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PlayBoy Makeup UK
If you have ever read any of my mascara posts, you may have realised that I am fully fledged mascara snob. And unfortunately this does often extend to all makeup. So yes, I was rather snobbish towards the new Playboy Makeup that has been released. I am sure we all remember the days when Playboy was cool (well I like to think so) and everyone had Playboy pencil cases. Bit like Jane Norman bags. But there has been a shift in the brand and now I think we all know, Playboy just isn't that cool. But hey - even MTV have covered their new makeup release, so with that in mind I did decide to try their makeup, and just see.

PlayBoy Playful Lashes Mascara

PlayBoy Playful Lashes Mascara - Naturally this was the first item I had to try, promising thicker fuller lashes I thought its worth a try. And you know what, its not too bad. It does give some volume, but is a bit wet and takes a while to build up. Its not awful, but not one I'll recommend.

PlayBoy Lipstick Perfect Kiss in Centrefold Pink and Front Cover

PlayBoy Lipstick Perfect Kiss in Centrefold Pink

PlayBoy Lipstick Perfect Kiss in Front Cover

PlayBoy Lipstick Perfect Kiss in Centrefold Pink | Such a pretty pink colour, and really hydrating, almost balm like. It is pigmented, but obviously not like my favourite MAC shades, but still not bad. The colour lasts a few hours too and does leave a stronger stain for a few more hours.

PlayBoy Lipstick Perfect Kiss in Front Cover | This is a vibrant vivid red, but not as pigmented as I would of liked. Red is just one of those colours I don't believe should ever be anything less than super pigmented and strong. This almost verges on a coral shade, and is a lovely balm idea, and it does keep my lips super hydrated, but as a lipstick not so much. Although, I do really love the black packaging, and it does remind me of MACs. Except without the 'Playboy' scribble! And on the back of each one there’s a little message that says “Life is too short to be living somebody else’s dream” Not sure Playboy are going to quite be inspiring people yet...

Overall, its not a bad collection and the quality of the makeup was better than I expected but everything does scream Playboy and I am just not sure my inner snob can quite handle that yet. Although I am sure I may find myself slipping the lipsticks in my bag as a handy balm, well maybe just the pink.

Have you tried any of the Playboy makeup?

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