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E.L.F Facial Primers

E.L.F Facial Primers
I remember elf Cosmetics launching years ago as the company who seemed to seek everything for £1.50. You must remember that? Well they have expanded on their bargains, and I have been trying out their Facial Primers. Being a self confessed primer forgetter, I wasn't expecting this to get too well, but I have been using both, not together of course, for about 2 weeks now. Both are sleek, simple and quite luxurious looking products. So rather welcomed, why don't more budget brands do this? I want to have my cake and eat it too please. 

First is the Studio Poreless Face Primer (£6.95) This Primer claims to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and shine. It also claims that it will leave your face matte for a very long time. I don't really suffer from big pores, in fact mine seem non existent luckily so I couldn't judge this primer as well as I could. It's infused with Tea Tree, obviously aiming at problem T-zones and oily skin, but it does smell rather strong. Not one for easily offended noses. I found that it leaves my face feeling a bit slippery, though it looks matte. Strange? Perhaps.

The Studio Hydrating Face Primer (also £6.95) is next. Now this is my forte. The need for hydrated skin. And this is a fragrance-free formula containing antioxidant-rich grape seed oil and with that silicone feel, and is expectantly quite heavy, which is why this isn't the best for oily skin or oily areas. Hello shine and grease. But I love this as my skin needs any sort of moisture, and the pearly white colour is another plus, as it just looks pretty. This really reminds me of the Pixi Flawless and Poreless primer with the way it feel on. This one also works well mixed with a moisturiser to give it an extra boost of hydration for when my skin just won't behave.

Both of these are very good little primers for under £7, and perfect for me as I don't feel horrendously guilty for the wasted money when I forget to use primer, again. 

Have you tried any of the E.L.F Facial Primers?

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