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Blogs Worth That Bookmark: Part Four

Like always, I am not sure if this is purely a 'Blogs Worth That Bookmark' type post, or something a bit deeper and a list of blog/bloggers I envy just that tad too much. Perhaps a mixture of both, but all four of these blogs are actually worth reading...I can promise that. 

Dorkface | So who wouldn't love a blog with that name? My point exactly. Throw in the fact that Jemma can write the most alluring posts, is a total sweetheart AND is so creative she has her own design service, you can more than likely see why Dorkface is more than a good name.

Fran's Beauty Blog | A newer find of mine, but Fran's blog really has me hooked. Fran herself is such darling, but her posts often make me chuckle before they have started. Well, anyone who admit to being lazy in their opening line has my heart.

Ravishing Roses | Someone who blames their mum for their flat hair (mums it is your fault btw) is always going to find a fan in me. Ana is a utter babe who covers everything beauty and fashioned related on her blog. Not to mention her love for you can see my reasoning for loving her blog goes beyond that fact she has half my name in hers...

Lelore | I would stop whatever you're doing right now if you don't follow Laura's blog. Another tea fan (sensing a theme?), she has beauty covered with her spot on reviews and features on makeup that I can only dream of owning. Her photography is one of my most envied around, and often used as my (failed) inspiration and ideas....Thinking about it, throw in the fact she is just loveliest lady I know, I am not sure why I don't hate her? Ideas on a postcard.

What blogs are worth your bookmark?

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