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W7 Cosmetics Prime Magic Camera Ready Primer

W7 Cosmetics Prime Magic Camera Ready Primer

Its not often I am huge fan of budget makeup brands, don't get me wrong, I'll happily use them but I'll never be 100% content in comparison to their more expensive competitors. So W7 Cosmetics have been a nice try out for me since receiving a bag full of their goodies. And do I need it, being a makeup snob is expensive work. Maybe whats pleased me with W7 Makeup is that they seem to be the ultimate dupe brand. Last week I found their Lashtastic Mascara was in fact a rather good (and under £5) dupe for Max Factor False Lash Effect. So first glances at their primer screamed Smash Box with all the different primers for the different skin types. Well, W7 have three and thats good enough for me. And to my delight the W7 Cosmetics Prime Magic Primer seems to a much cheaper dupe (hello £6.95) of the Smash Box Camera Ready Face Primer.

This primer is clear without any scent, luckily for my sensitive skin. It looks pretty heavy and I worried it would be too thick like some others, yes Maybelline Baby Skin Primer I mean you, but this smooths on the skin so lightly and it doesn't feel like its clogging up my pores with its heaviness.

Personally, I love this primer as it makes my skin more of a matte finish and it would be ideal I would imagine if you have oily skin and you're looking for something to keep your skin matte all day, this and a powder over your foundation will keep you mattifed all day. I've just used this, (obviously!) and the infamous Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional Primer, and to be honest, except from the colour there is really no difference as far as I can tell. If you're keen on trying Porefessional but not a fan of the £24 price tag I think this W7 Primer could be your answer. 

W7 Cosmetics Prime Magic Camera Ready Primer  £6.95

Have you tried the W7 Cosmetics Prime Magic Camera Ready Primer?

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