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The 'boring' skincare

Dr Jacksons Face Oil and Bamford Hand and body wash the boring skincare

Why do some companies do this? They make their products look utterly boring. There is a fine between my favourite sort of packaging (simple & classy) and just down right bland. I know, the old saying 'never judge a book by its cover', but come on now, who actually listens to this? I for one, certainly don't. A shame, as behind some mediocre packaging recently I found two gems in the beauty world that nearly didn't get a second look by my (shallow) eye.

First was the Dr Jackson's Face Oil (£30) A brand I'm not entirely familiar with, well not at all actually, but facial oils are always welcomed by my dehydrated skin. This one is full of oleic acid, linoleic acid and Baobab oil, which I obviously know what all three are....regardless the added Calendula (again, no idea) in this is what has taken down my skins redness and given me some smoother and retexurised skin.

Next is the Bamford Geranium Hand & Body Wash (£22). Cotswolds based, and a new brand in my bathroom, but one very welcomed. Smelling lovely and very spa-esque, I have been enjoying this slightly unusual scent of Geranium.

Even though I won't fully admit quite how shallow I am, I am glad I saw past both these somewhat unexciting packages, and what is underneath really does seem to count.

What is part of your boring skincare?

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