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Playing Tourist

Hever Castle, Kent - Childhood Home of Anne Boleyn
Hever Castle, Kent - Castle Grounds
Hever Castle, Kent - Garden Grounds
Hey lovelies. Now cast your mind back to January, and like everyone I did my blogging resolutions for 2014. And one was to post more lifestyle posts, so erm, I have obviously completely failed at that. I can't even ask for a high five for my attempt...but last week I played tourist and decided that the day and photos were just too lovely not too share. I visited a place that is stupidly near to where I live, yet never visited - Hever Castle. For those who don't know much about it, and I didn't till I went, its the childhood home of Anne Boleyn Queen of England, and one (the second) of King Henry VIII wives.

Anyway, I won't bore you with a history lesson, and I just got that off Wiki anyway, but just look how stunning the grounds are. I could live in a castle quite nicely I reckon, and it has given me the castle bug. I am on my tourist mission to visit all the castles I can, tour guide and all!

Have you been to Hever Castle, or any other castles that I can visit? 

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