of course the names raising a well groomed eyebrow or two...Orgasm, Deep Throat *cough* So, the new blush from the Fall 2014 Night Caller collection by the name of Unlawful, seems almost plain. Oh the disappointment. Unlawful is thankfully a permanent item from the Night Caller range. I do like it when brands do that. Enough of all the limited edition stuff, my nerves can't handle it. 

Nars have described Unlawful as “amber pink with silver pearls” and while I have no idea what amber pink is, to my untrained eye, it looks like a warm peach with a rosy pink tone. And yes I have gone for pink blush, but the peach tones in this won it for me at the counter. 

On my fair skin, the pink tones seem to come out the most, so I would imagine on warmer and darker skin, the warmth of the amber colours would come out.  It’s so soft and rich in colour, with fantastic pigmentation, only need one dip is required to get the colour. I surprisingly like the slight shimmer in this, and its not that tacky (well I hope not) type of glittery that often puts me off shimmer. To me this is like a toned down version of their “Super Orgasm” blush. 

I can now see why there is so much hype around the Nars blushes, and I can feel myself becoming a bit of a Nars whore... 

Nars Blush in Unlawful £22.50

Have you tried the Nars Blush in Unlawful?

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E.L.F Facial Primers

E.L.F Facial Primers
I remember elf Cosmetics launching years ago as the company who seemed to seek everything for £1.50. You must remember that? Well they have expanded on their bargains, and I have been trying out their Facial Primers. Being a self confessed primer forgetter, I wasn't expecting this to get too well, but I have been using both, not together of course, for about 2 weeks now. Both are sleek, simple and quite luxurious looking products. So rather welcomed, why don't more budget brands do this? I want to have my cake and eat it too please. 

First is the Studio Poreless Face Primer (£6.95) This Primer claims to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and shine. It also claims that it will leave your face matte for a very long time. I don't really suffer from big pores, in fact mine seem non existent luckily so I couldn't judge this primer as well as I could. It's infused with Tea Tree, obviously aiming at problem T-zones and oily skin, but it does smell rather strong. Not one for easily offended noses. I found that it leaves my face feeling a bit slippery, though it looks matte. Strange? Perhaps.

The Studio Hydrating Face Primer (also £6.95) is next. Now this is my forte. The need for hydrated skin. And this is a fragrance-free formula containing antioxidant-rich grape seed oil and with that silicone feel, and is expectantly quite heavy, which is why this isn't the best for oily skin or oily areas. Hello shine and grease. But I love this as my skin needs any sort of moisture, and the pearly white colour is another plus, as it just looks pretty. This really reminds me of the Pixi Flawless and Poreless primer with the way it feel on. This one also works well mixed with a moisturiser to give it an extra boost of hydration for when my skin just won't behave.

Both of these are very good little primers for under £7, and perfect for me as I don't feel horrendously guilty for the wasted money when I forget to use primer, again. 

Have you tried any of the E.L.F Facial Primers?

*PR Sample/Gift

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Maybelline Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil

The Maybelline Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil Review

The Maybelline Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil

Maybelline Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil Swatch

Maybelline Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil

Maybelline's weird attempt of the Benefit Gimme Brow, the Sculpting Brow Drama put me off their eyebrow products. But in true makeup addict style, I caved. And picked up the Maybelline Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil.

The reason I couldn't just leave this on the shelf? Well its different to most of the other eyebrow products out there. On one side there’s a pencil for filling in gaps and shaping brows, and on side two is a powder (the sponge bit) that’s purpose is to define and set the brow. This pointed sponge nib is preloaded with product so every time you pop it back on it disperses powder back onto the sponge, how long this lasts will be the real test I guess. One major plus for Maybelline here, they actually do a dark blonde shade. Not many brands seem to, only the more expensive ones, like my beloved Soap & Glory Brow Archery. Not all blondes want dark brown eyebrows, well not every day anyway.

The powder gives a soft, airbrushed look to the brows. I don’t really need to use the pencil for extra colour, but I still do of course. The gel like pencil feels a little rubbery and it needs a bit of pressure to transfer any colour onto your skin, but it’s much nicer than the sharp tip that you get with some pencils. Both ends are surprisingly good, and even though I did feel like I was in a primary school paint lesson at first, I can feel the Brow Satin to be quite a welcomed addition to my makeup bag. 

Mascara is Lancome Hypnose Drama

Maybelline Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil - £5.99

Have you tried the Maybelline Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil?

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Makeup Revolution Kohl & Flick Eyeliner

The Makeup Revolution Kohl & Flick Eyeliner Review

Makeup Revolution Kohl & Flick Eyeliner Review

The Makeup Revolution Kohl & Flick Eyeliner  Swatches

Makeup Revolution Kohl & Flick Eyeliner The Cat Eyes

Makeup Revolution are very well known now for their eyeshadow palettes, so it would of been rather rude of me too skip their other eye makeup pieces wouldn't it? So I have been greedy and been trying a two-in-one product the Makeup Revolution Kohl & Flick Eyeliner.

The Kohl & Flick is double ended eyeliner, making my life easier as I have a habit of losing things. (I just better not lose this, or I would of lost both..). On one end there is a black twist up kohl eyeliner pencil and on the other is a liquid liner for my favourite eye makeup look, cat eyes. Yep, I am that original.

The formula of the liquid liner is highly pigmented and easy to use without that dreaded dragging which makes me want to throw eyeliners out the window. Plus when it dries it has a almost sheen it to it, like a semi-matte finish with a gloss. Surprisingly for £3.50 it actually lasts all day, and stays where I put it in the morning, and not half away around my eyes/face like I've experienced before. The kohl eyeliner is again very easy to use, being soft and creamy, and thankfully not scratchy, unlike some cheaper kohl's that bring me to tears.

Again, Makeup Revolution have pulled it out the bag and are continually surprising me that I can actually like a 'budget' brand. Yes, I did just say that. 

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Kohl & Flick Eyeliner?

*PR Sample/Gift

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Weekly Wax: Yankee Candle Angel Wings

The Yankee Candle Angel Wings Review

Forget Christmas makeup releases and all that, the one I am interested in beyond belief is the Yankee Candle Christmas collection. Season of Peace, Christmas Eve and Cranberry Ice are just a few of the names that got me excited. But even the lure of the baking scented Christmas Memories wasn't enough to tear me away from possibly the best named candle, ever the Yankee Candle Angel Wings.

Being a mixture of both sugar and vanilla, this is pretty much my ideal scent, and the slight whiff of  flower petals makes this less sickly sweet and more soft and subtle. Think Yankee Candle Snowflake Cookie, but much more subtle and less overpowering. So ideal for you who normally find my taste of sugary candles too much (crazy people), but still want something sweet. Obviously what actual Angel Wings smells like is a bit debatable, but this scent is one of the weakest smelling out of the Christmas collection and I doubt it would offend anyones noses. And, did I mention this is called Angel Wings? No? How can you not have one with this name missing from your collection?

Yankee Candle Angel Wings from £1.80

Have you tried the Yankee Candle Angel Wings?

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