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FOTD: Summer Edition

Benefit Dallas Bronzer, MAC Eyebrow, MAC Prep + Prime Beauty Balm, MAC St Germain Lipstick, Sleek Contour Kit, FOTD

Talk about bad timing with this post, in the middle of all storms and rain what do I decide to write about? What I am wearing on my face makeup wise this summer. Oh well, its still hot, and it is meant to be summer. And I have a similar 'What is on my face' post last year. Not that I named that particularly well did I? What is on my face could be pretty much anything, face paint, makeup or leftover dinner...Luckily this post does contain just makeup.

MAC St Germain Lipstick | Think anyone who wears MAC lipsticks would of tried St Germain at some point. Its easily one of my favourite shades, along side Snob. This is a bit darker and slightly more pink than Snob, which is more a of frosty pink. Back to St Germain, I just love this colour and I think it does a pretty good job at brightening up my face, where the summer tan is missing!

MAC Prep + Prime Beauty Balm | I actually can't believe I am using a BB Cream. I was so unbelievably determined I would never use BB creams as I needed more coverage. Well look what happened. To be honest I do think I still need more coverage, but there is something about summer that I just couldn't care. 

MAC Veluxe Brow Liner Viva Glam by Rihanna | I did my review on this last week. And since using pencils on my brows again, I am left wondering why on earth I ever stopped? Or why don't I just have the control to use one product, and finish it? Regardless of my issues, the MAC Eyebrow Liner has become my brows new best friend this summer.

Sleek Contour Kit | As you might be able to tell I am a bit fickle with makeup (see eyebrow posts above...) but the Sleek Contour Kit is one I have actually used daily since I got it at Christmas. And as I mentioned in my W7 Makeup & Glow post I do like a good bit of contouring, so it may be understandable just why I love this contour set so much. Hot sweaty summer or not, I need my cheekbones.

Benefit Dallas Bronzer | This is another product I can't get enough of, and the reason I have never reviewed myself it that my box is horribly tatty and half used. It took me about 10 minutes cleaning the Benefit Dallas Bronzer box to make it look presentable, and it still had to be photographed at a distance. But this just shows how much I love this, and it really adds a lovely warm colour to face (and neck!), as like I mentioned above, my face still looks like its not seen the sun in about 5 years. Thank God for Dallas.

Have you tried any of my FOTD: Summer Edition items? Or tell me what you're wearing on your face this summer.

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