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Products to strobe with

products to use for strobing

Products to strobe with George at Asda Glow Shine Highlighter, Sleek Face & Body Precious Metals Highlighter, Benefit High Beam, Strobing

Products to strobe with Sleek Face & Body Precious Metals Highlighter Strobing
Or whatever the correct terminology is, as that title doesn't seem to sound right, and seems more fitting for a Star Wars episode. But who would of thought, I have found a new 'thing' that I do think I prefer to its OTT cousin - the contour. I am sure at some point the word 'strobing' would of passed your ears, and I won't go on how to do this new trend, as I am still in the guesswork stage myself. But lets just say the good old highlight and contour, without the contour. Not all at once, or I'll still be in OTT terrority but there are three products that I've been using for a natural (unlike me) summer glow.

First is the Benefit High Beam. Who hasn't heard of this cream pot? I say cream, buts it more of a thick liquid that I've been applying on top of my cheek bones and on my brow bone for a pearlescent pink hue highlight. Next is basically for when budgets don't stretch to Benefit, the George at Asda Glow Shine Highlighter. A good £10 cheaper at £3. I was instantly sold the minute I swatched this, and yes I did sit on Asda's floor trying on makeup...classy. Tt has a beautiful sheen, and is incredibly pigmented and super reflective, very much like what High Beam offers.

Last is my favourite highlight palette to date, in the form of the Sleek Face & Body Precious Metals Highlighter.  four colours with three cream formulas and one powder make up this palette, although the powder is incredible creamy I barely noticed it was a powder. Top observation marks for me. The three cream shades vary in tone ranging from a pearly champagne colour to two more slightly golden warmer shades, whilst the powder highlighter is a little more on the bronze side.

What are your strobing products?

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