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Focus on Milk_shake Haircare

Milk_shake Haircare

Dry hair that needs frequent washing? That would be me. Greasy yet dry hair is one nightmare combination and it often leaves me resorting to the fringe wash. You know when you literally just wash your fringe in hope you'll be doing the rest of your hair a favour, but not able to cope with flat fringe syndrome. Yet not many brands have cottoned on this is a rather large issue, so enter Milk_shake and their Daily Frequent items.

I've been using both the Milk_shake Daily Frequent Shampoo (£12.79) and the Milk_shake Daily Frequent Conditioner (£13.39), both of which have the same daily use concept (name might of given that one away). To say I love the smell of these both is a understatement, yet I can't put my finger on what it is. Containing milk proteins and apple juice could be why I can't quite figure it out, strange combination to say the least, but both smell so so good. Times like this I wish computers had sniff-o-vision or something.

The shampoo doesn't quite lather as much as I like, but still more than enough to leave my hair feeling clean and not like I need to give it another go. Yet my hair actually feels quite hydrated, and not like I have just stripped my hair. Similarly the conditioner isn't heavy and my very fine greasy hair loved it, and felt clean and healthy afterwards. The Milk_shake Shaping Foam (£15.59) adds enough volume to my hair without it going stiff and like an antenna. Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray I am looking at you. 

How I have missed the entire Milk_shake brand I don't know, especially as I am a fickle shampoo user and am never loyal to one brand. Or any hair care brand actually. But I am glad I found them  as they are a specialist in natural yet professional haircare, which being a not so natural blonde, my hair can really do without any chemicals. Milk_shake are one of those brands you just need to have at least one of their products in your bathroom.

Have you tried Milk_shake Haircare?

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