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What I've Been Loving This Week

Sunflower, MAC Makeup and iPad Flat Lay

Again, I just can't resist these What I've Been Loving This Week posts. I obviously procrastinate too much by reading blogs...well it is blog research right? Or I could shift blame and say stop posting such interesting posts. I have work to do...

First is Holly from Petite Promise and Her Body Shop Haul. As if I need any more encouragement to head to The Body Shop at anytime, let alone during their sale, but Holly has given me about 4 more reasons.

Next is Kirstie from Yellow Brick Blog and her new Youtube venture. I'm still not entirely convinced on the Youtube world like most bloggers, but I'm getting there. And Kirstie's videos are definitely helping me fall in love with Vlogs and I have been religiously watching her uploads since she started.

Up next Ellis from ELRBX and her guide to tanning, for milk bottles, i.e. Me. Need I say more? Any tanning tips are very welcomed in my pale world as I am just not ready yet to embrace my non tanned skin. 

Seems one of my own posts has slipped in, so modest...I'm joking, but I mean bright pink nails. I seem obvious to the pastel trend this week, and can't get enough of cerise coloured finger tips.

Bloggers, I know I go on about it a lot, but the entire blogging community is just well lovely. And I tried to share the love on Twitter today with the standard #FF. Enjoy!

What have you been loving this week?

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